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  1. Sigung86

    Wu Style Tai Chi 45 forms

    Please pardon a relative new person. Thank you vry much for the time you take to make this all enlightening.
  2. Sigung86

    PR: Kunga-te Founder now internationally recognized

    As I sit here in my Man Cave, in a quasi-Lotus position,floating 3" - 10" over my training pillow, napping... er... meditating, I am awed and slightly awakened by the awesomeness of your awesomeness... And that is almost too awesome for me, and so I am Awe inspired. Praise be unto you Oh...
  3. Sigung86

    getting old or studied a long time?

    Sorry, I don't remember teaching you Daddy when he was a kid.
  4. Sigung86

    Dimmak origins

    Are you speaking of the style, "Ng Mui"? Hadn't heard that term in years. I didn't even know anyone still practiced it. Thanks for any information on schools you can pass down. Dan
  5. Sigung86

    IKCA Gang!!!!

    Just got off the phone with Mr. LeRoux... Am working on an idea/project for Kenpo Talk, so... if you a: Read this post b: are a currently active member of the International Karate Connection Association and c: are interested in helping to bring more attention and insight to the IKCA...
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    Is More Better?

    I've been involved in a series of "discussion" much like this one, elsewhere. Since having been invited by the original poster, I'd like to minimally restate my feelings. First of all, EPAK has 150 some techniques in it, and Tracy's has 500+ a lot in it and twenty two distinct kata. How many...
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    Is More Better?

    He does that from time to time.
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    Handgun Disarms

    Just a thought or two. Practice the techniques against a variety of guns (mentioned before). Use more realistic attacks than those used in most Kenpo Schools. Maybe find out how the bad guys really do it on the street. then work to a reasonable defense if it's possible. One more thing...
  9. Sigung86

    What Is The Purpose Of The Extensions?

    Could be that you might miss with something that you've thrown, and the knowledge you attain from extensions can allow your mind to react with something that you didn't even know you know. Most folks think that extensions are to be perform in totality to make a technique... um... a technique...
  10. Sigung86

    Knee of Vengeance

    I'm personally fond of Jumping to a Conclusion and my personal favorite for a follow up to Dance of Death.... Beating a Dead Horse. :bangahead:
  11. Sigung86

    Some Interesting Views On Kata

    Having been in multiple arts over the past 46 years or so, I have the "standard" view of forms. They teach much and reinforce much in the way of basics and hidden or secret moves. However, I also like to think in terms of individual development with them. In kata/forms you are really only...
  12. Sigung86

    Kempo karate?

    Bwah Ha Ha Ha!!!!!... Wait! Um... This may not be all that funny! :uhyeah:
  13. Sigung86

    Push Me, Pull Me, Just Respect Me in the Morning! By Larry Bethers

    Perhaps a bit too limiting in the train hard model. Train hard in the school is good, but the most effective tool any of us has is the old brain. Thinking and visualizing a motion is also a productive way to get the motion instilled. Depending on the mental model you use, it's often called...
  14. Sigung86

    After you learn how to defend yourself, what sustains your practice?

    I've never figured that out, actually. For me it has always been "just a part of my life". I started back about 1963 in Shotokan and just continued on... Got a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do in 1969 while under the influence of a ROK Tech Sargeant. Met my original Kenpo instructor in 1971 after a...
  15. Sigung86

    Street Effective

    Actually, the word is French, and is a holdover, in Nam, from the days when it was all under the general heading of "French Indo-China"... The original spelling "Beaucoup" is really the correct version. But yours, on the other hand, is kinda' cool! So you get 22 points anyway.:angel:
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    Dave Simmons

    I was reading on the Internet this a.m. (Thanksgiving Day) at work. I happened to run across a post by Dave Simmons. He died a September a number of years back... And left a vacuum. Dave and I used to spar on the websites, sometimes seriously, but more often in fun as we were, at the...
  17. Sigung86

    $1000 1911

    That could be, Kirk... :lol: I have a Glock Model 22, that's a .40 cal for you non-gunners. LOL! But, I prefer my Model 19 Smith with the inch and a half barrel.. And I really, also like my auto-ordinance, 1911, with the rattle snake skin finish. (For a good deal less than 1k. That's my...
  18. Sigung86

    Arthritis/Fibromyalgia/CT and Martial Arts

    A salute to you and your determination, Danny T. :ultracool
  19. Sigung86

    How does a Real Women fights? ...same as real men?

    No offense, but let's see how reasoning and negotiating works against a psychotic rapist, murderer, what have you... Dealing with rational folks, the most that usually happens is you may get a case of the "irates" at their inability to be enlightened with your logic. Try that with some of the...
  20. Sigung86


    I dunno if my opinion should count or not. I've been at and in the arts for about 46 years. Never cared much for the new systems that have been flairing up since the mid '60s. I looked at the Jeet Kune Do invented by that upstart, the late Mr. Lee, and thought it wouldn't last. :uhyeah...
  21. Sigung86

    Serious review

    Wow Jas' ... You may have quashed participation with the limitation of personal attacks. I personally have not bought the DVDs... Mainly due to being instructed by Mr. Conatser, and a tightness of discretionary funds, lately, but more the instruction by Mr. Conatser. :ultracool However, a...
  22. Sigung86

    Army says morale down among troops in Afghanistan

    Get the crooks, politicians and dumb-Asses out of the way and let the military win a war... Then see what happens to morale. We haven't had an opportunity to win a war since the end of WWII. The Korean War was, nominally, a Police Action. Viet Nam sticks in my craw. They used to pass out...
  23. Sigung86

    Practicing with a bigger guy

    61 years old... 5' 11.5" tall. 230 pounds of fighting fury... I still think gun.
  24. Sigung86

    Favorite Martial Arts Quote

    If the cause is just, even though the foe be 10,000... I go.* *Funakoshi Gichen -- Founder of Shoto Kan Karate
  25. Sigung86

    What are the martial arts to you?

    I've been in and at the arts since 1963. It's such a part of my life that if, somehow they took it away, I don't know what else I would do.
  26. Sigung86

    who gave ed parker his black belt ?

    Y'know... I just sort of stumbled in and posted my above post before I realized this sucker ran on for four pages. I might be a little bit blind, or maybe age is catching up, but these kinds of arguments are crap for want of a better word, particularly about this subject. There is so much that...
  27. Sigung86

    who gave ed parker his black belt ?

    Some have...
  28. Sigung86

    moving up in rank to the higher echelon ?

    Milt, Check these out: BB: No, I don’t want that. On your flier it reads, “Professor William Chow, 15th-degree black belt, Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo Kung Fu.” So you’re a 15th degree? Chow: Yes...
  29. Sigung86

    Self Defense

    Hi Milt! Long time no talk. I'm kind of leaning toward taking the term self defense out of my "titles"... And changing to self-protection. That's actually more what we have become now-a-days. Many schools using the term "self defense" in their titles don't really teach much of that at all...
  30. Sigung86

    moving up in rank to the higher echelon ?

    Michael is correct. Seen it happen a couple of times. An independant with no other "family" backing makes a subjective comparison twixt him and her and another high ranking belt. They figure they can do it better and so, do a field grade promotion. They then attempt to either a) start their own...