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  1. hoshin1600

    opening dojo branch under sensei's name - appropriate fee/percentage?

    This doest sound like a good idea to me at all. It sounds like the path to financial and emotional heart break. The previous posts were correct a franchise is a system of business. When you purchase a franchise you are typically getting a proven system for marketing, computer systems, supply...
  2. hoshin1600

    Looking for Peoples take on being avoided in class

    I would add that there are many men I myself don't like to train with. The sweaty types that splash at you with each move they make. There is nothing worse than nut sweat dripping in your face when grappling and your in North/South. Then there are the ones that their uniform smells like goat...
  3. hoshin1600

    Opinion on school's pricing plan

    I used to give adults one month free. It's a trial period for both of us. They get to decide if they really want to train, I get to decide if I really want to teach this person. Either party can say nope sorry. Retention for me is important. I dont want to waste my effort and floor space on...
  4. hoshin1600

    Which is the best? Goju-Ryu, or Uechi-Ryu, or Kyokushin or what?

    I think your history is a little off. I don't think Oyama ever killed a man. But my bigger issue is that Uechi is not for competition. Perhaps you were thinking Shotokan? And everything you said about Goju could also be said about Uechi. You are partially correct about Uechi being softer. I...
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    Lets imagine this scenario!

    It's just a scam caller looking for me to go buy some gift cards in exchange for them to call off the police. The fact that we all have family, makes the problem more complex. Will they suffer if I run? The history of the Societ Union has shown that the reality is that almost no one runs. They...
  6. hoshin1600

    (Fiction/theory) Fighting against the perfect sword

    Perhaps you might want to look at Aikido. I am thinking about this as if the sword was a jedi light Saber. The key to beating this guy would be to not fight the sword. Fight the man. Most often movies show lots of sword clashing but that is not realistic. You want the opponents sword to just go...
  7. hoshin1600

    SKK over NCK?

    What, that's it? The V word is used in comparison to Cerio and that's all we get for a response? Are you ok, you feeling ill? I got to say in highly disappointed . There is something not right in the world when the name of the one I shalt not utter is evoked into the world and Bukka sits idle...
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    Been a white belt for 5 years

    im going to throw this out there for the more knowledgeable to answer. is it common place for a BJJ teacher to be called Professor? the only time i have ever heard anyone use Professor is in kenpo karate. it makes me think maybe this is not a legit school and thus why he is not getting...
  9. hoshin1600

    Worst romantic experiences?

    i dont envy the young with the "hook up" culture and all the other cultural changes going on. Things were much simpler in the past. i should stress MORE SIMPLE, not just simple. relationships are never simple. i see this new generation as having some major psychological issues in their future...
  10. hoshin1600

    If you could practice any Kenpo style...

    and some are what is referred to as "word salad". a whole bunch of words strung together that really have no meaning and only have a purpose of filling the empty space with sound while trying to come across as deep and important.
  11. hoshin1600

    Rabbit Hole

    one way to tell a martial art with depth vs a sport or superficial. look at the age group that participates. i wont go into specifics here as someone somewhere will be offended but generally speaking , if there is a large volume of practitioners that started when they were young and are still...
  12. hoshin1600

    If they had taught me this technique in Ninjutsu, I probably would have stuck with it.

    I'm sorry the sequel doesn't have the same magic.
  13. hoshin1600

    Are forms emotional?

    I think that kata was very effective. Scares the bejeezus out of me. Imagine living with her and seeing that come out of her when you forget to take the trash out.
  14. hoshin1600

    Are forms emotional?

    For myself, kata can be emotional but on a very small range of emotions. I would rather call it intensity more than emotions. In my karate forms I use analogies of classical Chinese kung fu animals. A kata can be done with a tiger feel. Very intense, strong and letting a bit of anger drive the...
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    Last Poster #6

    Just Making sure I get a post in before it ends. Peace and love in 2021
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    What do you want done with your body when you die? Be buried, burnt to ash ect?

