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    Kenpo Ground Fighting

    lI couldn't see your ground techs, but that's OK. I'm an old Kenpoist that can still do Kenpo very well. I have taught both Tracy and Ed Parker starting 1973. I had a school for4 20 years and I always just taught adults. I stayed with American Kenpo, but it was incomplete. For one, there are no...
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    Kenpo Weapons Techniques

    I studied Tracy andd Ed Parker (American Kenpo) and taught since 1973, Ed Parker's style. I now have a modified verison of American Kenpo because I wanted to advance.As you knnow, there are no more techniqus past 3rd black and I am a technique specialist. I am now a 10th degree in AKJ-American...
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    Kenpo Weapons Techniques

    I started learning Tracy Kenpo and then Ed Parker Kenpo in the 70's, getting black belts in both. Yes, American Kenpo is mainly a kick-*** empty hand art. Yet...all the empty hand techniques adapt well in using a knife or sticks. I created more double and single stick techniques, and karambit...
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    Aikido hate

    Hi, I'm a old martial arts instructor. I started learning in 1970 and I still teach and work out. I wanted to learn Aikido, and I went to several schools, but what finally caught my eye was Kenpo. I earned a black belt in Tracy kenpo and then third degree black in Ed Parker (American) Kenpo...
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    I've been in martial arts since 1970 and I taught most of those years. You want to learn something? Well, here's what I tell people that what to learn martial arts; because a person has a black belt does not make them a good instructor, that's why it's smart to shop around and maybe even try a...
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    Chinese Kenpo and American Kenpo.. What are the differences?

    I studied up to black belt and tested by Ed Parker. This was around 1973. I have been teaching a form of American Kenpo, techniques the same, but ground and ljoint locks added and no forms. Doesn't matter on differences of Parker's techniques, they all work. In brown belt, I teach to do the tech...
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    kenpo knives

    I have been in Kenpo (Tracy and Ed Parker (American Kenpo) for forty some years. I have written numerous articles in martial art magazines. I can only tell you about me. I learned the double knife form for Kenpo years ago. since then, I have created by own single karambit techniques using...
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    Is taekwondo good

    After you're black belt, try American Kenpo. I've studied it for forty years and I'm still learning. If you do, get into if you can, the more advanced American Kenpo school, meaning good ones have added Philippine knife and stick fighting. Some have added jujitsu which I don't agree with. Over...
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    What should a black belt look like?

    I'm a sixth degree in AKJ-Kenpo and first degree black in Tracy Kenpo. I'm old. I'm 5'2", slim and small boned. When I was 28, I had my first black and I still looked like I couldn't punch my way out of a wet paper bag. Now at 72 I look even worse, yet my speed is still as fast as when young and...
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    Full Nelson Hold

    I have been a martial artist for too many years to remember. The full nelson is a dangerous move and even if you know what you're doing, you should not use that move at any time. You could seriously injure the person you do it to. I have had it done to me several times by street thugs and it has...
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    Fundamental pillars of self-defense?

    First thing that comes to my mind, so to instill in the female to keep her eyes focused on her attacker, no matter what and don't turn away from him. This way she's better off then in using what she knows for defense. I teach and many times when I up my attack, they close, or turn their eyes...
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    How to pick the right martial art?

    You have to do a little bit of mental and physical work to figure out the best martial art for you. I’ve been in martial arts for forty years and I still love the art I picked—American Kenpo. I was—and still am—5’2” and slim. I needed something that would work for a very small guy. Jujitsu...
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    Hello from Bluewater Dojo, Co. Cork, Ireland

    Well, I've also been practicing and teaching martial arts for 43 years and I've learned a lot and I know a lot, but there is still so much more to learn and practice is forever, to keep your body sharp in all areas of your art. By the way, I started with a black belt in Tracy Kenpo and then one...
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    So I got kicked out of my martial arts school, what next?

    I've taught martial arts for forty years and you sound like and look like the type of person I would not teach.
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    Weightlifting for martial arts

    I would not say that to Michael Jai White. His moves are unbelievably smooth and powerful--and fast. Yet he has a body of a bodybuilder. I think he works out on his martial arts along with his bodybuilding, so they are in sync with each other. Sifu
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    Too Intellectual????

    There's a purpose and a place for everything. Sifu
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    Knife Defense: Best strategies in your opinion?

    I have taught my form of American Kenpo for years. Knives are dangerous. I not only teach Kenpo knife defense techniques, but I have my students practice all kinds of blocking, grapping, etc. the attacking knife in all types of attacks. I even take from other types of blocking a knife moves from...
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    martial arts/self defense,is it worth it?

    I’m a small man, 5’2” and in my younger days I searched for a martial art to learn just enough to protect myself. I checked into many and found none satisfying. Then one day I walked by a door and heard shouting and watched a guy striking another guy with six different strikes in two seconds. I...
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    How much can one Master?

    There’s no such thing as mastering a martial art. I have studied American Kenpo for forty years and I am still finding new principles and different ways to use my martial art. To me, Kenpo or most martial arts are not finite but most are infinite. I wish I had another hundred years to study and...
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    Ed Parker's high kneel

    I have been in martial arts since 1966. Black belt in Tracy and Ed Parker. I have taught a form of American Kenpo for many years. The high kneel is one of the best weapons of American Kenpo. High kneel uses: 1-For power, torquing. 2-For turning away and delivering a hammer fist to the groin 3-...
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    Whats your carry knife and how do you carry it?

    I take turns carrying an Emerson Fox karambit and a Smith & Eesson black ops. I carry mine in my right front pocket. You can access it a lot faster from your front pocket than the back. You can also walk around looking natural with your right hand in your front pocket. Don’t know where you’re...
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    Use of Force Law

    I have been studying and practicing martial arts for fifty years and if I felt I had to defend myself, I would---period! It's better to be tried by twelve of your peers in court, than to be carried by six of your friends, to your grave.
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    Can You Be An Expert?

    From Aikikenjitsu Yes you can teach a system of s-d and your student will be very effective in defending themselves. You must teach the system the proper way and then you will be teaching it like the way the Master put it together with his life experience.
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    Move your front foot first or move your back foot first?

    It just depends what is needed at the time. I'm a very small guy and many times I shuffle in,that is push off with my rear foot to go worward. There's times where I need to go back quickly and I push off with my forward foot. I may do a twist stance, or move my forward or back foot to the side...
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    Whats your carry knife and how do you carry it?

    I’ve been learning, teaching and practicing martial arts for over forty years. My Master taught the double saber knife techniques which I practiced for years and eventually I created my own single saber knife techniques. Seven years ago I read about many schools in my art taking up the karambit...
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    Black Belt/Sash/Rank at a young age...

    I have been learning and teaching since 1967. That's right, I'm still alive and punching and teaching private lessons. Kids should not be taught an adult program with crippling or deadly techniques until they reach the age of sixteen, but even then it depends on the kids maturity to take on...
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    Use of Force Law

    I’m an old martial artist who can still ply his art rather well with speed and power. An idea of my age: Grand Master Ed Parker tested me for brown belt. I have earned three black belts and studied some Aikido. I still teach private lessons. I go by one defense by force law: If I am attacked, I...
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    Joint Locks in Kenpo

    I was one of the Ed Parker era students. I met him for the first time at his Burbank studio. But the first Kenpo I earned a black belt in was Tracy, but I prefer Ed Parker or (American Kenpo). I was taught joint locks as an intricate part of the techniques. I feel it depends on the instructor...
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    Ed Parker's high kneel

    How many purposes does the high kneel have?