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    Martial Arts advice for a Novel

    Five element theory in fantasy Avatar ... Wheel of Time ... The Draconis Memoria (dragons blood used as a magical reagent rather than elemental forces, but same ideas) etc...
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    The Essence of your kung fu

    I mean FC & I are in related arts so there's the "correct answer" for the core philosophy for both us that we share, but when you distill it down ... Hulk Smash.
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    The Essence of your kung fu

    Hulk Smash ...
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    Lien Bu Chan

    Youtube is the best available for versions and variations.
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    Hung Kuan Questions...

    **DISCLAIMER** I'm not a Hung Kuen student. However, I've been around TCMA for 20+ years & know many Hung Kuen sifu. My sigung was a Hung Kuen stylist early on. There is in the village HaSayFu line and also in other smaller & "primordial" village Hung Kuen styles that aren't "Wong Fei Hung"...
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    Right, one of the Northern Lohan named systems. I have a good friend who is a Sifu under one of WJM's senior students. He has Lohan sets from them, but that Lohan is different than Village Lohan, is different from Songshan Lohan, is different from Southern Lohan, etc... That's all I'm saying.
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    Cha Quan gets a bad rap as that. It was grouped that way by the Nanjing institute & put under Wang Ziping's control. But Zha Quan is Muslim boxing that developed away from Shaolin. Tan Tui Quan, Pao Quan, Xinyi Quan, etc... all are Muslim from the Hui peoples. Same with Lohan. Lohan is a catch...
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    Well actually before you go too much longer down this road, you need to find a teacher before you develop the guaranteed bad habits of DIY video based attempted learning. Seriously. No jibes, no cheap shots, nothing like that. Just honest input.
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    "Question Mark" Kick

    Yup... How I learned it in the first place back int he 80's. Front, Side, Round all can happen from that single chamber position.
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    Sexual Allegations against the older Lopez brothers USA Today

    <sarcasm>The Lopez family ... who would've thought?? </sarcasm> US taekwondo royalty caught up in sex abuse scandal | Daily Mail Online
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    Kung Fu vs MMA

    Except I'm not him. It wasn't a crap response. It wasn't what you expected. So kindly put me on ignore & you no longer have to deal with my crap responses in the future. I'll do the same for you.
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    Kung Fu vs MMA

    M ... well spoken & gladly accepted. Let's move past this & continue growing.
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    Kung Fu vs MMA

    Whatever dude ... go troll somebody else.
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    Kung Fu vs MMA

    No .. nothing mysterious. It is what it is. It also has more than one way to use it. Noobs don't get every way right off the bat & if you're looking from the outside not knowing what it is, you only see the face of the technique.
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    Kung Fu vs MMA

    Unless it's not. Then it's exactly as you see, but what's missing to the unfamiliar is content & use context.
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    Kung Fu vs MMA

    Ummm... nope. We don't exaggerate. We have specific reasons for doing specific techniques a specific way. Not everything is what you see or are shown.
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    Kung Fu vs MMA

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    Cha Quan Applications

    Not bad at all!
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    What Taiji style(s) do you practice?

    Used to do a bit of Chen. Now I just work the internal practices contained within Lama Pai. No reason to go outside to get the same details without having to learn a "new thing".
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    You will never run again.... Blog Post

    I don't run anyway ... I have KEYS!!!!!
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    A good read on Ryu. CMA questions

    To each his own experiences & lines ... My experience lends me to see it & make use of it. But this sideline discussion is taking away from the OP ... back to regularly scheduled programming!
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    A good read on Ryu. CMA questions

    Look at some of the older orthodox sets & body mechanics.... Shaolin Xinyiba Quan, Qixing Quan, Xinyi Quan, I don't necessarily mean posture, position & application. I mean body mechanics, angling, the use of tun, to, fo, chum, etc... an ancestor, not a direct correlation of styles from the...
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    A good read on Ryu. CMA questions

    Eh ... I can't speak to that. I'm really not up on Korean/Chinese medieval period exchanges and such. There's a lot of room to discuss this idea on multiple sides. But as a long time TCMA practitioner & former KMA (MDK TKD) practitioner, I'm not catching the Northern Chinese connection there...
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    Teaching beginners lots of moves

    In a simple word, no.
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    A good read on Ryu. CMA questions

    Oh indeed. Hakka is IMHO the granddaddy of Shorthand. But the term "Hakka" doesn't necessarily mean Northern. It just means visiting families. They were largely middle China, the central region ... Hubei, Henan, Shaanxi ... the area in & around the Yellow River. If you look at orthodox Songshan...
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    A good read on Ryu. CMA questions

    Naihanchi/Tekki/Naifanchin ... look south to Fujian. Northern CMA styles don't really move like that. Southern Shorthand styles however do resemble those kata. OMA, given their roots in Southern China, are a pretty dead shot to link to something along that line. TSD ... I've watched all the...
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    Fastest Man on the planet for Multipower Brand.

    To paraphrase Mike Tyson ... "Everybody's fast until you get punched in the mouth" ... or at least somebody's trying to actually punch you in the mouth
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    Greetings from Florida

    I want my 46 seconds back ...