    Put a party hat on me and dance me around like "weekend at Bernies"
  17. hoshin1600

    Situational Awareness

    I think most chat about situational awareness is lip service. I dont think there are many people who even know what they are looking for..if they are looking at all. I would guess someone like @drop bear in a bar setting can see the situation developing long before,, while everyone else is...
  18. hoshin1600

    The Way of the Samurai

    I didn't read the article but after reading many of the posts one thing kind of stuck out to me. The common usage of Buddhism. There is a wide variety of beliefs under the umbrella of Buddhism. Not unlike the differences between western religions. Compare catholics to Jahovah Witness to Hesidic...
  19. hoshin1600

    The Equalizer - What role do weapons serve?

    I dont know, could have been a good answer if you said it in a perfect French accent. Let me rephrase then. You asked " what makes me more qualified to teach combatives?" I didn't say I was. But as was pointed out in another thread, I am not asking for feedback or a critique on my blog and...
  20. hoshin1600

    Situational Awareness

    Little known fact; (all facts are debated in science) the human brain is conditioned through evolution to detect snakes. Snake detection theory - Wikipedia i hate snakes. Went to visit my inlaws in Thailand last year and i was wierded out by how causally my wife is like "yeah we have king...
  21. hoshin1600

    The Equalizer - What role do weapons serve?

    Jobo im not going to get pulled into a straw man argument. that seems to be your MO any one can claim anything they like. call your self a 15th degree black belt Grand Poohbah of the Order of the Water Buffalo. but i did answer your question on what makes me more qualified... and i quote "I...
  22. hoshin1600

    The Equalizer - What role do weapons serve?

    I dont know him, I can't say. But to use the word combatives for what you do or teach gives the general MA population a particular image of what you do. If I say I train in karate that illicits a different image than kung fu. While the term combatives may not be a style in and of itself,, it...
  23. hoshin1600

    The Equalizer - What role do weapons serve?

    I would consider myself a combatives guy and I don't seem to get much crap for it. I also have two of my own styles, one is traditional and one is combatives. I dont feel I get crap for it. So maybe it's not about what someone does but how qualified that person is when they claim to be something.
  24. hoshin1600

    Last Poster #6

    Doesn't the thread close and start over at 10 k posts? If your the last poster I think Oprah gives you a car or something. So I was thinking of hacking the game by filling it with one word posts.
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    Is there any technique in TaeKwonDo you have a pet peeve with?

    Its not jumping kicks, those are ok. Its the bouncing up and down for no reason.
  26. hoshin1600

    What’s the worst bit of advice you’ve ever received?

    @Steve Thats ironic, all my life I worked as a carpenter, handyman doing every trade in the book, graduated trade high school as a welder, worked 10 years as a machinist and by sheer luck supervise the machine shop now. I hate to start this argument all over again but I've lived it. Its my...
  27. hoshin1600

    Is there any technique in TaeKwonDo you have a pet peeve with?

    All that jumping up and down while sparring. Looks like they are on a trampoline. Gives me motion sickness.
  28. hoshin1600

    Pain compliance techniques - yay or nay?

    Is a force continuum not taught? Meaning you start with verbal commands and move up to lethal force as needed Some of my students who worked as prison guards reported that pressure points often make the prisoner freak out and they get less compliance. The exact point I am referring to is behind...
  29. hoshin1600

    The Equalizer - What role do weapons serve?

    Soup cans they walk around with soup cans. You can't throw a brick cause its too heavy. But you can throw a soup can. And when they get caught they say oh this is soup,its soup ,soup for my family for the best impact you have to set the play back speed at 0.5
  30. hoshin1600

    The Equalizer - What role do weapons serve?

    as a side note back when I was in school a girl beat the living hell out of another girl with a soft purse and a can of hair spray inside. She might have beat the victim with the her own purse cause the aggressor wasn't the hair spay type. One went to the hospital the other went to prison.