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  1. Captain Harlock

    Kensei or "Sword Saint"s

    Kensei or "Sword Saint"s 剣聖 In the Japan which valued swordsmanship, one of truly exceptional skill was oft honored with the title of "Kensei" or "Sword Saint". This implied not only a high degree of skill in the sword art, but also one of a high degree in moral perfection as...
  2. Captain Harlock

    A meditative exercise

    33 Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich. If you stay in the center and embrace death with your whole heart, you will endure forever...
  3. Captain Harlock

    A simple chi exercise.

    Sit quietly, your back straight, hands resting relaxed on your knees, palms up. close your eyes breath gently, but deeply with your abdomen, not your chest. visualize water, gently pouring down the front of your body gather it by your navel softly nudge it towards your feet suggest...
  4. Captain Harlock

    Muslim Fighting Arts in Africa and the Middle East

    Found this while researching another question.
  5. Captain Harlock

    Which sword art do you study?

    I am curious on what arts are most common here. I've studied Battojutsu, Iaido and some fencing.
  6. Captain Harlock

    What is Battojutsu?

    Taken from This site has several good video clips, as well as additional information.
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    Humility? What place does humility have in the maturation of a martial artist? I often see this word "Humility" listed as a desired trait or goal for an actively training martial artist to aspire to. The reality on these forums seems to indicate a growing failing in modern training to...