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  1. matt.m

    Why do you care

    Yeah, I am all for the "Vote with your feet" If you don't like it then vote with your feet and leave. If you do like it then vote with your feet and kick them up and have a good time.
  2. matt.m

    Kukkiwon respect

    Every N.G.B., National Governing body, has a list or set of what is "Generally Required" at each belt level. The thing I see across the board in TKD and Judo are the fact that if someone claims a certain belt rank then you have a general idea of knowledge that the person has. For example...
  3. matt.m

    New Belt versus Old Belt.

    I agree with CoryKS, it has to be clean and serviceable or its a no go. Belt handing down and swaping is always been something I have done. Just for the bow out ceremony at the end. As long as the belt doesn't look tattered then I will wear it. Outside a training area then the uniform...
  4. matt.m

    Comment by 'matt.m' in 'Second color rank test'

    Let me know how it goes.
  5. matt.m

    my visit to a danzan ryu dojo

    Glad you had a great time.
  6. matt.m

    Broken little Toe

    Terry, That is horrible. Tape it and dont bend it whatever you do.
  7. matt.m


    Yep, Another website wanted to dig about me. That is ok. It all began with a white belt 17 yr. old I had in my class for about 3, maybe 4 weeks last summer. It all started with him sending a PM to Mark Tripp asking a question. So a few select people brought it upon themselves to...
  8. matt.m

    Kata and Forms...?

    I think it is important in Judo. Really Ju No Kata and Gatame No Kata are essential for practice. Kata, at least designed for Judo is very practical.
  9. matt.m

    Testing for Blue belt/red tip tomorrow night!

    Hey brother, I hope you did well. Any idea as to how the test went? How do you feel about it personally?
  10. matt.m

    Finally a 3rd Dan Kukkiwon!

    Amazing feat my friend. Amazing indeed, you are too be congratulated.
  11. matt.m

    Martial Arts Pet Peeves

    Student know - it - alls Instructors that are too full of self importance to teach correctly more talking = less practice time duh
  12. matt.m

    Hapkido retirement

    Yep, I am done struggling with this art. Too hard on the joints for me. I am putting all effort into helping to grow judo. When I picked up my hapkido quest again in 2006 I thought it was mine to take. Sadly, a man must know his limitations.
  13. matt.m

    not sure if im physically built for TKD

    I am not built for tkd so to speak but I do enjoy the poomsea and all the non sparring aspects of it though.
  14. matt.m

    Where do patches belong?

    I am a Marine as well. Honest question was asked since I don't do it. I do not wear flag patterned shirts or anything of the sort either. Someone asked me, I said "I wouldn't personally" and then thought, hmmmm? Is there a non military "Standard Way" of doing so?
  15. matt.m

    Where do patches belong?

    A friend told me he had a patch. It is an american flag and korean flag. American flag on top and korean on bottom. Which side of the uniform is it to be worn? Right or Left sleeve? Thanks
  16. matt.m

    I did not atend

    Manny, I kinda know what you feel. I am a 2nd dan in judo. I will be eligible for 3rd dan soon. I am approved now, I just don't have the points needed. However, as an instructor I know I should continue going up so my students can do so as well. I haven't made a priority of ranking in...
  17. matt.m

    Kiss to Family Denies Student His Diploma

    I just couldn't believe this. I mean gee, he was sharing a moment and showing gratitude to his parents.
  18. matt.m

    What's a good range for instructors to charge for BB?

    I know in msk our black belt test is 120.00. In Missouri the charge per month in 40.00. The belt test fee is 40.00 for yellow through red. The belt test for 1st dan includes the certificate, embroidered belt.
  19. matt.m


    Too true. However, on topic.......Tadeschi's book is cool. I really didn't look at the techniques. What I liked it for was the interviews he had in the book. It had everyone from Choi, Han, Jae, etc. to others like Kimm and Jay. For me it was all about the interviews. Thing is, Marc...
  20. matt.m

    AAU adopts rules for Freestyle Judo

    I have spoke with Norm Miller on a few occasions before reading this post. He is a great guy. By the way, thanks for the site address.
  21. matt.m

    Strength for Judo

    Well, Functional strength is a good thing to have in judo. Do a lot for shoulders, back, and triceps. Before my major injuries I did a lot of deadlifting. I loved doing them. If 2 people are equal in technique, the stronger will win.
  22. matt.m

    Oh the politics of it all. BOOOOOOO!!!!

    June 3, 2009 AnnMaria De Mars Response: Our lawyers are responding to these allegations. Let me just say unequivocally that the USJA in NO WAY supported having a coach under suspension traveling to the Dominican Republic or anywhere else. We cannot stop someone from buying a ticket and going...
  23. matt.m

    Oh the politics of it all. BOOOOOOO!!!!

    June 3, 2009. USA Judo Suspends Group A Membership of United States Judo Association USA Judo, as the National Governing Body recognized by the USOC for the Olympic Sport of judo in the United States, is the only organization authorized to sanction the participation by U.S. amateur athletes...
  24. matt.m

    Just a quick question

    I am kind of sic and demented but I just don't feel right if my gi isn't saturated at the end of a workout.
  25. matt.m

    Bjj Belt Progression

    It is a combination of things that make a BJJ black belt. I have crazy respect for those who train for the love of training. I have done Judo etc. for a long time. I am only recently a certified dan not withstanding the shodan I earned in Judo while in the Marines for competition. I didn't...
  26. matt.m

    Eddie Bravo - Jiu Jitsu Unleashed

    In a nutshell I have been told that if you are really good and technical with a gi then no gi is just icing on the cake. I have done judo, wrestling, no gi for a long time and those who I have seen do the best are outstanding at gi.
  27. matt.m

    Scientific Wrestling by George Bothner

    Sweet brother!!!! Thanks a mint.
  28. matt.m

    Gracie Academy Online Training and Testing?

    From what I understand from a friend it is for the Gracie Combatives system only. I am not 100 percent sure but how could someone not have a good martial art resume complete with competition etc. and become a black belt? I mean gee, I have a dan in judo so can I just send off for one in karate...
  29. matt.m

    Hap Ki Do / Aiki Do

    I stand corrected. It is the Armed Forces Judo Association, AFJA not UFJA. I still have a membership card from being on the all marine team.
  30. matt.m

    Hap Ki Do / Aiki Do

    I too am a card carrying member of USJA. Love the organization, I am just saddened to see them get into the trouble they have with USA Judo. I mean the fact that I wish there was a U.S. Yudo Association that was recognized for competition. I am not 100 % sure of the details however USA Judo...