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  1. wingerjim

    street fight

    That is such a vague question it is honestly hard to answer. I saw one response to avoid advice there is. Can you run, hide, are weapons involved or just hand to hand. If it is the later, than it comes down to who trains best for that situation or who has an advantage. Two equally...
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    Hello from wing chun

    Welcome kicka. I hope you find this forum helpful, as I have.
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    Pain in training

    Well there is discomfort and there is pain. I study Wing Chun and the stance can be down right unconformable, especially at the beginning and when doing it for several hours. This is not a bad thing but pain can be anything from discomfort to something within the body is broken, so pain is not...
  4. wingerjim

    Is Carrying a Knife for Self-Defense, Illegal or Legal?

    Depends where you live. Look one of the best ways to find out it to call your local Sherriff's office and simply ask. They cannot arrest you for the question or at least ask them where this information can be found.
  5. wingerjim

    Who Did Yip Man Learn Stuff From?

    I agree and often find the variety in this form to be as much more different than any other version of Wing Chun forms.
  6. wingerjim

    Who Did Yip Man Learn Stuff From?

    I don't think we today are as purest as those in the past, or at least my view of them.
  7. wingerjim

    Learning from DVD's

    I think videos, magazine articles and books are good enhancement tools but they cannot replace a good teacher. We all much have feedback. How many times have you thought, I got this down, only to have your teacher correct something that should have been obvious but it is not?
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    I Am new!!

    Welcome, hope you enjoy the forum.
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    I agree, we teach our students when they are ready for it. SLT from day 1, CK when they are proficiant in SLT, BJ after they learn the dummy, pole after BJ and knives after they have shown resiliency in practice full proficiency of the other 5 forms. I learned in year 4-5 but also am one of only...
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    Congratulations to you. Wow 22 years, forgive me for saying this but is this the normal time frame to get to learn this form in the LT linage?
  11. wingerjim

    Small Circle

    In some rare cases there are falling outs, in other cases the student may not like the new way, in other cases people are simply resistant to change. I know my teacher's teacher has shown new ways and we simply don't adopt them, while other we do. Just the way evolution of a martial art works.
  12. wingerjim

    Small Circle

    Thank you for posting. Looks to me like the difference between an early Ip Man student and a later Ip Man student. Obviously Leung Sheung learned well before Ip Ching so it would be normal for two students who learned about 25 years apart to do things differently because Ip Man was know for...
  13. wingerjim

    Small Circle

    No it goes like this....So no sh!t I was in a bar when..........
  14. wingerjim

    Revival of the martialtalk boxing tournament: Mike Tyson Vs. Buster Douglas

    No contest, MT was one of the most, if not the most devastating boxers in history. Unfortunately for him he took Douglas for granted....kind of the quin essential Rocky story. The same thing happens to almost every great boxer, Foreman Vs Ali, Lewis Vs McCall, and many others.
  15. wingerjim

    Wooden Dummy Question

    That is also how we do it. In fact we begin the dummy even earlier but not the dummy form, just some movements on the dummy to get the student used to the feel and to get them to settle in their stance. It is fun to see back into the past as I was new watching people lean forward to push the...
  16. wingerjim

    The B@stard Child of Wing Chun

    I agree with Danny T. I do not run the school where I am both a teacher and student. My only teacher owns the school I attend and all but one other student learns from myself and this other student and neither of us are formally certified, but have been deemed teachers along with himself for the...
  17. wingerjim

    "Fighting" with Wing Chun weapons?

    Hi Wingechun100. I am sorry but I do not think Biu Jee breaks the rules as the other forms are concerned but takes them to a new level. One of the things it teaches is to recover the center and stance you lean in Sil Lum Tau and adds to Chum Kiu by offering more movements. Also the pole enhances...
  18. wingerjim

    Some Interesting Dummy Designs

    Those guys or guy is innovative and if I already did not have a traditional dummy it may be of interest to me but the traditional dummy teaches the center line theory training. He also makes a single arm training tool much like one my Sigung has in his studio. It is useful for trapping and...
  19. wingerjim

    Self Defence AGAINST an officer

    Fight the cops in court and not in-person. Look this guys was wrong for not following the commands of the police. Regardless if you think you are in the right or not, there is no point in fighting against the police in my humble opinion. First this man could not win a fight under those...
  20. wingerjim

    Wing Chun Forms Origin

    That is interesting because I have done them as one long set. I see them as many pieces of a very large puzzle that need connected but also have substance alone. So I could believe it was one set slit into 3 weather that is true or not.
  21. wingerjim

    New to Wing Chun - Is This School Legit?

    Did you look both of them up? On day 1 my sifu walked me around his school and showed me a recenet picture of him with his sifu and some older ones with his sifu and his sifu's sifus and pictures of his sifu with his two sifu's, both Leung Sheung students and a number of pictures of Leung Sheung...
  22. wingerjim

    New to Wing Chun - Is This School Legit?

    I only wish I could hit the agree button more than once....well said!
  23. wingerjim

    You always attack first

    I think both are needed, but for me I know there is very much more likelihood that I will be on the defense first. Martial Arts trains me to avoid confrontation until I cannot avoid it, thus the reason I believe I will be attached vs being the attacker.
  24. wingerjim

    Effectiveness vs Showiness

    Great point. It is interesting in the movies actors like Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Donny Yen were all Wushu (The showy side of MA) champions. Does it apply to the street, sure it does but not as effectively in my opinion as someone who reached the same level as them while practicing real fight...
  25. wingerjim

    Black Belt Definiton

    For me it means I have learned a system, in my case Wing Chun as I know all 6 forms, now I am on my journey to becoming a master. Though we actually do not have these my sifu told me I am a Black Belt (Sash), which just means I accomplished the basic learning of the system. Mastering the system...
  26. wingerjim

    Barefoot practice of Chinese Martial Arts?

    It would depend on the lineage, but here is a good example of Sil Lim Tau, the first Wing Chun Form and the basis of all Wing Chun
  27. wingerjim

    How long should I be able to hold a horse stance?

    Do it as long as you possibly can + 15 more seconds. You will find each day you can go longer and longer.
  28. wingerjim

    Martial arts and diabetes

    I think your doctor will tell you to get more exercise, not less. The exercise should be more in the cardiovascular type thought.
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    Welcome Starflyr3
  30. wingerjim

    Questions for the bladesmiths, on altering a blade

    Actually it will not to all SS because not all are ferromagnetic. Take your SS forks, spoons and knives, they likely are not ferris because they do not need to be. Here is the definition of ferromagnetism from Wikipedia: Ferromagnetism is a property not just of the chemical make-up of a...