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  1. sjansen

    10 round clip controversy

    With the congress trying to pass a ban on all clips with 10 rounds or more what is your stance? Do people only need 10 rounds to protect themselves? If so, do think that police officers should have to do the same in their guns. Should Obama make his Secret Service Officers use 10 round...
  2. sjansen

    Teen Attacked Over Text Message

    This doesn't read like an unaggravated beating. It would qualify as aggravated in most precepts in the courts as far as far as it reads. You can't post your feelings without recourse as you can't tell someone their loved ones are pieces of crap without expecting recourse. Although we have free...
  3. sjansen

    Attraction and Hero Worship in the Dojo

    It's fine for now, maybe. Watch what she does with a hawks eye. If she starts sleeping with her master, which has been known to happen, many times, let us know. You are not unjust to keep a close eye on her. If anyone says that hero worship doesn't lead to other things they are...
  4. sjansen

    take downs

    Kenpo does not use moves on the ground. Kenpo takes people to the ground. Once your opponent is on the ground you can strike and knee to keep them there, but there is nothing done like arm barrs and the like. They take too much time. In that time, their friends or bystanders might knee you or...
  5. sjansen

    revisions to style, am I still teaching it?

    If your teaching your student the basics of Isshinryu then you are teaching the isshinryu. Shimabuku took several styles and combined them to form what he thought was the perfect style. Many add to it and have taken from it. To teach the basics of Isshinryu as you understand it is probally...
  6. sjansen

    FMAT: ww2 Fairbairn knife fighting

    As far as I can see, he doen't really discuss footwork. He stands with his feet a little wider than shoulder width and moves one foot slightly forward or back for movements. Here's an article written about Fairbairn and the stick that makes some conclusions from some of the pictures...
  7. sjansen

    2nd Amendment and the Nunchucku

    The republic of Kalifornia is something in and of itself in the US. They outlaw any weapon the gangs were using at the time and leave the public at large defenseless. They are fashionistic in there outlawing of arms and the same for their own citizens. The felons don't turn in their weapons, but...
  8. sjansen

    Makiwara training in Kenpo

    Use a hard punching bag and you will save your knuckles the abuse that will cost you in you older years. Any bag or human can teach you proper knuckle placement with a lot less wear and tear on your hands. If you want to have to use a half fist in your former years, please use a makiwara. Just...
  9. sjansen

    Do you know Karate?

    When people ask me if I have a black belt I usually look down and answer, "nope it looks like brown leather to me". I then tell them that a black belt is a state of mind and not a state of self defense. Even though I have earned black belt, unless they want to learn from me, and if they ask...
  10. sjansen

    Cleaning Sparring Gear

    Bleach can irritate the skin and so can many products. Just use good soap and water and you will have no worries. If there is a problem like ringworm in the dojo, you will probably hear about it before it is a problem. In any case, with soap and water your equipment will last longer.
  11. sjansen

    Judo - Breaking Toes

    I broke one two weeks ago in karate doing a regular turn kick. I pushed up the calcium in my diet and it hasn't happened since. By the way, I have broken almost all in one way or another in my martial arts career. It's usually due to incorrect technique. I did Judo ans wrestling when I was...
  12. sjansen

    Sacrifice hand

    The knife should be in the prominent hand. Whatever else, it is called the "live hand" for a reason. It juts in and out of harms way looking for an opening. If it is sacrificial, you are not moving fast enough or don't know what you are doing. Practice left and right and it doesn't matter. When...
  13. sjansen

    Facebook Worm Warning!

    Thank you MA Caver, but you have already shown that your anti-social rantings are unfounded at best. I think that we should be more worried about our personal information on this site than facebook!
  14. sjansen

    "Are we breeding a police culture of “additional victims?”

