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    How much of an advantage is a knife?

    we use a traing knife with red ink on the blade end seems no matter how good you are you will get cut
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    Out of the blue..

    Im a big guy like you 6'6" when I was much younger and 185lbs I used to get guys trying to fight me all the time ( see how tough I am I beat up the big guy ) unfortanatly for them I would let them make the first move 99% of the time they would back down when they saw I wasnt ,the rest of the...
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    Have you ever left kenpo & what made you return

    in the late 80s I did Kempo for a week or two b4 the school closed down ,had a tough time because the school had me sign a bank loan for the contract , had to get my parents involved to get me out of it , just what an 18 year old wants to do ,did Ty Kwon Do then Hapkido now im back takeing...
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    How did black gi's become standard for kenpo?

    If you go to the Tracy websight he has an extensive history of Kenpo ,and has a history of the black gi
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    Review of Street Sword by Phil Elmore

    dint find this forum till recently ,but made the mistake of buying Phils flashlight fighting book, figured there would be joint locks and other techniques ,but heres a summary of Phils book ,stand tall ,try to imtimidate bad guy ,shine light in his face ,if that doesnt work grab flashlight and...
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    The Last Person.....

    falling asleep
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    FMAT: What Kind of EDC Knife Do You Carry?

    my former carry was a benchmade ,picked it up in 92 not sure what model ,and an emerson cqcf7
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    FMAT: What Kind of EDC Knife Do You Carry?

    Im a knife nut ,at this time I carry a spyderco endura serated blade ,a spydeco endura wave plain egde ione in each pocket and a swiss army clasic on my keychain , im a cub scout leader ,so when we go camping I also have a swiss army adventurer on my belt. im a trademan never had to use one in...
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    new member

    thanks everybody, will order those videos tomorow.
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    new member

    thanks ,yes I must have misspelled his name , I have his book modern arnis ,and just ordered the Dan Inosanto video tapes ,was wondering if their styles were simmaler
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    new member

    New member takeing Tracy Kempo and Arnis , was wondering what the diferance was between the style Reny Peres teaches and the style Dan Inosanto teaches thanks
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    new member

    a book or video with the basic stances kicks and blocks for Tracy Kempo
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    new member

    new guy checking in ,takeing Tracy Kempo at the oak forest illinois location ,also doing Arnis there. took Hapkido and Ty Kwon do in the past .my wife was wondering if they had a book or video on the basic stances ,kicks or blocks ,we got the yellow belt book,going good so far