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    Seminar with Kenji Ushiro, 8th Dan, Kyoshi of Ushiro Karetedo

    Kenji Ushiro Sensei teaches a style of Okinawan Karate called Ushiro Karatedo. Ushiro Sensei is an 8th dan Kyoshi of Ushiro Karetedo and 7th dan Kyoshi of Iaido, All-Japan Kendo Federation. His teacher, Nikichi Zaha, learned Okinawan karate from his own father, who was the direct student of...
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    New to MT

    Hello Andy, welcome to MT :)
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    Howdy Y'all!

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    Hi everybody.

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    Looking forward to learn from everybody

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    Wanted to say Hello to all

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    Meet and Greet

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    Hello Everyone.

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    New here

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    Hey everyone

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    Issues With Avatars

    Go to the Tools menu > Options>Advanced>Network. You'll see the button there to clear your cache
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    Greetings fellow MA enthusiasts

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    Hi....From Chicagoland

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    Middle age

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    Wut up everybody !

    Hello, welcome to MT :). Tell us something about yourself.
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    Hi there!

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    Hi everybody

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    New to Martial Talk

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    Hi everyone

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    Hey everyone.

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