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  1. gixxershane

    Automatic Plate Readers

    its good for forcing people to pay outstanding parking tickets, well.. in the city's that put the "boot" on the cars..
  2. gixxershane

    Ok, I'm sorry, but at this point I just gotta ask.

    They let you buy guns in massachusettstan???
  3. gixxershane

    Update on Dojaang changes

    just dont go turning into a belt factory, ya know ;)
  4. gixxershane

    Kenpo Test

    thanks for posting.. I have some comments but will keep them to my self unless you would like to hear them... :) keep up the good work...
  5. gixxershane

    The Kenpo jujitsu connection

    so Doc, what you are saying is people sacrifice the art for the better of THEIR business??? shouldn't it be the other way around??? I am lucky to have found a instructor that teaches the "commercial" system, but is a stickler for all the jiu-jitsu... she was a good friend and brief student of...
  6. gixxershane

    East Coast Workout Anyone?

    so... we going to get something going here???? Im in RI but have traveled to PA because I have family in Philly and Pitt.. I also have family in eastern Ohio, but we do not get there too often.. usually philly.. actually we will be in philly for easter twards the end of last year (fall) i...
  7. gixxershane

    Judge approves ACLU lawsuit against ATF

    thats funny you say that, seeings how he was not so willing to go after forigen enimies of our country! although his administration and the congress signed a bill to invade Iraq befor he left office.. a little food for thought ;)
  8. gixxershane

    FBI: Justifiable homicides at highest in more than a decade

    I agree 100% and this is why we as citizens cant let the government come in and destroy the second amendment of our constitution!!! Im happy the suprem cort ruled the DC hand gun ban as unconstitutional!!! the alarming thing is it was a 5 to 4 vote :eek:
  9. gixxershane

    Rhode Islanders, and surrounding area

    i have not gotten the word from my wife if we already have plans.. :( this usually happens, I want to go to a seminar, and she has plans to go out of state or something... we might have to go to a family party in CT for that weekend. I hope to have an answer soon... :o celtic, I...
  10. gixxershane

    Rhode Islanders, and surrounding area

    no body is intrested? If i dont get any takers for this saturday i guess i will just go hunting instead, it is opening day for birds and what not so at least i have options. :)
  11. gixxershane

    TaeKwon-Do on YouTube

    that was very enjoyable.
  12. gixxershane

    Whats a black belt to you

    I feel it is an indication of rank.. Kind of like in the military or other orginazations.. It is a sign of accomplishment.. It shows your place and dedication in the art and school you study (at). Belts help the student visuilize where they are compared to where they want to be.. It gives them...
  13. gixxershane

    Frank Shekosky Modern Arnis Seminar - JAN 09

    I will do my best to clear that day for this.. that is only about an hour from me..:)
  14. gixxershane

    Rhode Islanders, and surrounding area

    I am attempting to get some sort of work out gathering together.. I would like to gather in a martial arts work out type setting. I would like to try for next saturday at my place again. I have a really good sized back yard to work in so.. Im going to send out emails to some people I know in...
  15. gixxershane

    Tradition for new belt w/promotion?

    a belt is a belt.. get a few new ones so you can preserve your original.. Have one for every occation. Out side work outs, a nice clean one for tournaments, and one or two class. Where I study, we get a new one each test.
  16. gixxershane

    Picture of Demo Team Today

    this is what makes this forum so great.. That is a great pic.. thanks for sharing it with us.
  17. gixxershane

    Employees stop robbery in my area

    good for them.. they should get an award form the town or comunity!!!
  18. gixxershane

    Grand Master Cacoy Canete in Hilslboro, Oregon!

    he is going to be in pittsburg pa the 10th 11th and 12th
  19. gixxershane

    a tournament to remember

    awsome.. great story man! :) I want to start doing some tournaments soon... I also want to work with you and Charlie on stick and knife stuff :D
  20. gixxershane

    Build Your Fantasy Backyard Dojo

    i would have the school style wrestling matts for the whole floor.i would have ma theam pictures hanging on the walls, a few mirrors, focus mits and sheilds. weapons would also be on the walls.. asside from the decorations i would like an oriantial them for main part of the walls and the...
  21. gixxershane

    Contact In Your Training

    i like contact.. unfortunatly at our school we keep it lite contact..i think that i will help condition your body.. im all for it. :D
  22. gixxershane

    Teacher's Name on Patch: Good or Bad?

    i dont like it on the patches that everyone is gonna where.. but i don like the rockers that an instructor will where with their last name.. i also like the idea of having your name embroiderd (SP?) on the back of th GI.. just my .02 cents .lol.
  23. gixxershane

    Let me at em'

    he should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. and his sentence should be a few rounds in the ufc with chuck, or crocop. and then he should go to jail.. this pisses me off.. how can this meat head call himself a teacher?
  24. gixxershane

    Pics from the seminar with IRT

    thanks for sharing.. looks like a great time.. i want to go to one :( oh by the way, you have a verry nice school.. (if the photos where taken at your
  25. gixxershane

    Im going to Connecticut for the weekend

    Its all good Todd.. I figured you had some stuff going on.. next time. :D
  26. gixxershane

    Counter Point

    the only thing i can do at the moment is to attend every seminar that he puts on in the north east area of the usa.. i plan to attend the seminar in philly cuz i have family down there... if i could train with him more often i would but it is kinda a comute from Rhode Island :lol:
  27. gixxershane

    UFC Owners buy Pride for $65 Million?

    i think this will help the ufc come more main streem.. it will also bring a lot more tallent into the ufc..
  28. gixxershane

    Meet a new 3rd Dan

    congrats brother.. :cheers: