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  1. Phadrus00

    What's the big deal about a broken finger in a street fight?

    One of the things that I train with my students is targetting the thumb on the stick holding hand of my opponent. By breaking the thumb you remove the opponents ability to hold the stick firmy thus reducing their capability to threaten you with the weapon. As many have pointed out getting hit...
  2. Phadrus00

    Is Kyokushin Karate popular back in North America?

    Kyokushin is pretty popular in Eastern Canada. Growing up in New Brunswick it was the first Martial Art I was exposed to and it was very popular in the Northern part of the province. I think a lot of the success of any particular stype in an area is due to the personalities behind the schools...
  3. Phadrus00

    What do you like to see in a DVD?

    I personally think DVD's are an excellent way to remind ourselves about curriculum we already have been taught as well as for learning new techniques and curriculum we haven't been exposed to. I have many hours of video and have a couple of things I find annoying in the production: 1/...
  4. Phadrus00

    the Professors last flow drill on video?

    Here is a link to the video: This is a very interesting drill1 It certainly focuses on short strikes and the passing energy concept! I like it! Rob
  5. Phadrus00

    MT Meet & Greet - Buffalo NY - July 18, 19 & 20th 2008

    Bob and Tim, Please let me reiterate my thanks for hosting and organizing the Event. My son Erik, James and I all had a great time! We also wanted to thank all the instructors for sharing their knowledge and insights! I got lots of great ideas from the seminars and now have even more cool...
  6. Phadrus00

    FMAT: For us Geeks

    Ohhhh...Thanks for the link! Very nice! Looking forward to that release! And yeah.. The movie was not so good... too bad... I did see the Watchmen trailer this weekend and it was AWESOME! This really is becoming the Golden Age of Comics I think. The kids who grew up loving the medium...
  7. Phadrus00

    We are few but we are growing

    Hello All! Great to see the number of Silat Players out there! I was introduced to Silat through my first SE Asian MA Instructor Rob Doley who studies under Guro Inosanto so it's the Maphalindo Silat Blend (Kari, some Harimaui, lots of Buhti Negara, etc.). When I moved to a different city...
  8. Phadrus00

    Movie movies and more movies

    You sir are MOST welcome! If only we could say thst Firefly was returning.. *sigh* Such a great show....
  9. Phadrus00

    Movie movies and more movies

    Whoa whoa whao whoa bigfella! Let me brighten your day! The Srah Connor Chronicles are NOT cancelled ad are coming back later this year! YEAH! Check out this site for regular updates: Rob
  10. Phadrus00

    Is the Free Laptop worth it?

    It's worth it as a Portable Browser Terminal for your house. It's nice to be able to sit in the Living Room while watching TV and be able to surf the net as well. Additionally you can get really good office software for free from the open Office project so your son can use it for doing...
  11. Phadrus00

    My first time sparring with rattan

    Mike, Great Video! Thanks for sharing. The full contact gear really does change things. The helmet restricts your field of view and the padding makes your movements more awkward but it does make for one hell of a workout! grin* The biggest challenge I found was finding the right flow in...
  12. Phadrus00

    Movie movies and more movies

    Hehehehehehe.. well I won't pay $300 for a seat at the movies I will pay $20! The Showcase here in Randolph has Luxury Level Seating. Basically they installed a Balcony in two of the larger theaters and made it premium seating with big comfy seats and a full menu and wait staff. My wife and...
  13. Phadrus00

    GM Remy A Presas Clip - Great Reference!!!

    Simply Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Phadrus00

    MT Meet & Greet - Buffalo NY - July 18, 19 & 20th 2008

    Bob, My crew of 3 are here in Buffalo! We arrived later than expected and were pretty wiped from the drive so we opted to crash at the hotel (We are at a Residence Inn in Cheekatowosa) after some dinner close by. We are raring to go for the training tomorrow though! We brought lots of...
  15. Phadrus00

    MT Meet & Greet - Buffalo NY - July 18, 19 & 20th 2008

    Terry, Please accept my family's condolences at your loss. Rob
  16. Phadrus00

    Movie movies and more movies

    Caver, Great catch on the Coen Brothers! they truly do break molds and should be added to one's viewing list. O Brother Where Art Thou and No Country for Old men are a couple more from them that make great watching. Also to your point about technology becoing the great equalizer, the movie...
  17. Phadrus00

