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  1. tkd_jen

    2nd Dan Test

    Thanks guys!!! It HAS been a VERY LONG road back and i hope I'm ready next month!!!
  2. tkd_jen

    Poom Belts

    We use poom belts at my gym. Typically everyone under 16 gets a poom belt. However we have had some 15 year olds test for full 1st Dan, but they were exception people, not just exceptional at TKD, but really mature beyond their age.
  3. tkd_jen

    Required knowledge

    We have a rather large student handbook that outlines required knowledge outside of the regular curriculum. Ours is similar to the other posters requirements. Korean terminology, belt meanings and responsibilities, history of TKD, etc. I really enjoy studying martial arts beyond the kicking...
  4. tkd_jen

    6yr old 2nd degree BB?

    In our school, even the poom belts don't automatically transfer to Dan rank when the student reaches "adult" age. We just had a 15 year old 2nd Poom take his 1st Dan test this past weekend, I kinda like that policy, nothing is just given to you.
  5. tkd_jen

    TKD Organization

    We are WTF as well. My instructors are KKW certified 5th and 6th Dan. Our players fight at both AAU and USAT events based on their needs.
  6. tkd_jen

    Quitting the gym

    Hi Calhoun, When I was preparing for my 1st Dan test last year I got a gym membership because it was 2 blocks from where I work, so I could zip over on my lunch break and get a good 30 minutes in on the elliptical. i can't run on treadmills or on the sidewalks etc. because of it hurts my...
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    I'm really tired jejejeje!!!

    I like that Andrew, great way to look at it!!! :)
  8. tkd_jen

    back kicks

    We are taught to chamber close to our body, not out, if the knee is out it is a turning side kick, not a back kick.
  9. tkd_jen

    One wish

    Hmm... well I would agree that I wish I'd started earlier, but I wish it could have been with my current school. I took classes my senior year of high school, but I was already in basketball, volleyball, and track, so my level of devotion was not even registering on the scale. In college I...
  10. tkd_jen

    4th Dan Test

    Way to go Master Lauren!!!
  11. tkd_jen

    Sparring quirks

    It absolutely works for them, one last thing to get them in their zone! I think it started as a nervous twitch kind of thing and just became a habit. More power to them!
  12. tkd_jen

    Mystification in/of the martial arts

    We had an international college student from Russia come to our gym a couple years ago. He said he wanted to train but in Russia everything was "so Underground I could go to jail if someone sees me train." He did some light sparring after class one night for maybe 2 minutes and said he had to...
  13. tkd_jen

    Sparring quirks

    In an attempt to spin this.... Some of our fighters have a pre-fight ritual that always makes me smile. As the ref calls "June-bi" one kid will slap his thighs alternatingly a couple times. The 1st time I saw it I laughed because it looks kinda goofy! Another guy does the Catholic blessing...
  14. tkd_jen

    Black Belt Curriculum

    I was wondering how many of you had a seperate curriculum for your Poom and/or Black Belts? If so how does it differ from your color belt curriculum?
  15. tkd_jen

    4th Dan Test

    You go girl!!!! You will do great!!! Good Luck! :)
  16. tkd_jen

    II Dan test is finally set!

    Good luck, you'll do great!!!
  17. tkd_jen

    Mystification in/of the martial arts

    I'm with you!! Nice post.
  18. tkd_jen

    What don't you like?

    For me it would be lack of Black Belt material, meaning a seperate set of material for Black Belts to learn and be tested on (besides patterns). Currently we test on the same material as color belts, we just have to know more. Of course the problem with this is coming up with the time and...
  19. tkd_jen

    Sparring quirks

    Hi TraditionalTKD, based on your previous posts, I don't think you really meant this literally (correct me if I'm wrong). It can/is frustrating when you are training hard and you get a partner who just isn't dialed in that day. Challenge yourself when you get partners like this. Take the...
  20. tkd_jen

    Sparring quirks

    I agree 100% with you. A few weeks ago I was sparring with another female black belt. We have trained together for a couple years now and are friends outside the gym as well. She got me with a good back kick and I started laughing because really I walked right into it. Immediately our...
  21. tkd_jen

    Need help...

    Being a black belt doesn't mean that they earned it for their sparring skills, they may not be great at sparring just because they are a black belt (take me for example, started sparring very late in color belt ranks). Experience is a valuable tool and the only way you get it is to go to...
  22. tkd_jen

    For tkd_jen (Please read everyone)

    OK, update time. Gramma didn't make it and we had her funeral on Saturday the 14th. My ACL surgery is scheduled for this Friday the 20th. Bring on the healing!
  23. tkd_jen

    For tkd_jen (Please read everyone)

    Well, I'm sorry everyone, I don't mean to turn this forum into a "Jen Pity Party" but here is an update: my gramma is not doing well. We are all on our way to see her, so you know what that usually means. Thanks for all your support, you are an amazing group of people.
  24. tkd_jen

    For tkd_jen (Please read everyone)

    The 1st was my right ACL and medial meniscus. The doc used the patellar tendon for that repair. It took FOREVER to come back from that, but it was a mess in there. This time it is my left ACL, the surgeon is going to use the hamstring this time and is confident the recovery will be smooth. I am...
  25. tkd_jen

    Conditioning in prep for BB

    I agree wholeheartedly with Iceman about the cardio. I hit the elliptical trainer pretty hard starting 5 months out for my BB test. It's one of those tests that feels like a marathon so I didn't want to run out of gas. I knew my physical strength was where I wanted it, but I wanted to ensure I...
  26. tkd_jen


    We have kids classes, family classes, and adult classes. That said, in our "adult" class we currently have folks ranging from 14 to 50 something. The 14 year olds are just too big and strong to stick with the 7-13 year olds. Plus they are ready to learn more than the kids material.
  27. tkd_jen

    Taekwondo for Fitness

    Well, you're in for a totally different workout! :) The pushups are OK until round 7 or 8. Good luck!
  28. tkd_jen

    II Dan test is finally set!

    Nervousness is just excitement in disguise. At least that's what I tell the kids before a test to try to get them "mentally prepared." You will do great, you've been prepping for this all along. Just go out and have fun and show 'em what you got!!
  29. tkd_jen

    Recovering well.

    Hi Matt, we seem to have a lot of similarities. I very much remember being given my key to the gym, I am the webmaster for our school's website, and I have recently fallen in love with teaching as well (I am much better assisting than being the only one in charge though by far!!!!) Oh and I...
  30. tkd_jen

    What colour DOBOK?

    We wear all white for gup ranks, BB can wear black trimmed v-neck, at 2nd or 3rd dan BB can wear black pants as well. At 4th Dan my instructor said I can wear whatever color I want. I can't wait to show up in my new tie-dye uniform!! (It's an ongoing joke between us). As for the color uniforms...