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  1. EddieCyrax

    Will you circle toward your opponent's back arm?

    Kicking and Grappling change this game. Open or closed stance plays a part as well. I change lead based on what i am looking to do, or where i see i can take advantage. This at times means i move to their power side at times.
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    I am worried my inconsistency with styles is hurting my potential

    You potentially slow your progression. I take both Kenpo and BJJ. These two arts complement each other. Very nicely actually. My primary focus is on Kenpo so that is where i put most of my effort. As a result, I will most likely be living the Blue Belt Blues of BJJ for a long time. I am not...
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    Beginner, please give tips and advice

    All part of the game. This will not be the first time you are over classed by an opponent. MA is extremely humbling. There will always be someone better. Take sparring as learning. Where did you get hit and why. Was you guard broken down by your opponent, were you baited into something...
  5. EddieCyrax

    Beginner, please give tips and advice

    Noticeable improvement. Footwork very much improved. Keep working.....
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    Beginner, please give tips and advice

    I see a lot of guys start self training and thinking they have or can acquire skills. They have a rude awakening when the actually get in a gym. I see this even more with BJJ. Martial Arts is one of the most humbling activities you could ever get involved in. There is always something to...
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    Beginner, please give tips and advice

    You can dislike all you wish..... the fact is your footwork is poor still stands..... especially when you move around and circle..... most every time you cross that back leg in close range..... you have no idea as you are significantly untrained..... but you will get swept over and over and...
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    Beginner, please give tips and advice

    I believe in an earlier post you mentioned you would like to compete in MMA. My question is: What does your ground game look like? I ask only because your foot work is so poor you will most likely be fighting from the ground more than your feet. Like others have said, I would seek out a...
  9. EddieCyrax

    What is respect?

    Awesome question. Here is my response for consideration: Respect is the realization that individuals have experiences and information that you can learn from to make you a better or more rounded person. To give someone respect is to treat them with openness to allow you to learn. Respect is...
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    First. Let me welcome you to MT. Second, please do not take the others messages to be taken as we do not want you to participate. The issue is this forum contains a lot of practitioners of various disciplines that have a tremendous amount of experience. Your opening post had very little...
  11. EddieCyrax

    Flinching Problems

    I developed a flinch with one of my instructors a few years ago. During a moderate sparring match i got popped harder than he intended as i walked into it. From that point, my brain went into auto-defense every time i sparred him. No one else, just him. I am not sure what padding you use...
  12. EddieCyrax

    Simultaneous strikes

    To quote Dirty Dog from another thread "As with other things you've said, this mostly shows that you're still stuck in the 'techniques' stage, and haven't progressed to the principles yet. This movement is a block. It's also a strike. It's also a grapple. It's also a release." kata's are a...
  13. EddieCyrax

    Fred Villari schools?

    I ditto.... "I'm not a fan of villari, but that means nothing about his style. The system itself is a very good style of kempo, imho"
  14. EddieCyrax

    1800's "Pugilism", is it useful?

    My sparing style is very much geared towards controlling/managing my opponents lead arm. The guy in the video clearly has skill. This said I would like to see his concept demonstrated against a fighter with his level of competency. I personally love when my opponent sticks their front arm...
  15. EddieCyrax

    How do we safeguard young girls when approached like this.....

    Three components of most physical attacks..... Interview, Positioning, Intent...... given the individual stopped her to ask for time then followed her..... 2 strikes in my book......
  16. EddieCyrax

    How do we safeguard young girls when approached like this.....

    Only issue with this approach is.....what if the follower really is out for evil intent??? Is the girl trained or prepared to handle what might happen next?? Again, predators target the weak and set the stage to their advantage where ever possible.....
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    Karate Combat

    I overall enjoyed watching this and think it will get better with time/modifications as discussed above. All this said, the camera coverage annoyed the heck out of me. It is as if the camera crew got new toys and had to use them. Camera shots of some old dude's head. I want to watch the...
  18. EddieCyrax

    Sparring and My Difficulty Against Kicks

    I use this tactic a lot. Negates the power of their kicks. Another option that works if you are in an open stance with your sparring partner is to time a spinning back kick as they throw that roundhouse from the back leg. Timing is everything. :)
  19. EddieCyrax

    Kicking Drills w/Heavy Bag

    Like said above...what is your goal in this process..... After having hip surgery a few years ago, I do not practice high reps..... I focus on technique, form, application, and power generation. I do not need high rep counts to achieve this. I incorporate other techniques and workouts to...
  20. EddieCyrax

    If your art has tests, are they cumulative or do your students brain dump?

    I train in Kempo and our school's test are cumulative. My black belt test lasted 7 hours. As i went through the ranks the older material was expected to continue to be presented more readily with sharper more precision as you had it for a while. The minimal reprieve received was on the newer...
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    Martial arts shouldn't take years to learn.

    triple post.... sorry
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    Martial arts shouldn't take years to learn.

    You do realize that Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Gung Fu later to be commercialized as Jeet Kune Do was basically (over simplified here) his interpretation of Wing Chun. He had a back ground in TMA, and to that fact incorporated many pieces of different styles into his version. He never discredited the...
  23. EddieCyrax

    UFC Institute Training Center HQ in Las Vegas

    after watching the video a little closer.... it is a glorified open warehouse gym.... not saying the instruction and methods are not top tier.... just the facility is meh IMHO
  24. EddieCyrax

    UFC Institute Training Center HQ in Las Vegas

    I have done a fair amount of commercial development in my day job. $12 Million sounds like a lot of money, but i would bet 99% of that went into the bricks and mortar. Not saying it is not impressive on the inside as the videos show..... but that number makes me "yawn"..... that is not as...
  25. EddieCyrax

    Recent issues

    Something to consider.... I too recently was awarded my Black Belt in Kempo. I am still a paying student, but instruct on occasion. For this I have worked out a deal with the owner to allow me access to the school anytime I want in off hours and to invite a few friends/black belts from another...
  26. EddieCyrax

    Black Belt Definiton

    My opinion.... when i try to explain this topic to friends that dont train in the martial arts, I tell them that BB is like a college bachelor degree. You put in a lot of study and effort to reach this goal. This said you can continue your learning to move towards a Mastor's or PHD.....
  27. EddieCyrax

    What would you do? Need advice

    Just be honest and transparent....
  28. EddieCyrax

    B.J. Penn vs Yair Rodriguez

    Always liked BJ..... but the cage is a young man's domain... at least at this level of competition.....I was sadly expecting what we saw....
  29. EddieCyrax

    Best/funny/unique kiai's you've heard?

    I have heard some one use the Jeff Dunham "I Kill You" in a have to use the same accent and emphasis as Jeff.....Kind of funny at the time.