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  1. Rich Parsons

    Greetings from Southeast England

    Welcome to MT !
  2. Rich Parsons

    Do you use the figure eight pattern with your fists?

    Hey !! Geezer !! How are you?? In the Modern Arnis I teach, the upper cut and back hand is Figure 8 empty hand. The one you reference is part of our Flow or follow thru striking and is 1 & 2 (forehand & backhand) and we call this the reverse figure 8. Might be counter intuitive, yet the #1 &...
  3. Rich Parsons

    *** Annual Credit Report . com - Protect yourself

    Steve, Yes Bank and credit cards companies have a credit score and also some tracking. Which is great. This allows one to go see al three reports and find out if there is any old data or incorrect data. Also if someone created an account one was not aware of. :eek:
  4. Rich Parsons

    *** Annual Credit Report . com - Protect yourself

    Just did a check up at all three credit reporting agencies. I had to do each one at a time. I was able to save off in PDF. A couple seemed harder to navigate than the other. Just a check up. *** Yes Thread Necro ***
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    Welcome to Martial Talk !!
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    (Fiction/theory) Fighting against the perfect sword

    Yes, and a little no. He explained a large person with training is always a question. And numbers would be something possible, but people would get hurt. Of course it was the 90's.
  7. Rich Parsons

    (Fiction/theory) Fighting against the perfect sword

    One of my LEO friends said, "Rich, if I showed up to your place, I would ask you to submit calmly. If you did cool. If not I would back up and say 'Take the Shot'" And I am by no means a perfect specimen .
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    Ask me any question about Martial Arts about any systems

    My School broke, lots of hurt feelings. Lots of weird comments and accusations made. Oher than People in general - Why ? ... Yes, I agree there is not enough information to answer the specific question.
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    List all of the Weapons at your house

    When I read her reply - Very was drawn out and emphasized :) :D Just my thoughts interfering with your writing:wideyed:.
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    Sparring with sharp swords

    Many year ago I was a t a friends wedding (to happen in their backyard in Texas). The Groom needed a little distraction , and we started talking about swords and styles. We went to his study and he handed me a sabre and he took a rapier. We discussed the subtleties and similarities between FMA...
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    Martial Arts?

    FMA - Balintawak and Modern Arnis
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    Hello All

    Welcome, to Martial Talk. :)
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    Which Martial Arts should I pick up?

    The MMA has a good use of energy and also test their skills BJJ - a base for the MMA is also a god art to check out. FMA - with the right class / instructor, can get you the action and have weapons not be extra - and are taught along with the empty hand. If no weapon is what you meant then...
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    Logging in with Firefox - FYI

    Xue !! I brought this to the staff's attention. Thank you o_O:)
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    Can knife fights be won by simply overpowering an opponent? Can disarms be done with brute strength?

    IRL with someone who wanted to hurt me with the big kitchen knife, I was able to power stop. I checked their incoming hand and gripped their wrist and kept squeezing until they screamed and I kept telling them I would not let go until they let go of the knife. When they did I kept a hold of...
  16. Rich Parsons

    how confident are you in your art ?

    My Apologies. I came into this thread at the first post, and had not read the post by the staff. I did not mean any disrespect.
  17. Rich Parsons

    how confident are you in your art ?

    Not trying to be difficult just breaking apart for discussion and to keep your complete post, and not take something out of context. Assumptions: 1) I am relatively healthy at the time 2) I am not taken out with sniper precision from a distance, and or in close combat. From Past Experiences...
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    New here

  19. Rich Parsons

    What Percentage of People Have Achieved the Rank of Shodan or Equivalent?

    Do you have a site , book, magazine that lists these numbers? I am really curious and would be interested in reading anything you could provide.
  20. Rich Parsons

    Wrist Lock Names (With Pictures)

    I use the following: 1) Center Lock 2) Reverse Hand / Backwards Throw 3) Not sure as you stated angle is off and will take your Figure 4 4) Side by Side (Throw) 5) Compress Elbow 6) Wrist Lock 7) Armbar (under Arm) - As you can get to an armbar from lots of places 8) Standing Center Lock 9)...
  21. Rich Parsons

    The End - Blog Post

    Hang in there. Heal and do what you can.
  22. Rich Parsons

    Belt Bunnies

    I agree, the only thing I dislike more than the drama is the paperwork. I stay away, and have turned down all passes. That is me though. I have seen others be very selective and have life long (so far) partners. I guess I never had such a connection or attraction to give it try. Not going...
  23. Rich Parsons

    What's the furthest you're willing to drive to attend a MA school?

    I drove an hour plus for one of my FMA arts. I know others would not drive it. So they did not go. Then they got upset when I got better, even if they started before me. People will do what they want. Yet, most are not looking for a passion. They are looking for exercise, or to "Feel" safe...
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    Good afternoon!

  25. Rich Parsons

    Is your FMA for the specialist or the generalist?

    I have only trained in two arts, both of them FMA. The First is a generalist. Starts with Stick and empty hand, with some basic blade self defense to get people moving. Works multiple ranges and multiple weapons. While many after a period of time can see that some of the techniques may be...
  26. Rich Parsons

    Training in Cebu...

    GM Nick Elizar of the Nicklestick Balintawak is in Cebu. You can find multiple websites and facebook pages, for contact. I would recommend checking him out.
  27. Rich Parsons

    Been lurking for 2 months so thought it was time to register

    Welcome and Best wishes in your training and searches here. :)
  28. Rich Parsons

    Rotation differences between Eastern/Western styles.

    LKLawson, Question? The input into the modern sport aspect , did some of that foot work and hand position come from the Navy and Marines while stationed in the Philippines? Thanks