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    What kind of Coffee Do You Buy?

    -Oh yeah, the Keurig machines seem like a waste at home but we do have one at work in the office, certainly a good place for one. I usually use whatever medium roast is available, but I will use the same cup twice. Just push the thing open and close it again to brew again, although the 2nd time...
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    What kind of Coffee Do You Buy?

    Coffee...must admit to being a fan of Dunkin Donut's but prefer live DDs coffee over home brewed. We have no DD's here in Denver although there are rumors that will change next year. One reason I miss NY. DDs and a breakfest bagle is perfect any time of day. At home the girlfriend and I usually...
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    The Evil of Being Wealthy -I'd like to offer a different perspective that ties into this conversation. And this link is simply one person's thoughts, not necessarily representative of all who fall into the 99% or into the OWS movement. I think...
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    Where will they find someone with as little talent as Reeves?

    Hey man, I'm disturbed that they're working on remaking the original Highlander movie. Andrew
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    Burning Man: a celebration of capitalism

    -I have friends who have gone to Burning Man several times. They went for the experience, and to share, not for anything political. Although I'm sure politics is discussed there. I would love to go some year.
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    Rochester Police To Undergo Training After Retaliatory Incidents

    -I have spoken with friends back home in Rochester about this situation. Most agree that Emily Good is pretty much an attention whore and authority is a favorite target of hers. However, these friends also believe in keeping the good guys honest, and the decision by RPD to engage in retaliatory...
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    Vnv nation

    ( -If you're not familiar with this group, I highly recommend giving them a listen. Plenty of fanmade and live tracks on YouTube. Plus they're going on tour very soon in Europe and North America. Awesome live shows. Suggested Tracks -Beloved...
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    verizon target of union love

    -Isn't dismantling Unions and what union members get simply a redistribution of wealth? I thought we were against that... (Sorry, I couldn't resist:) Andrew
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    Ancient city survived as...

    ...civilizations collapsed... -I do find this stuff fascinating. Andrew
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    6 Yr. Old Cancer Patient Meets A Real Princess

    -Passing that on to Facebook; something to be shared. Andrew
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    Sparring tonight, I kicked a guy below his red belt.

    -Thats what I call a good learning experience. For both of you. You learn what you need to work on, he learns to defend better. Haha. Andrew
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    Back after an extended hiatus

    Welcome back Dude! Andrew
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    Happy 235th, USA!

    Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty. John F. Kennedy -Happy 4th America! Feel your pain, I'll be going into work in a few hours...
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    History of Islamic Hostility and an Analysis of Current Threat Potential

    -TF, would you agree that out of those 2.2 billion Muslims, that some of them practice their religion peacefully? I ask this because, when you attack a religion, it seems you are also attacking the people who follow that religion. I can point to the Westboro freaks and understand that they do...
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    Nei Jia in WNY?

    -Have you thought about looking for something different? Might not hurt to ask around at your local martial art supplies store. Some teachers simply do not advertise openly. Andrew
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    should i say anything?

    -Show them what it takes to be a black belt at your place. Everything a student must know and do, the basics, the forms, weapons (if you do them before black), history and culture, whatever...then see how they react. Then break it to them gently. But break them you must, otherwise the mother...
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    Florida requires drug testing for welfare starting July 1st.

    -Gov't aid? Like tax subsidies? We could test CEOs and shareholders! lol Andrew
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    Something I Wholeheartedly Approve Of

    -I know, as a man, I like to look. Can't stop myself and don't bother to try. Pretty sure lots of females do so as well although maybe not as often as guys. For me, seeing some supermodels, like Victoria Secret models, is kinda like a quick fix for my eyes. A sexual fix, obviously, but that is...
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    Dr. Jack Kevorkian Dies at 83; Backed Assisted Suicide

    -When people are heck bent on keeping their loved ones alive, even though their time remaining is limited, and certainly if that person is ready to go, it isn't so much about that person but the people still living. Kinda like funerals, they're not really for the dead, they're for the living...
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    Kuk Sool Won's - 'KI-Cho Hyung' Applications

    -I could've sworn there was someone on MT that trained KSW but they may not be around anymore. I dabbled in the style once upon a time but not enough to learn much. Perhaps post your question in the Korean Arts general thread section? Andrew
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    When Doomsday Fails ... What Now For The Believers?

    Interesting. I head that Saturday was to be the beginning, earthquakes provided, then 153 days of Rapturing(?), which may or may not include zombies, then complete and total destruction in October, I think the 14th. And this was from a caller to the Alan Comes show lastweek, a man who claimed to...
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    Democrats give american people the finger

    -Do oil companies need tax subsidies? That is what I think is the real 'finger' to the American people. Not only do your tax dollars go to subsidize companies that make massive profits, you also get to pay out the a$$ at the pump! Andrew
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    Young atheist needs support

    -This may be a moot point but did the kid really have the option to not attend the ceremony? I had to attend my high school's graduation ceremony. Did he know before hand what would happen during the ceremony? If he did, I would think he could have justified his absence from it and not caused...
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    Justice and Revenge

    -If someone wrong's me, then my beef is with him. If a group wrong's me, than my beef is with that group. I don't need to exact more than a pound of flesh when one will satisfy me. If my revenge/bloodlust extends beyond the guilty party, then it is me who should be hunted. We try to balance the...
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    New to MT & getting back into EPAK.

    -Welcome to MT! Lots of good people here, don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any. Andrew
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    Off to the PI!

    -Take care over there! Let us know how the trip went when you return! Andrew
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    Skynet Becomes Self Aware

    -That was amusing. The Judgement Day video, without the voice over of the one True Saviour, John Conner, left me mildly hopeless and considering the possibility of robot overlords as a possible future. Although, if they put us into camps for orderly disposal, with the machines running night and...
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    Hello from Colorado

    -Oh I live in Englewood. Currently not studying any martial arts but hoping to change that in the near future. Been on Martialtalk since '04, the only website I go to religiously, except maybe for FB. -How long have you been studying Kung Fu? Andrew
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    Donald Trump for president

    -I can see the banners, stickers, posters... Trump/Fluffy 2012! -Probably with the tagline "You're Fired." Andrew
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    Giving up anything for Lent?

    -I think I'll give up Christianity for Lent this year...just kidding, I'm not actually Christian, at least not anymore. However I do see value in giving something up for a bit of time, a fasting of something...tell you what. I going to give up a week of work for Lent. Thats a pretty big one...