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    advice on incorporating a specific technique into systema

    Hello Cwade: I wish suggest yuo ask your cuestion to a instructor of Systema with Wing Chun background. IMHO a instructor as George Pogacich is a good choice: You can find more info about him in the instructors page in USA in just look for Michigan. Good Luck!!
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    Russian Martial Art ROSS, Reborn in USA!

    Hi, Brian Exist a lot of differences between ROSS and Russian Systema Ryabko - Vasiliev style. Here are some. Systema Ryabko is a modern way of self - knowledge based in a old family russian method of combat. their primary goal is the health and equilibrium of the practitioner with a...
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    Russian Martial Art ROSS, Reborn in USA!

    Hi to everyone! I feel a lot of happiness to tell you that the American Annex of russian martial art ROSS, is running again. You can check the updated website here: If you don´t know what is ROSS, you can check this videos: Keep your good movement...
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    Systema - Just cannot understand it

    Hello Busbar: I did start my systema training 10 years ago, starting with the old VHS tapes because, in that time, Systema was something new, also, I live In Mexico and we didnt have Systema instructors in that time. My best suggestion to you is start to training donig the basics: Breathing...
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    Starov vs. Kadochnikov, is this going too far?

    Hello to everyone: Many members in this forum know about the separation of the former Kadochnikov Systema student and administrator Mr. Vadim Starov of their teacher, Mr. Alexei Kadochnikov some years ago. Just some hours ago Mr. Starov upload a new videoclip about a fight (?) with the...
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    Alexander Lebrov, Master or Magician ??

    Oh, well, surely you has seen any videoclip or part of one of those Russian documentaries about him. Strangely, Does not exist much information about this gentleman. Even in the russian version of wikipedia... Someone knows something interesting about him? what is your opinion about their...
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    The crisis dont worry these CEO´s

    Well, I feel an strage mix of shock and angry after read this: I can´t understand, Simply, I can´t....:soapbox: I wiil be very grateful if you can post an extense and deep response...
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    Ninutsu Frank Dux!!!

    LOL... BTW, The Machados are very respectable fighters, I hope to hear or read an official declaration about that claim, at least in their websites. Thanks!!
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    A Documentary in Russian military Sambo

    Surfing in Youtube, I did found this documentary about hand to hand combat training, apparently, is a group of members of Spetsnaz unit Vityaz, possibly filmed in the middle of 90`s: Please accept my apologies, for my broken...
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    What is Systema? Systema Self Defense Mega clip

    I Jarrod: I will ry to respond your cuestions, excuse me, my english is limited: In my experience the method of Systema hand Striking is more deep, focused and "massive" than other methods, I have experience in Karate, Kung Fu and Muai Thai, and IS more strong, at least in stand up, face to...
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    What is Systema? Systema Self Defense Mega clip

    Hi Jarrod. Can you tell us what topics, images, movements or any other part of the clip is cuestionable to you?, Maybe we can start an interesting debate. Gerardo
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    Which would you go to?

    I wish to close my comments here, with suggestions about the Instructors of the HQ in Toronto ( if you want to assist any seminar with any of them , or if want to invitate any to made a seminar in your city... - Dmetry Furman. a real grappler/ wrestler is a very competent instructor in...
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    Which would you go to?

    This is a very hard cuestion... Following the rules: (In H2H) my choices are: Vladimir Vasiliev, Sergei Ozhreliev, and Sergei Borshev My firts choice is Vlad, because is a living movement master, never repeat a technique, and ever is creating outstanding movement solutions to...
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    The future of Systema is here

    I am amazed after watch this clip. I will be very grateful if you share your opinions, please Gerardo PS . Excuse me, I dont know how to put video directly
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    Systema on Discovery's MILITARY CHANNEL!

    Excelent videos.. thanks a lot for posting.:bangahead:
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    Russian Martial Arts With Scott Sonnon!

    Mr. Sonnon is a great instructor, writer, teacher and trainer, and IMHO a very smart businessman. He currently accept the influence of ROSS and mainly of SamBo in their methods of training, but also he says that all their actual knowledge is consecuence of investigation , improve and updating...
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    Russian Martial Arts video

    Thanks a lot for your links.. Its very interesting see the new ROSS Website: Keep the good work! Gerardo
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    Looking the Best software for a MA School

    Hi, to Everyone... I wish ask to the members of the forum, about the options, types, brands, of Software that you use to administrate your school. Also, I will be very grateful if you can tell me about your personal experiences (positives, negatives, good, or bad) in the use of that software...
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    Greetings from Mexico!

    Thanks to everyone! I wasn´t waiting the warm and nice welcome! My respect and gratitude to all! :asian: Muchas gracias! Gerardo
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    Ballistic Striking?

    Yes, Its the basic Systema striking method.
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    Greetings from Mexico!

    Hello to everyone! My Name is Gerardo, This is my first time in the forums and , I will be happy to meet people and practitioners with interest in Russian Martial Arts. Thanks in advance for your welcome, I see you in the Russian MA forums! Respectfully: Gerardo