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    Kicks Speed vs. Punches Speed

    What's your point? 50 Kicks in 22 seconds is very impressive. That's a rate of 2.27 kicks per seconds - not quite half the boxer's speed of 5.2 kicks per second. If we set Senchai's rate to 5 seconds then he only would deliver 11 kicks - not even close to the boxer's 26. What was my guess...

    Kicks Speed vs. Punches Speed

    Ok. But not at a rate of 26 kicks in 5 seconds probably at most half that rate. The boxer was working with 2 hands to get the 26 punches in 5 seconds what you describe is repeating with the same leg. My guess would be that most Martial Artists would struggle to do repetitive roundhouses to a...

    Kicks Speed vs. Punches Speed

    Here is some food for thought on this, when comparing the punch of the boxer to the capoeira kick given in the example videos. The capoeira technique is a circular technique that generates the impressive speed by using centrifugal force. The technique utilizes 2 circles. The length of the body...

    Ronin Brand Medium Weight Gi

    I have a black medium weight and a black heavy weight Ronin Gi. The medium weight Gi is nice but the heavyweight is much nicer and doesn't cost that much more. If you are only getting one - get the heavyweight.

    Kempo karate?

    Truth be told - originally the Okinawans would travel to China so they could learn Chuan Fa (拳法) and would return to Okinawa and teach it as Kempo (拳法) which is merely 2 different ways to pronounce the same word which translates to Fist Law or Fist Method. The...

    Starting a Class in the Park this Saturday 6.12.10

    Hi all, I just moved to the northern Morris & Souther Sussex County area in NJ 6 months ago and have decided to start teaching in parks and such. If you get a chance, check out my website If you live in the area, please come and join me for a couple of...