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  1. Andy Moynihan

    Cafeteria brawl and security just watches

    No, I believe that was LAPD, and I believe nowadays it's "We'll kick your *** AND take your donuts".
  2. Andy Moynihan

    No Rights to resist Illegal Entry??

    I'd just like to put it out there that I think it would be wonderful if there are any Indiana cops left with balls who might do me this favor: Break into the homes of those 3 jackass "judges", without warrants, during their dinner with their families, and if THEY "resist", arrest them and tell...
  3. Andy Moynihan

    No Rights to resist Illegal Entry??

    Never mind. Deleted.
  4. Andy Moynihan

    Are you willing to give up your rights to feel safe?

    Robert Heinlein said it best in "Strenger in a Strange Land" : "There is no safety this side of the grave".
  5. Andy Moynihan

    No Rights to resist Illegal Entry??

    So who else is taking bets on how soon home-invasion criminals start dressing in stolen cop uniforms.
  6. Andy Moynihan

    over 90 threads are not the study, why complain

    Wouldn't exactly cripple me with grief to see the Study go.
  7. Andy Moynihan

    "Six for Sure" by Andy Moynihan

    No worries, I carry a SIG 229 too, but for backup, I choose the snubby everytime.
  8. Andy Moynihan

    What I’ve learned about rope

    When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and swing :D
  9. Andy Moynihan

    President Obama makes war on Muslim country

    In addition to the above reasons, there's the simple practical concern of :WITH WHAT? Our guys are stretched too thin in Hell's Sandbox as it is. What does Obama figure he's gonna do to Gadafi Duck? Yell "Chuck Norris" at him? :idunno:
  10. Andy Moynihan

    Hi carol!!! :)

    Hi carol!!! :)
  11. Andy Moynihan

    Congresswoman Giffords Shot in Tucson

    First off, prayers for those who may make it, and for the families of those who didn't. Second--No matter your political leanings, if we are finally at the point where it's OK to kill elected officials just because we don't like their politics, then we as a society may just be on the...
  12. Andy Moynihan

    Alabama Schools Paddle Kids With No Way For Parents To Opt-Out

    With regard to the original incident: That particular teacher needs to be arrested, then that kid's parents need to be allowed into the cell with HIM, each bearing a paddle, at exactly the moment the cell cameras suddenly experience a malfunction for an unexplainable 10 minutes. As far as...
  13. Andy Moynihan

    "Six for Sure" by Andy Moynihan

    And since I don't mind the extra weight, have a solid pocket rig, and it handes .357 without hurting me, for not much more size at all I go with a bobbed Ruger SP101 and will be buying a second as backup.
  14. Andy Moynihan

    "Six for Sure" by Andy Moynihan

    In this modern age of the polymer frame and the space age bottom-feeder, With a well-made modern auto you could trust'er if you need'er. But should I end up in desperate straits and need a problem-solver, Well like the old song goes, "That's when I reach for my revolver." They've fallen out...
  15. Andy Moynihan

    In a bizarre twist, judge who shot/killed burglar sentences man who shot/killed burglar...

    I've gotta go with Bruno and Arch. If what I'm reading is true, there was no A-O-J until the *shooter* exposed himself to them by trespassing onto the property to confront the thief, therefore the *shooter* willingly created the dangerous situation to himself, and for a self-defense claim to...
  16. Andy Moynihan

    Is One Cheaper Than The Other?

    Does a surgeon give a cancerous tumor 20 years to consume its host before removing it?
  17. Andy Moynihan

    Salt vs fighting in the real world

    First thing your martial arts instructor should tell you. First thing ANY self defense/unarmed combat instructor should tell you. Is that if you're 5'0" and 100 pounds, and the other guy is 6'6" and 300 pounds-- then barring the introduction of some kind of force multiplier, the other guy's...
  18. Andy Moynihan

    Surprisingly good music for a game....

    Awesome piece. At once triumphant and sad. I felt as if it told me a story of a final decisive victory despite the loss of close comrades. Gets good at around 1:20 and hits its perfect stride at 3 mins in. Like Spider-Man having saved the city and embraced his responsibility as a hero despite...
  19. Andy Moynihan

    Farewell to a heroa and appreciation from his parents for MTers.

    Been away awhile, just saw this, freely admit I misted up. "And when he gets to Heaven, To Saint Peter he will tell: "One more soldier reporting, Sir-- I've served my time in Hell".
  20. Andy Moynihan

    I was promoted to San-Kyu (Brown Belt)

    Well done, Bill :asian:
  21. Andy Moynihan

    Gi Art: Green Lantern Gi

    "In brightest darkest night...No evil shall escape my guard!"
  22. Andy Moynihan

    Prison Wardens and the penal system

    When was the last time a hardened criminal called shots from, called hits from, was paroled from or escaped from a cemetery?
  23. Andy Moynihan

    situational errors in judgment? What would you have done?

    First off. Glad you got through OK. Might not have gone perfect, but as the saying goes "If it's stupid but it works, it wasn't stupid". Cockroaches fear the light. File a police report ASAP. If these people don't live at that complex there's more going on. Scumbags...
  24. Andy Moynihan

    83 Year Old Marine Fights Off Teen Burglar

    Fear the yellow-legs.
  25. Andy Moynihan

    The New Republic: 1st Amendment is a 'privilege' not a 'right'

    Hey! That's OUR false argument....:(
  26. Andy Moynihan

    Iran activist on trial for 'warring against God'

    Thank god for war.
  27. Andy Moynihan


    * I can still hit accurately without my glasses, such as just waking up or having them knocked off midfight. *It's a proven deterrent vs. just pointing, too many LEO field reports to list have verified that more often than not they see that red dot appear in their eyes/on their chest...
  28. Andy Moynihan

    2 cops killed in Alaska. One right in front of his wife and children.

    Two more good men to guard the gates of heaven, and one more scumbag who needs the express lane to hell.