    Knife Defense

    Mike, Thanks for posting up the links and starting an interesting discussion! So my perspective is as an FMA practicioner and a Silat Player so I am biased in that respect. The first two videos made me feel uncomfortable not so mch because of the jamming technique.. I thought that was...
  18. Phadrus00

    I came to a conclusion

    I think Cryo is right AND I think the Flush Dwarfs are in leage with the little people that live in the vending machins and eat my change and refuse to give me my Soda! Evil little Sprites! They are probably Unionized! GRRRRRRR!
  19. Phadrus00

    Movie movies and more movies

    I agree with the previous posters in that Money is the real reason. Studious look at Movies as investments and they tend towards investments of a certain character that they feel they can predict the sucess of. that is why movie Franchises like Batman, Superman, Aliens, etc. are so common...
  20. Phadrus00

    MT Meet & Greet - Buffalo NY - July 18, 19 & 20th 2008

    Bob, If you need to fill the schedule I can certainly run a little intro to Doce Pares if you like. I am also bringing along Sensei James Stewart from Ireland who can run a Hapkido seminar, a Gun Defence Seminar or several other interesting workshops. Let us know if you need some help...
  21. Phadrus00

    MT Meet & Greet - Buffalo NY - July 18, 19 & 20th 2008

    We are leaving Boston thursday night after class and driving as far as Albany that night which whould put us within a 5 hour drive window to Buffalo I figure, putting us in the area at arround 4:00 I am guessing, giving us time for potty and nutrition breaks. I did not call the hotel early...
  22. Phadrus00

    Thank to Bob Hubbard

    Here Here! Cheers to Bob!
  23. Phadrus00

    What is your favorite CMA actor and their best film?

    It's hard to argue with Michelle Yeoh but for the sake of discourse... Tony Jaa Ok technically he is thai not Chinese but he certainly has become a rising star in Martial Arts films! I still have to say that Jet Li is pretty impressive! I thought he was wonderful in Fearless!
  24. Phadrus00

    FMAT: For us Geeks

    Cool thread! Not sure if I can list 10 but will try.. 1. Batman... No "super" powers, just super skills.. He is MA Dude! Especially like Christian Bales treatment of him! 2. Ironman.. Also just a regular fellar with a big 'ol brain.. I wanna be him when I grow up. 3. Grendel...
  25. Phadrus00

    Sony is Minus 3 BILLION in the Hole!

    cdunn has nailed it. Almost all Video Game consoles sell as loss leaders with the games generating the profit. Microsoft is way ahead because of it's game selection AND it's new business models of using XBox live to seel addon and downloads which is brilliant. Sony is hoping to do something...
  26. Phadrus00

    Training Journals

    bowser, I have to keep a journal! Actually I am on my third Journal and I have a large file folder of notes and handouts plus I have 4 Curriculum Book and a vast array of video in different formats. It's challenging to manage all of it really but necessary. I particulary focus on...
  27. Phadrus00

    punio sumbrada

    Arnisador, Interesting! I have not seen it in the Doce Pares Curriculum before and definately not in the Modern Arnis or Kombatan Curriculum either. I have been sharing it with the Kombatan folks I train with and they really like it. Rob
  28. Phadrus00

    taiji in self-defense?

    Pete, Thank you for this wonderful advice. I admit that I am approaching Tai Chi from a very "external" perspective and this insight is profound. I have not been pursuing Chi Kung and meditation as actively as I should and have been changing my curriculum to address this challenge. Your...
  29. Phadrus00

    What nonfiction book are you currently reading?

    I LOVED "The Code Book". I have my son reading it to foster his love of Math. I have not been as compelled by his "Big Bang" book (sorry for the illiteration folks). I just finished reading "Kitchen Confidential" and LOVED it! Anthony Bourdain is an excellent writer and the work is...
  30. Phadrus00

    What fiction book are you currently reading?

    Currently I am reading a Clive Cussler Novel called "Sacred Stone". It's ok, but not outstanding. I have also been reading a collection of Short Stories by Steven King called "Everything is Eventual" that is much better (Mike I think one of Nyalothotep's avatars appears in a short story int...