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    Depends on the FMA. Most do weapons first but not all
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    Testing Criteria

    Testing is in every class the entire class. Mess up, goof of, fail to pay aattention and more then likely you'll not be promoted. for kids: I test once or twice a year and do not always tell students its a test. Sometimes it is a picnic with class before we eat. Sometimes it is a visit to a...
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    Moha Gama (Bunkai)

    Bill, Thanks for posting and the link
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    A little bunkai question

    AS dancingalone said: it can be viewed as crossing the opponents arms or it could be a down block and a middle block done at the same time. I'm sure there are many other interplatations of the move
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    The Ashida Kim Challenge.

    actually that is a good article
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    Taekwondo age

    I would say BO. Determination, skill, luck and maybe who you know will have a effect. Your age (22) should not be a determining factor.
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    Recent Video by Alan Orr

    post # 44
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    Recent Video by Alan Orr

    Lets keep the discussion civil. As for challenges they are against the rules here. Perhaps all involved in this thread need to read the rules of the forum
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    Welcome to Martialtalk
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    Silva vs Bisping: Full Fight

    thanks for posting this. Not at all sure I agree with whom they say won
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    Jujutsu Demo

    Great to hear you where doing a charity fund raiser for a children's charity. Thanks for posting
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    a formal introduction

    welcome to Martial Talk
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    Hello fellow brothers and sisters!

    Welcome to Martial Talk.
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    Question: You mentioned you have taught at 2 other schools, what is the reaason you left those schools? As for the way your instructor handled your teaching meditation, it seemed a little extreem to say you lose your rank for a month, and should have had an explanation given as to why this was...
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    Xīnnián kuàilè

    Happy New Year
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    Wado alternative

    no idea on which to take up. Just want to say Welcome to Martial Talk
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    Evidence based training vs faith based training.

    Folks it is all faith based until you actually have to use it. After that point, no matter the outcome, it is fact based ( at least for you).
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    Knife Work in South Korean Military

    nice clip............enjoyed the Marine clip link also
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    sparring with everyone :)

    welcome to Martial Talk
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    An Old Man Punching A Bag

    Bill, all I'll saqy is I enjoyed the videos thanks for posting them
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    Hey there!

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    Hello, I am new!

    Welcome to Martial Talk For the most recent topics under discussions simple click on Active Topics at top of page
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    Why is lineage important?

    I know of a couple of styles that by the third generation of instructors many basic blocking movements, striking combinations, and forms no longer look like what the originator created. It only took fifty to seventy years for these changes aand all of those practicing the "new" way of doing...
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    Northern Nevada

    No help from me on schools in that area just want to say Welcome to the forum