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  1. KenpoMaster805

    Is there a martial art I can learn despite having balance issues due to injuries?

    You can choose any kind of martial arts you might want bjj or juijutsu or even tai chi or other Martial arts
  2. KenpoMaster805

    this is cool

    Im in kenpo karate school to nice to meet u whose your instructor my instructor is Sifu Jesus Flores
  3. KenpoMaster805

    Kali/arnis/escrima in austin texas?

    Kali eskrima arnis samething it dependence whose the instructor and what he name it and whose his guro.
  4. KenpoMaster805

    Another good day of training

    I need to do a leg workout and i need to kick a target i just been kicking the air.
  5. KenpoMaster805

    Why do Japanese arts use the Japanese language?

    Japanese used Japanese term in a traditional okinawan like shotokan goyu ryu and other japanese arts. when i was taking shotokan we used japanese term to bad i only went to high orange. When i was taekwondo we used korean term even counting in korean and i only went to yellow
  6. KenpoMaster805

    Can i replace cup with socks?

    Are you kidding a socks i rather wear a cup.
  7. KenpoMaster805

    I am feeling uncertain if I am capable to defend myself.

    I used to practice shotokan but never used it im doing kenpo now and i never used it yet.
  8. KenpoMaster805

    Contact improvisation

    Thats looks fun i wanna try it.
  9. KenpoMaster805

    Need some martial arts research for a story I'm writing

    Of course theres children in the tournaments during the 80 90s up to now children do katas or sparring but in 2000s they added like self defense or weapons category and you can also do it with music and make self defense or weapons forms creative.
  10. KenpoMaster805

    What Kind Of Martial Arts Do You Do?

    American Kenpo Karate
  11. KenpoMaster805

    Hello! Just found this place...

    Welcome to Mt
  12. KenpoMaster805

    Why do people say to never kick air?

    To kick in the air is okay but its better to kick with a person so you will know the target and were to hit. Its like a technique you can do the technique in the air but its not effective you should have a parter so you can better your technique and hit your target in the right area its like...
  13. KenpoMaster805

    A few perfect techniques

    Shotokan has few techniques but useful
  14. KenpoMaster805

    How often i am gonna get kicked in the nuts if i join a martial arts class?

    Bro you need a nut guard to protect your nut what if they kick ya hard man your in big trouble and your nut gonna hurt hard.
  15. KenpoMaster805

    At what point should you refuse or stop teaching someone martial arts?

    I prefer 2 because you are their to train and your not suppose to be clingy what if he takes advantage of u then its your lost.
  16. KenpoMaster805

    "MA-related things you just don't understand and would like to admit it to someone" thread!

    I dont understand why taekwondo always used kick not punch back hand strikes when their sparring and also why they only used kicks
  17. KenpoMaster805

    Different Belts on the Website

    Belt has relation to quality it just here if you post you get ranked and if you get likes you get trophies.
  18. KenpoMaster805

    Power generation drill

    I think their doing a vertical punch. One step vertical punch.
  19. KenpoMaster805

    Different Belts on the Website

    Its the number of your post.
  20. KenpoMaster805

    How long has it been...

    My karate studio that i train is open tuesday thursday but can't go so i train on zoom its better to be safe.
  21. KenpoMaster805

    In Guam You Have To Register Yourself As A Deadly Weapon

    I don't need to register to be a deadly weapon
  22. KenpoMaster805

    How do you know when you’re overtraining?

    Don't over trained just keep it simple and Nice
  23. KenpoMaster805

    more than one sensei at a dojo?

    Of course its always great to have different instructors and you learn a lot from them.
  24. KenpoMaster805

    Regressive stiffness onset - dehydration?

    Bro thats all in your mind just drink plenty water
  25. KenpoMaster805

    Should I Return to Martial Arts

    I guess your instructor only want u for the money. A master suppose to help the student not to be a burden to the master. If my instructor is like that i would leave or quit and not come back. My instructor would always say to his student if you have question regarding your technique sets or...