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  1. ernst

    a weak woman

    Many books can be found here, for example: Chi Self-Massage: The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation | Mantak Chia, Juan Li | download
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    a weak woman

    you can try shiatsu (wish is mostly done before aikido) tai chi / before kung fu or any form of tao massage
  3. ernst

    Beginner Hurdles with Tai Chi

    was still missing the discipline to move slow, and the insight ! Last time i flipped into a kung fu move, bowed and was ashmed to go back -_-
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    You're invited to Chinese New Year Celebration 2021 - A Martial Arts Workshop

    Merry ox year As buddha once said: follow your own path: may it be mud, stones, fire or wind. remember we all come from earth wich is in the basic wood :D (as you pick your nose does not green moss come out) ?
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    Beginner Hurdles with Tai Chi

    After some tai chi lessons, i wondered why we always started to move right, and i was thinking to move left.
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    A different kind of Kung Fu Tea

    Must be to cool down the tea ? at least makes it easier to server in large groups i found myself getting addicted to green tea :)
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    First thing you wanted to learn

    Life is a marathon not a sprint Rolling, rolling, rolling.. In school we had some judo lessons, and a friend of mine practiced it as a sport he would drag me around alot. When i was about 15 i started doing aikido, and (sadely) red about a technique to prepare your body & mind for the...
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    Been trying to follow the path of aikido for a long time.

    Been trying to follow the path of aikido for a long time.