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  1. Papageno

    Training out doors

    We started outdoor training this summer due to obvious reasons, but it was a bit awkward using sneakers with your gi. Besides, some exercises just doesn't play well on asphalt. Now, we're in the dojo again. The evenings are darker and it's getting colder here in Sweden. To quote a famous TV...
  2. Papageno

    Did you kick anything in your Shotokan or Goju Ryu kick training?

    We use mitts and punch bags in our training, but only occasionally. I think the way we train differs from club to club. Sure, every Shotokan club use the same kicks, punches and blocks, but the Sensei decides what's right for his/her club. When I started, many years ago, I was traiining in a...
  3. Papageno

    Questions for senior practitioners of Shotokan and Ryu-Te

    Five years ago I got back to Karate after a 25 year pause. After a rough beginning, I'm really enjoying it. I think the fundamental part of karate is that you do what you can, regardless of age, weight or other physical limitations. All should be welcome. If you're at a club where some members...
  4. Papageno

    Back injury and kyokushin karate

    No one can tell your limits except for yourself. If you're still in pain, I'd recommend you to see a physiotherapist. Or at least talk to your instructor. He/she should know a bit about training/injuries/recovery. Don't give up your training. If your back is preventing you to do some exercises...
  5. Papageno

    Go Belts and Other Gi Items

    Rules differ from style to style and sometimes even club to club. As for belts, we are allowed to have embroidery (i.e. style name on one end and your name on the other) if you have a brown or black belt. That said, I wouldn't dream of putting it on my brown belt. I've seen brown belts with...
  6. Papageno

    Grading this weekend

    Those knees, those knees... Always painful. Happy to see you made 7th Kyu though. Congrats! Foam rolling helped you? I tried, but gave it up since it was so painful. Maybe I should reconsider.
  7. Papageno

    Got promoted.... head spinning

    Maybe he takes a special interest in you and want to make sure he will help you along with "future endeavors". Some senseis correct some students time and time again, while letting others (who make the same mistakes) slide. Anyway, his interest is good! He looks at you and wants to help you...
  8. Papageno

    Pinan/Hein fighting forms

    That is interesting. When I look at the heian (pinan) katas, I see a lot of similarities with Kanku Dai, sometimes kalled Kushanku. I believe it was renamed by Gichin Funakoshi to Kankū-dai (観空大). I also find things from Tekki Shodan and Bassai Dai. Someone once told me that Kanku Dai was broken...
  9. Papageno

    Pinan/Hein fighting forms

    We usually express it like this: there are three "K"s in Karate; Kihon, Kata and Kumite. Kihon is our powertraining. Strength if you want. Instead of lifting weights (although many do that as well) Kihon is how we train speed and muscle. Kata is the form. I train Shotokan and the Heian katas are...
  10. Papageno

    Shotokan exams - kicking in place

    Ah, yes! Punching the pencil whitout hitting it. For us it's included in 3rd kyu grading, but only there. Nothing of the sort in 2nd or 1st. No idea why. But in every exam it's Kihon first, then Kumite and last Kata. Interesting to know that it differs. I thought that all Shotokan exams were...
  11. Papageno

    Shotokan exams - kicking in place

    I would answer a big yes to your last assumption. The kicks you mention are the very last part of the Kihon section and if you have performed 100 %, you will be wiped out (still having Kumite and Kata to go). The kicks you mention are a balance test. I'm doing my 1st kyu exam Tuesday next...
  12. Papageno

    Fellow Shotokan Karateka!

    Thanks for these links. Lots of goodies here.
  13. Papageno

    Fellow Shotokan Karateka!

    It sounds like there's some kind of misunderstanding here. Kihon and Kata are extremely formal types of training. This is where we learn the basics of how we do things. In Kumite we try it out. It doesn't mean executing it exactly the same way; we adapt it to the situation. Everything we do...
  14. Papageno

    Had an amazing first Kyokushin practice at my Dojo

    I train Shotokan and we are not supposed to hurt each other, even if we do have some contact. But while fighting things easily get out of hand, so we too get our fair share of pain. No sticks needed. But I'm happy for you and enjoy your enthusiasm. Keep on training and best of luck in Februari.
  15. Papageno

    Karate journey road block

    I'm not familiar with Shorin-ryu, but if I were you I'd visit the dojo and talk to the sensei. He/she should be able to explain the difference. Maybe you can try one or two sessions for free (or a minor fee) just to find out if this is something for you.
  16. Papageno

    Fellow Shotokan Karateka!

  17. Papageno

    Fellow Shotokan Karateka!

    When I started, I just went to a dojo. At the time I wasn't aware of the different styles and it just happend to be Shotokan. But that was many years ago. Now I love Shotokan. Tried Goju for a few months out of curiousity, but got confused by the katas. So now I'm back in Shotokan.