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  1. newtothe dark

    David Carradine and Kung Fu

    Billy Jack rules. I wore boots and took them off before a fight one just to try it. Ended up casing the kid and came back after to find my boot gone. HAHA lesson learned.
  2. newtothe dark

    Should I be wearing thongs when I train?

    I had been expexting a wild thread oh well
  3. newtothe dark

    Kungfu Hermit life in China?

    But yet you are on here in a very Modern way talking to all of us seeking what????? Our approval, respect, what? Most of us are most likely wondering if you shouldn't be getting some help for making a choice to be what most avoid. Just my 2c knock yourself out if this is what you really want to do.
  4. newtothe dark

    Peter King Essay!

    This is a necro thread most old links will be dead
  5. newtothe dark

    Shinden Fudo Ryu Jutaijutsu

    Great little clip thanks
  6. newtothe dark

    The Straight Bladed Ninja Sword is awesome...

    Not an expert or anything just saw this and was wondering is this the style you are talking about?
  7. newtothe dark

    Reliability of Genbukan official store?

    I have order 3 things directly from the site and took 2.5 weeks for all three times. They are reliable just not really in the book and video business.
  8. newtothe dark

    ninjutsu or kobudo?

    Probably a good plan
  9. newtothe dark

    Another ToShinDo Clip

    No way around it , even when it "looks effortless" anyone who has done the drills knows its not.
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    Great response unfortunately its like religionin that one church will tell you that the other church is going to hell and is a cult. That is because of one very simple fact, if there is one dollar no one wants to share.
  11. newtothe dark

    what's the difference? Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu --- Gyokkushin Ryu Ninjutsu

    Chris is still the CHAMP of answers!!!!!
  12. newtothe dark


    Yes still very interested and I too have done Irom palm training and have lots of Dit Da Jow haha. That was the reason for my interest.
  13. newtothe dark

    About Shoto Tanemura!

    I am also enjoying this talk.
  14. newtothe dark

    Consistency In The Bujinkan

    My way of thinking is that its a historical system and the correct names are a part of the history. No one says Bill Clinton freed the slaves , so correct names are the start of the journey towards perfection. Just my thoughts.
  15. newtothe dark

    Ed Lomax Video

    Very nice thanks for the post
  16. newtothe dark

    Offical Ryu Ha studies & Ranking!

    Also Chris Parker seems to like almost everything about them as well.
  17. newtothe dark

    quality kusari fundo?

    Heck I have been waiting 3 years for stuff from Ed about a year and a half ago he stopped responding to my emails with another " Yours is top on my list" crap emails its a shame alot of the fine craftmanship has gone away because we have to buy mass produced items to avoid being ripped off...
  18. newtothe dark

    quality kusari fundo?

    Cant be worse than Ed Green turned out.
  19. newtothe dark


    HUGE :ultracool
  20. newtothe dark

    Inside Kung Fu Mag.

    Yeah next thing we know there will be Ninja magazines again lol Wait I loved those and have them all I must be crazy hehe
  21. newtothe dark


    yes i just suck at spellin (that was on purpose) hehe
  22. newtothe dark

    creating a new style is so easy?

    So many things can be said that would come out wrong so let me try. We seem to tend towards the business end of things, this means we must attract the young to make the money. This is usually accomplised by the use of grand stories and even grander titles. I dont know that we 'reinvent the...
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    Mr Parker you never stop amasing me.
  24. newtothe dark


    Not even close
  25. newtothe dark

    To-Shin Do Weapons Training

    Yes Chris I agree write the book dude I will but it.
  26. newtothe dark

    Discovery 2009!!!

    Wow bydand slipped that one in Ninja style, so how are you liking the midwest?
  27. newtothe dark

    Old Bujinkan Clips

    Thank you taking the time to look for this.
  28. newtothe dark

    Old Bujinkan Clips

    Thanks great clips. Does anyone know the name of the first video ? Great Ukemi I need to own it hehe. Also is the the same "Ninja village (couldn't resist)" that was the back ground in the Bojutsu video?
  29. newtothe dark

    8th Degree BB Ninjutsu?

    Not that unheard of, keep in mind that some of these kids are dropped off for the "karate teacher" to teach them disipline because they have never been taught it.
  30. newtothe dark

    Recent post on Paul Masse's Blog!

    Thanks Brian I really like his writing.