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    Healing or aiding in psychosis

    I'm going to put myself on a limb here, but being diagnosed with clinical depression I started seeing a therapist. She works with a mental health firm. She has been very encouraging with me on working on alternative health and meditation. I told here that I had been studying Isshinryu karate...
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    Is the Bible 100% truth?

    And I don't agree with Sitchin's idea of the Annunaki being aliens. I just basically believe that religion evolves as man evolves.
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    Is the Bible 100% truth?

    From my studies I have come to believe as far as the Old Testament is concerned that is a heavily edited document based and a mishmash of the egyptian, canaanite, and mesopatamian religions that may have been combined with zoroastrianism during the times of the captivity that reflect the...
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    Ninutsu Frank Dux!!!

    Is the Vs. channel's fault. They keep dredging up Bloodsport when they need a time filler. Why can't they show the Kickboxer movies or Enter the Dragon like G4 shows or a host of other martial arts movies. I betcha 1 little dollar this thread keeps being resurrected every time Vs. channel...
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    Have You Smoked/Used Tobacco?

    I went through smoking binges but after seeing my grandmother die and the effects that long term smoking did to her body I've guit for good. Along with another habit drinking that I kicked out of my life after last thanksgiving. After my grandmother's death last year which happened in march...
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    20 Worst Foods in America, 2009 - Worst "Healthy" Sandwich

    so I guess Hardee's isn't healthy either. That looks like something from a Hardee's commercial
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    Western medicine and meditation

    I too think that integration or a better term synthesis is the key. I've decided to go to my local tech school to enroll in their practical nursing program. My long term career goals however is too somehow and I mean "somehow" intergrate my knowledge that I've learned from my martial arts...
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    Healing or aiding in psychosis

    But with my dealings with doctors these days I seem to find two camps. Those who feel medications should be used as a last resort and those who shell out medication like its candy. Not being a doctor and IMHO the medications I'm taking personally I would like to quit taking. I've read the...
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    Healing or aiding in psychosis

    And on pursuing chi-kung or tai-chi as an alternative or supplament to any psyc. treatment there is a thing called chi poisoning. Which means if the chi flow is blocked or is flowing wrong it could make you sick physically or mentally. And if your taking any kind of psyc. medicine on top of...
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    Martial Arts Movies

    How this for a cheesy 80's flick a remake of Big Trouble in Little China or even a sequel where Jack Burton travels to China to shake more pillars of heaven
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    thanks all.
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    Wow. Thank You very much didn't expect a reply so soon.
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    Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm currently studying Isshinryu Karate-do under Alvin Brown in the Tullahoma, Tennessee area. I started training formally around '98 and I received my first dan under him. Alvin Brown has been training under Master Allen Wheeler(Master Allen...