    Police, law enforcement and those in our prisons already have an undo burdon to proof to proove themselves as worthy to those who have shown themselves not to be be worthy of leniency where the law is concerned. Why should law enforcement officers have to show this in the case of criminals...
  15. sjansen

    Charging opponent

    Say "thank you", side step, neck hold, bull dog, steer wrestle and comence to putting them on the ground and leave. If they have such little knowledge of the martial arts you have little to fear. They are just trying to get out of the situation like you are. They just don't know how.
  16. sjansen

    80s/90s martial arts movies

    You missed No Retreat, No Surrender, The Punisher (Dolph Lundgren version), 3 Ninjas, and Beverly Hills Ninja.
  17. sjansen

    Bruce Lee vs. Muhammad Ali who would win?

    I don't seem to remember Ali ever being respectful of anyone he fought. He would have trash talked about Bruce's abilities and knowledge just like everyone else he fought. I'd take Ali in a no holds barred over Lee. By the way, Ali kicks like a freight train. Does anyone know that he doesn't...
  18. sjansen

    How to defeat a Wrestler

    Your Pop's not right in the head. He can be taken down at will by any wrestler worth his salt. The bulldog/steer throw that many propose will not work as wrestlers who know what thier doing keep their elbows close to their body. Also, wrestlers who have you on the ground will put you in a choke...
  19. sjansen

    Does an armed citizenry really prevent government tyranny?

    In its decision, a panel of the D.C. Court of Appeals expressly held that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess arms to defend against the "depredations of a tyrannical government."Heller v. District of Columbia I think this holds the death nell for all the naysayers in...
  20. sjansen

    What's the advantage of pistol-grip shotguns?

    Pistol grips won't break your wrist but can hurt. However, they are very good at manuvering tight places. Also, the weapon is much harder to strip if you encounter a foe in close quarters. You can also bring the weapon to bear much quicker. This is why the new m4 has a pistol grip on the...
  21. sjansen

    belt system

    You don't have enough to make money. Throw some stripes and extra belt in there.
  22. sjansen

    Cars That Are Cop Magnets?

    My old car was a 1988 Chevy celebrity (in the 1990's). My new car was 1998 Grand Prix GTP, supercharged. You can bet I sped more in the GTP. I just didn't get pulled over. Make whatever sense you want out of it. I speed alot in my new full size pickup too. I just don't get pulled over in that...
  23. sjansen

    Cars That Are Cop Magnets?

    I recieved plenty of tickets until I got a high priced car. Once I got a vehicle that cost more than $20,000 I was never pulled over. Cops don't want people who can afford a lawyer to come to court and fight a ticket.
  24. sjansen

    Michael Phelps suspended for three months

    Was Clinton suspended. Oh wait, he didn't inhale.
  25. sjansen

    Some States seem to have had enough..

    Some states did this when the federal guidelines stated that they meet No Child Left Behind requirenents. They said that it would cost them more than federal dollars would support. Being in a donor state, Michigan, it pains me that we didn't withhold federal dollars. The federal government has...
  26. sjansen

    Dividing up the country.

    Are we really back to the civil war? If this is all your country was dependent on then please divorce it. I didn't see anywhere how you had volunteered to defend it. Are you planning on joining the military? I did and hold dear all faults and opinions of our country. We use the electorate to...
  27. sjansen

    Bad image for TKD

    Welcome, The more your brother learns the better he can defend himself. Who cares about belt and rank. On the street can he defend himself? In most cases her is better prepared than those who have no training. If he has been taught to be self aware and aware of his surroundings he is ahead of...
  28. sjansen

    Do you believe in guns?

    The average citizen in the U.S. can't carry a gun legally. Those who do usually have to go through training to do so like you do in the martial arts. My wife had to go through 20 hours or more of training to be able to carry a gun in public. I had to go through less but was trained in the U.S...
  29. sjansen

    Just give me your thoughts on my article

    Nicely written article. Can't say that I agree with everything, but it was well written and has good examples to help the reader visualize. It takes some guts to put stuff out there and ask for comments.
  30. sjansen

    Maurice Elmalem

    This looks like straight TKD to me. I have never had to break a board, kick through a flaming hoop or kick two people at the same time. If you trie this on the street you will loose. If you want self defense, go elsewhere. If you want to impress your friends with tricks, this looks like just...