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  1. punisher73

    Why has the long boxing guard disappeared?

    As with any guard position, it is a snapshot in time before contact has been made. You shouldn't just stay in a position....this is in reference to stating that long guard leaves you open for X and a short guard leaves you open for Y. Both have their uses and their places. If you look at kata...
  2. punisher73

    Why has the long boxing guard disappeared?

    LITERALLY, the first line of this thread "First off to clarify, i mean the "old school" pugilism style of boxing guard." (even had a picture to illustrate it). Can't help you out if you just jump onto threads and want to argue and make dumb statements to make yourself look better.
  3. punisher73

    Why has the long boxing guard disappeared?

    Well, since we are talking about the old bareknuckle boxing, that is what I am referring to.
  4. punisher73

    Why has the long boxing guard disappeared?

    Someone mentioned not hitting as hard to the head in "old school" bareknuckle boxing. The body was the preferred target. Remember that they didn't really have "professional fighters" for the vast majority of fighters where all you did was train and fight once or twice a year. If you broke...
  5. punisher73

    Why has the long boxing guard disappeared?

    You wouldn't have stayed in the "clinch" long in old school boxing. It allowed for low kicks and foot stomps. Also, the "hip throw" would have been common along with trips, sweeps etc. They wouldn't clinch up like they do in modern boxing without taking a lot of punishment.
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    Recommended youtube channels?

    Man, I hadn't been there in a bit. Didn't realize it had closed down. Lots of good info on there.
  7. punisher73

    Recommended youtube channels? The Dog Brothers are always good You could also ask this over at the MT sister site,
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    Aikido.. The reality?

    Little bit of trivia. When putting together the first UFC, they were supposed to have full-contact stickfighting (due to the Dog Brothers), but they thought it was too violent and dropped the idea.
  9. punisher73

    Fighting strategy

    Like others have pointed out "tactics" are the specific techniques you use on your opponent. The "strategy" is the overarching idea to support those tactics. This is where many people get into trouble when trying to "mix" styles. Different styles may have a different strategy that doesn't...
  10. punisher73

    Ramsay Dewey and karate "blocks"

    There used to be an article online by Charles Goodin (couldn't find it again with a quick search) called, "The Why of Bunkai". Goodin talks about several points of application and one of them was how the word "uke" came to mean block. In short, it was when karate started to be published in...
  11. punisher73

    Fight Smart vs Funker Tactical

    The other part that most don't cover in their "knife defense" is that most people didn't even know the other person had a knife and that they had been stabbed until it had already happened. Much of the "knife defense" is based on the other person displaying the knife and not engaging yet giving...
  12. punisher73

    Karate style recommendation

    Honestly, it depends on your goals. If you want something very similar, then go with Shotokan or Shorin-ryu (many different sub-branches of that). If you want to train hard with hard contact, go with something like Kyokushin. If you want something completely different and learn a whole new...
  13. punisher73

    Gene Lebell v. Steven Seagal (witness story of the incident)

    Summary: The choking him out and making him piss his pants never happened. They were discussing techniques and LeBell went to put Segal in a chokehold (going slow and smooth). Segal steps out and hammers LeBell in the nuts. LeBell then dumps Segal on his ***. That is pretty much it.
  14. punisher73

    Gene Lebell v. Steven Seagal (witness story of the incident)

    For those who have been around awhile have probably heard about the Steven Seagal and Gene Lebell incident. Here is an interview with one of the actual witnesses who was there on what really happened. For those who don't know, the story has been floating around that Gene Lebell choked out...
  15. punisher73

    Fight Smart vs Funker Tactical

    I have seen Travis' knife material. In the very first part of it, he breaks down A LOT of research that went into what he teaches. It breaks down the most common attacks done by a knife (reports, videos etc.) and then goes from there. The moves are all based on being able to do them in a...
  16. punisher73

    Chi Kung form form muscle development and strength

    Iron thread/wire is a dynamic tension set in some kung fu styles (Hung Gar/Jow Gar for a couple). There is also a set called, "stone warrior" that was done by Green Dragon Studios. It was put together by the head of the school, Sifu Allen and not a traditional set (I believe it was marketed as...
  17. punisher73

    Grandmaster Frank DeMaria convicted

    Good men don't need rules-Dr. Who
  18. punisher73

    Is it normal for a person with hearing aids to do grappling/BJJ?

    One of the BJJ instructors I learned from had hearing aids, he is now a BJJ Blackbelt. didn't stop him.
  19. punisher73

    My new toys

    I bought a SOG Kukri at a knife outlet for around $30. My wife and I do a lot of camping/hiking and are also "trail adopters" for a local section of the North Country Trail. It comes in handy and at a price that you aren't afraid to use it. I agree with FC, some people pay way too much for a...
  20. punisher73

    If you could practice any Kenpo style...

    I would like to learn Prof. Chow's style. Not Kara-Ho Kempo that has a lot of other stuff in it, but the style/approach passed through Bill Chun and his son (and others). Or the Emperado method of Kajukenbo.
  21. punisher73

    Been a white belt for 5 years

    My experience in BJJ schools is limited. But, I have come across to kinds of "models". First one I went to, the instructor would show everyone some techniques based on some position and then you would drill them a little. Then it came time for rolling and then you were "thrown to the sharks"...
  22. punisher73

    I am physically unable to relax my upper body during kata. Should I give up Karate altogether?

    I am assuming that you already know how to "technically" perform all of the techniques. By that, I mean you know how the body should move and work when throwing a technique. One of the drills I used to have my students do when they were very stiff or trying to muscle everything. Was to adapt...
  23. punisher73

    I'm creating a story based on martial arts ...

    There used to be a huge tournament in California, Long Beach International Karate Championships, that was run by Ed Parker before his passing. It advertised as a "karate tournament" but had all styles including Kung Fu. In fact, it was at this tournament that Ed Parker introduced Bruce Lee and...
  24. punisher73

    Is it viable to duck/bob and weave underneath kicks to dodge them?

    Since it seems that MMA is the only proof that stuff "works", here are a couple examples of people using an extreme pullback. But, just because you CAN do something doesn't mean it is the best option. There are also techniques in forms/kata that have you drop under the kick to the ground...
  25. punisher73

    ninjutsu tossing pebble idea

    Still cheesy, but I liked the Ninja 1&2 with Scott Adkins. Can watch them on netflix/prime for free.
  26. punisher73

    Please delete

    I first learned that code for "Super Contra" on nintendo
  27. punisher73

    Most obscure martial arts?

    I believe there are some Silat systems that do this as well.
  28. punisher73

    Most obscure martial arts?

    I'm sure we have all come across self-started MA's that could be considered "obscure". Are we defining it as styles no one has heard of, or styles that aren't widely spread? I think there are many Chinese arts that fall into that category and many Japanese koryu arts as well.
  29. punisher73

    Most obscure martial arts?

    It is now a "prison fighting system". :)