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  1. LuzRD

    "she did not report the attack because she feared losing custody of her children"

    ya know how many times i must have driven past this "individual" when i lived in Peabody? i lived not 5 minutes from them at one point, and then i moved up the street from where he worked! makes me sick to think that i probably was in the same room with him at some bar at some point! BTW the...
  2. LuzRD

    "I believe I was next"

    i usually just get right back in front of them, if there is a line behind me ill invite them to join me. if the "individual" says somthing ...well it depends on my mood and their attitude whether i simply explain to them that there are people in line, or scold them like a bad dog and explain...
  3. LuzRD

    The Coming War with Iran?

    On March 30, the Russian News & Information Agency, Novosti, cited "a high-ranking security source: "The latest military intelligence data point to heightened US military preparations for both an air and ground operation against Iran."..... from an article that is a year old? 27/ 03/ 2007...
  4. LuzRD

    A Look Into The Future

    LMAO i was wondering when the BSOD would show up, and i think that was it at the end!! looked awful neat though
  5. LuzRD

    Word Association

    mental breakdown= unscheduled vacation from the ordinary
  6. LuzRD

    Defense against Pickpockets

    i just dont have anything worth taking lol but, if im going into a busy unkown place its not uncommon for me to move my wallet to my front pocket. its also not uncommon for me to forget that ive done this and when i reach for my wallet or check to see that its there (still in my back pocket...
  7. LuzRD

    Searching for thread this is the only one that i could find
  8. LuzRD

    Katana (order from for discount) not knowing your budget, training or your intentions for the katana i imagine its hard to suggest specifics. the links i provided are (to...
  9. LuzRD

    When not to rob...

    by the sound of it..."An armed robber" "and waving machetes" (quotes from 2 different sentences) i would imagine one WAS armed with a gun, but both had machetes. of course i dont give much credit to the media for reporting the truth, so who knows what happened fun story though! thank...
  10. LuzRD

    Lucid Dreaming...

    i know exactly what you mean!! i havent been able to dream lucidly without waking up since i was a kid. one thing that come to mind from recent times (in the last year or so) is a couple events where i could see what was around me even though my eyes were closed. (yeah i know how that...
  11. LuzRD

    Ideal General Training?

    Great post Lorak. its been a long time (close to 10 years now) since ive done anything like this, but from what i remember when i did this kind of variation (run, then sprint, then run...) it took my mind off of the running at "normal" speed and instead of running being tough i got to think of...
  12. LuzRD

    The Last Person.....

    bleh, why does it have to snow?!?! i dont like it, i dont want it, make it stop, please? and HI EVERYONE!
  13. LuzRD

    Zombie Survival Quiz

    B,B,C,F overall Z+
  14. LuzRD

    The Last Person.....

    good morning MT
  15. LuzRD

    The Last Person.....

    could be worse Hand Sword i have to replace a hard drive in my good computer. apparently no OS=expensive clothes rack. (stupid western digital!) THIS computer crashes when i try and do anything fun with it :rpo:
  16. LuzRD

    The Last Person.....

    why is it that once it gets dark out i just cant get tired?? any other insomniacs here?
  17. LuzRD


    very informative article Kenpotex. i like it! i think that relying on a spray to "stop" anyone is a headline waiting to happen, i actually feel that RELYING on anything non-lethal to stop sombody is a bad move. (to clarify, this does NOT mean that i think lethal action should be the goal! i...
  18. LuzRD

    I'm Not Dude!

    I think its pretty nutty to believe that someone will always be in the right simply because they were hired for a specific job. I think its pretty nutty for a cop to disrespect civilians. I think its pretty nutty when a civilian refuses to question authority, and trusts in strangers to do...
  19. LuzRD

    A Stranger's Sacrifice, A Stranger's Love

    thats an amazing story Caver! heres to Laura Bolen and those like her! :asian:
  20. LuzRD

    New student in my Dojo

    is there any chance that this student is confused and reversed 1st and 9th kyu? thinking that 1st kyu is the lower rank?? ...not likely, however worth a shot.i if not, i believe (correct me if im wrong) it is up to you (his teacher) to decide when he is ready/if you should advance him early to...
  21. LuzRD

    I'm Not Dude!

    some very good points Mark you reminded me of my time in high school where some teachers (those that didnt earn my respect for whatever reason) thought of me as a troublemaker. in my oppinion it is because i didnt accept what they said as "law" and was more than willing to question just about...
  22. LuzRD

    Who are we electing

    really?!?!?! well to each their own... as far as the OP concern. i couldnt agree more! elections are a popularity contest (a VERY WELL FUNDED popularity contest). i dont have the slightest clue what any of the crooks running are (telling people they are) for and against. (the use of...
  23. LuzRD

    Why Some Countries Can Be Ill-Thought Of

    I didnt see how it could be that certain religious beliefs could legally be a prerequisite to get any job, let alone government positions. Its not usually like me to just accept what im told, thank you for reminding me to stay alert! This DOES sound like the media to me, and i agree that its...
  24. LuzRD

    Searching for a school im not familiar with the area so im not sure how many if any of the Texas links are nearby. hope its of some help
  25. LuzRD

    Why Some Countries Can Be Ill-Thought Of

    well put! i didnt know about the texas "jesus jobs" or bush talking to "god" (wonder if he was smoking anything with Clinton when this happened) "The bad part is most christians and muslims are decent people who just want to get on with their lives." :asian:
  26. LuzRD

    Free speech: Minimal regulation and censorship?

    i feel that the flipside of this holds true, over regulation and censorship can boil very quickly. and keeping with the boiling metaphor, when somthing boils quickly it boils violently. regulation and censorship would not be needed if people were more mature and educated (meaning that if we...
  27. LuzRD

    He can't help it, he was born that way.

    he was born having sex with a dog? ok sorry, serious time i guess. while it is rather stomach turning to think about (thanks Big Don lol) i think it should be treated as any other mental illness. (yes i know that means i shouldnt make jokes, but i really want to) what besides therapy does...
  28. LuzRD


    sometimes i feel as though i could sweat in a blizzard. i would suggest bring a couple towels with you to class, if your instructor doesnt object of course. i dont see why one would, however i would always ask before doing somthing "different". and make sure you stay hydrated!
  29. LuzRD

    I'm Not Dude!

    Ninjamom that is great that you were able to use this video in a positive way for your own kids!
  30. LuzRD

    I'm Not Dude!

    by definition, yes. was the kid beaten or harmed? no. but that doesnt change the fact that officer Rivieri wrestled the skateboard from the boy and shoved him back to the ground when he tried to get up. he didnt tell the kid to give him the board until he was already wrestling for it, and he...