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  1. LuzRD

    scuba help

    hey everyone, ive been on a kick lately to get myself into scuba diving. ive wanted to since i was a little kid (31 now) and its just time i guess. i borrowed the padi home study cd's (its very motivating for me as im the type that cannot get enough info about things that interest me). i was...
  2. LuzRD

    red vs. blue a comedy based on the game halo. ive never played halo, but its still funny as heck. each show is around 5 minutes long, and good for a few laughs. start with episode 1, season 1 (obviously). be advised, there is some profanity (so shoo away your...
  3. LuzRD

    the impossible quiz anyone try this one yet? im stuck on question 56. too stubborn to quit, and apparently not smart enough to continue lol. there are ALOT of questions that dont make any sense, and some that only a guess can answer, but its still kinda fun.
  4. LuzRD

    had my first Bujinkan class tonight!!!!

    ok, so i hadnt even met with sensei before tonight i had only emailed with him a couple times. He invited me to his private dojo at his home, for a small class on tuesdays. tonights class starts (only 3 students tonight, i guess 2 others were sick) and he has me just get involved with the...
  5. LuzRD

    Bujinkan in southern NH?

    Hi all! i just found this site. and have spent at least an hour longer than i should have (i do have to work in the morning) browsing a couple of the different sections. I have found what appears to be a diverse base of knowledgeable martial artists! I was hoping someone here could help me...