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  1. KenpoDave

    Is there a relationship between Kung Fu and Yoga?

    Whatever. Seems you don’t have a theory to put forth. The clown [emoji1782] suits you.
  2. KenpoDave

    Did Jujutsu and Karate ever exchange techniques?

    The book “Secrets of the Samurai” states that jujutsu encompassed the unarmed fighting methods and that the striking and kicking arts were part of that. Essentially, the karate styles are evolutions of systemized, isolated practice of a subset of jujutsu. All karate techniques are jujutsu...
  3. KenpoDave

    Is there a relationship between Kung Fu and Yoga?

    I have an old book on Shaolin. It puts forth that the form of exercise practiced by the monks was basically yoga, and that over time, as various exiled or hiding military officers would be there, they would teach fighting techniques to the monks so that they would be more suited to assisting...
  4. KenpoDave

    Robert J Babich-Norman Rha

    Two of my mentors, Roger Greene (deceased) and Jim Stewart were students of Mr. Babich in San Jose. Roger Greene was promoted to 9th degree in KDW a few years back by the current head of the system.
  5. KenpoDave

    Goju Ryu karate

    There is a fairly specific Gojuryu warmup...junbi undo that has been passed down from the days of Chojun Miyagi. A google search will pull up some written descriptions and videos.
  6. KenpoDave

    Instructor certification?

    I don’t know what the functional differences will be. Part of the reason this is being developed is that it is intended to provide ongoing instruction for those who teach, rather than a weekend course done a single time. It also exposes instructors to different educational models, system...
  7. KenpoDave

    Instructor certification?

    I have heard 5. It is in development. From what I know, there is certainly a functional distinction in the training at each level. I imagine those lines will blur as people teach, bringing their own natural talents and life experiences in...
  8. KenpoDave

    Instructor certification?

    Our style, Tracy’s Kenpo, has instructor certification that is separate from rank. It has traditionally been left up to certified instructors to train and certify others, but the senior council of Tracy’s is currently working to formalize the training and introduce levels from Instructor to...
  9. KenpoDave

    Does anyone know about Chamberlain Studios of self defense in Dallas Texas?

    It’s solid. Hard hitting, not much fluff. Ohana atmosphere.
  10. KenpoDave

    Does anyone know about Chamberlain Studios of self defense in Dallas Texas?

    You would be correct. My point being that Nick Chamberlain has never worn rank that was not bestowed by someone else. He has not self promoted.
  11. KenpoDave

    Does anyone know about Chamberlain Studios of self defense in Dallas Texas?

    That didn’t happen. I was at his 8th dan promotion in either 2001 or 2002 and also at his 10th dan in 2015. There was no making up a new name and jumping straight to 10th dan.
  12. KenpoDave

    Does anyone know about Chamberlain Studios of self defense in Dallas Texas?

    That is incorrect. He was a 5th dan in Nick Cerio kenpo. In 2001 or 2002 he was promoted by Al Tracy to 8th dan. He was promoted to 10th dan by Al Tracy in August 2015. His skill and knowledge are top notch. His school operates well with a spirit of Ohana.
  13. KenpoDave

    GSP gets a Nick Cerio's Kenpo 4th dan trainer for his KICKS

    No, I disagree. That’s why I laughed.
  14. KenpoDave

    Training exercise to strengthen tendon and ligaments

    I have had a few friends who are powerlifters, and they would do specific exercises to strengthen tendons and ligaments, not for lifting purposes (contractile) but for stability in joints. For example, just holding very heavy dumbbells (like a farmers walk, but not moving) until you can’t. I am...
  15. KenpoDave

    Al Tracy

    Sadly, it is not a rumor. From Ted Sumner: Update on Al Tracy funeral plans. Many people are asking about a funeral or memorial service for GGM Tracy. I have been in contact with the family and here is what is being planned. It is Grand Master Al’s wish that his remains be cremated. This...
  16. KenpoDave

    Kenpo Gathering of Eagles

    I'm going. It is always a great event.
  17. KenpoDave

    Man shoots intruder who was in his shower

    Guess it was a "clean shot."
  18. KenpoDave

    Looking for a kata

    Perhaps. It's just sad that someone comes here with an honest question, and rather than even an attempt to answer or offer assistance, the OP is criticized for doing what was asked of him, and expected to explain the reasoning of his instructor. Usually, people who don't have answers find...
  19. KenpoDave

    Looking for a kata

    What everyone is trying to say is, "I don't know." Perhaps you could check on a Kajukenbo forum?
  20. KenpoDave

    Long form 5

    Agreed. "Assassination techniques" sounds more like marketing than kenpo.
  21. KenpoDave

    Long form 5

    I'm referring to the statement that none of the techniques in the form save Leap of Death "even have the potential to kill anyone." It is my opinion that stomping the throats does indeed have the potential to kill someone. Possible more so than the movements of Leap of Death.
  22. KenpoDave

    Long form 5

    Tracy's names are different than the Parker names. It's the 3rd from last technique in the form.
  23. KenpoDave

    Long form 5

    I don't know. That throats stomp in Manchurian Takedown seems pretty lethal...
  24. KenpoDave

    Is this "Hands of the Buddha 1" a part of Villari's SKK?

    It ha the same movements as Darting Serpent in Tracy's, but the targeting is wrong. Headhunter called it Blimding Sacrifice, and his corrections are in line with what I know.
  25. KenpoDave

    Martial Arts and Entertainers

    Y'all are arguing about the wrong rank. Elvis was awarded a 9th under Parker.
  26. KenpoDave

    Kenpo Ranking Question

    Typically, in Tracy's, the 2 rank rule is adhered to, although Mr. Tracy announced at the last gathering that moving forward, promotions to 9th or 10th would require a consensus of 3 10ths. Makes sense, given that the 2 rank rule can't exist at that level.
  27. KenpoDave

    "I didn't expect to get punched in the face."

    You're right. That IS odd. [emoji111]️️
  28. KenpoDave

    "I didn't expect to get punched in the face."

    This is martialtalk. You should know that nobody is going to talk about the post, they're only going to attack the poster.