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  1. Wey

    Licenced Massage Therapist, Martial Artist

    You've explained exactly what I hope to experience when I go to school for Acupuncture. I'm glad this has happened to someone else! Keep it coming and congrats.
  2. Wey

    Capoeira works

    Interesting combo. I'd like to see it in real time and in a real fight. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Wey

    kip ups

    I find them easy to do if I: Use my hands to push up and use my hips to drive myself up.
  4. Wey

    THATS how we're supposed to round house kick?

    Ush, Thank you for that. Maybe I'll ask her about this kick - mikasuki geri - compared to what she is teaching us.
  5. Wey

    THATS how we're supposed to round house kick?

    She even specifically said, only pivot if you have flexibility issues, not for power. I'm trying to understand why we're kicking like this, but its frustrating. I agree, that video is how you're supposed to kick. Thanks for sharing. I very much agree. Thanks for the input. This is a...
  6. Wey

    THATS how we're supposed to round house kick?

    I've been taking Karate for around 3 years now, but had to leave my first school in order to go to college. I started taking a Shotokan Karate class at my college, and everything has been fine until my sensei starting teaching us the round house kick. How she wants us to kick is: Bend the...
  7. Wey

    Meditation's Effect on You?

    Very nice.
  8. Wey

    How did you like the new karate kid?

    Karate isn't Kung Fu. They ****ed up.
  9. Wey

    Meditation's Effect on You?

    And how does this effect you?
  10. Wey

    Meditation's Effect on You?

    Thank you all for the responses! Would anyone else care to share their thoughts?
  11. Wey

    Meditation's Effect on You?

    How many of you have practiced meditation for any amount of time? What have the benefits been from practicing? Do you find it worth while to meditate? Thanks in advance.
  12. Wey

    Philosophy or not?

    This is primarily what I mean by philosophy, making martial arts more than fighting. Thanks for the post, great quote as well. I couldn't agree with you more. Could you, or someone else perhaps, go more in depth about this?
  13. Wey

    Philosophy or not?

    Does your teacher, or for those of you that are teachers, is philosophy about your style, or maybe life in general, something that is explained / explored at some point in your class? Likes/dislikes, concerns, etc.?
  14. Wey

    What does a Black Belt mean?

  15. Wey

    Wah Lum Exploration

    Thank you both Xue Sheng and clfsean. And clfsean, I am indeed up for it. I cannot wait! :D :D From what I've been reading, clfsean you also train a form of Kung Fu in the Atlanta area, correct?
  16. Wey

    Wah Lum Exploration

    I'm going to the dojo (is that what you call it?) today so I'll get to see. =] Egg, How is it going?
  17. Wey

    Wah Lum Exploration

    I cannot wait. Thank you for your kind & inspiring words.
  18. Wey

    Wah Lum Exploration

    OnlyAnEgg, I'm glad you're enjoying your training so much! For what its worth, after reading this thread I've become very excited about training Eagle Claw kung fu near where I live. Although its not the same style, I hope it'll be as beneficial / enjoyable as what you've been doing. Keep us...
  19. Wey

    Chinese TKD MA'ist in Japan learning Karate

    Thanks for sharing!
  20. Wey

    The always useful front kick

    Maybe this is something to take in consideration. What else are you missing by practicing the sport side of Tae Kwon Do?
  21. Wey

    Korea Bound

    More power to ya man. I want to do the same, only with a focus on Hapkido. I don't know of any schools, but I doubt it will be hard to find a decent school over there. Good luck and keep us posted.
  22. Wey

    Choi Kwang Do, real art or belt mill?

    If you're in Georgia, you're sure to see Choi Kwang Do schools all over. I have never visited them personally, but I've heard that they are less than superb. Where do you reside, scottie?
  23. Wey

    Point Sparring

    Thank you all for your input. Just to clarify, when I said point sparring I was referring to the style of stopping after contact/each point.
  24. Wey

    Point Sparring

    What is your take on point sparring? Does it develop reflexes? Quick hands, quick feet, quick movement? Is it impractical? Does it teach martial artists to try and get one hit in and think the fight is over? I do not like point sparring, I think there are better ways to train than to...
  25. Wey

    Simple Meditation

    I'm going to start meditating every day! Thanks.
  26. Wey


    Thank you all for the enlightening posts! I see that there is still much for me to learn!
  27. Wey

    How is your Hapkido ground game?

    Kuk Sa Nim, Thank you for this post! Good insight followed by a good video. Camsamnida!
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    Karate was not designed to fight? I thought it was. Back in Okinawa the Japanese were not allowed to have weapons so they trained open hand combat, as well as training weapons they could get their hands on.
  29. Wey

    why so many seem to dislike MMA

    I agree with you for the most part. Theres a good chance that the majority of martial artists that dislike "MMA" feel that way because of their teacher or peers. Others may not like it because martial arts are supposed to be for self-defense, and having MMA practitioners doing it to get paid...
  30. Wey


    Thank you for your words of wisdom, seasoned!