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  1. Hanshi

    Real World Competency?

    I don't if others have experienced this in dojo/dojang and I trust I'm not alone. It has been apparent to me that too many students, including high ranking black belts, would be, well, helpless if grabbed or otherwise attacked during their day/night at home or outside. I do realize that there...
  2. Hanshi

    Long time

    I've been away, literally, for a pretty good while but I'm back now. Welcome all you new folks, I'm Tommy. I'm a grandmaster and have experience in a wide range of martial arts due to the fact I've been involved more than 55 years. I've retired, sold my school and nowadays dealing with...
  3. Hanshi

    Midori Yama Budokai/Martial Arts USA & Karaho Kempo

    Old computer died and just recently got this one. Although my experience is mostly concentrated in other areas I did earn a black belt from Prof Stan Mattson before his death and later a nidan from his widow, Prof Laura Lang. The lineage works like this: William Chow - Ronald Alo - Stan...