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    Kids Fire Safety around Christmas time

    In addition to teaching Kenpo, I am a full time Paramedic. Myself and others across the United States that do this type of work see things on a daily basis that most ordinary people just couldn't fathom. As such, we sometimes find ourselves in the middle of family crisis. One such instance...
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    National Securtiy Info Alert

    Just got this from my instructor a few days ago, thought it might be of interest. "BUSINESSAFE" SHOOTING RANGES,PAINTBALL and WAR-GAME FACILITIES,MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING BusinesSafe is based on the idea that certain businesses and industries may be exploited by terrorists who portray...
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    National Security Alert Info

    Just got this from my instructor a few days ago, thought it might be of interest. "BUSINESSAFE" SHOOTING RANGES,PAINTBALL and WAR-GAME FACILITIES,MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING BusinesSafe is based on the idea that certain businesses and industries may be exploited by terrorists who portray...
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    Category Completion

    After reading a few replies on Doc's post (Are You Supposed To Finish Self-Defense Techniques?) regarding Category Completion, I figured I' d throw this out there too. Just another view regarding Category Completion. Category Completion By Lee Wedlake I first heard this term from Huk...
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    Checking the Storm...

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    Independence Day - July 4th

    For all of us Red, White and Blue waving, red blooded Americans... Happy Birthday America!!! :-partyon: And please...remember our servicemen and women serving overseas. Come home soon! :tank: :biggun: :apv:
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    I noticed that the "Seniors" listed on this forum are Chape'l, Trejo, Hebler, Kelly, LaBounty, Mills, Palanzo, Planas, Sullivan, Tatum, & Conatser. I didn't see Wedlake on this list. I mean no disrespect by this post but why isn't Wedlake listed? He became a direct student in 1979 as well as...
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    Closing of the IKKA Headquarters school in Pasadena

    :idunno: I heard last week that the Ed Parker's Studio in Pasadena wil be closing in a few weeks. I this true? If so it is really sad. Can anybody shed some light on this? :asian:
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    Happy Birthday!!!

    To ELVIS PRESLEY... January 8, 1935
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    Back home!!!!

    To everyone on the Martial Talk forum, I will be back at home in Massachusetts within the week. My unit is demobing after an 11 month deployment. Thank you all for the support. Respectfully, Lance L. J. Soares SGT, USA Flight Instructor/Flight Medic
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    For those of you that know me, you know I am a pretty straight forward guy. I am currently stationed here in Bosnia-Herzegovina. On 28 July 2003 I was called to the scene of an automobile accident where a young soldier was fighting for his life. He subsequently died as result of his injuries...
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    Mr. Trejo and teaching at the IKKA HQ

    Taken from the KenpoNET from Angelo Collado Its True! I workout at Trejo's house on Monday and Wed Eve in his garage. On Mondays we do Stickyhands variation drills/forms and technique work covering the belt material. On Wed eve we bang and run the line. We play alot, graft alot mix up all...
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    What the..?!?!?!

    Official Tracy Web Site Welcome to our Award Winning Site "Oh what tangled webs they weave when once they practice to deceive" (The end to the lies of Tom Connor - Tra-Co. Those who claim their heritage through Tom Connor and Tra-Co (TRACY-CONNOR ... I am ashamed that my name -...
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    Vintage Kenpo

    Cool Kenpo vids Mr Rainer Schulte - Memory Lane - Really Cool! check these sites out they are wicked cool!:asian:
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    Great article on the structure of Parker Kenpo

    Kenpo Article Hey all, check this out...I find it very informative on the structure of Parker System of Kenpo. Read the post script too, very creditable sources I think. Thanks to Ingmar Johannsen's website for the article
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    From the peanut gallery...

    Hey everyone! Just a line from Ft. Riley. Man there is nothing here!...:rofl: Well got to get back to the Army thing. Oh yeah, things are fine here. Hopefully I 'll get home for Christmas too:D
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    Check out the publicity for Kenpo Joe

    The Martial Arts are his Life... Please, read it thoroughly. Happy reading!:asian:
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    I won't be posting for a while...

    To everyone, I just want to thank all of you for posting some really great topics on the art of Kenpo. I thoroughly enjoy this site. I am being deployed to for Operation Noble Eagle (Bosnia) on November 1st, 2002 so I won't be posting much. I look forward to rejoining you all sometime in...
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    Intellectual Departure

    Most Kenpo students learn this technique by sliding the left foot back and immediately drawing to the reverse cat. What basic Kenpo rule would this break? Is the opponents right foot being pushed or pulled by your blocking hand? What other Beginner Kenpo technique does this blocking...
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    11th Degree Black Belt....

    This Just In! Kenpo Master Buddy Lee of Denim, CA has been promoted by way of "Devine Right" to 11th Degree Black Belt. Master Lee was quoted as saying "It's time someone steps up and leads the Kenpo Community into the future." Many Kenpo factions such as the UKS, AKKS, IKKA, WKKA...
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    Who is he and who promoted him?

    Sean MacGregor, 7th degree black belt in American Motion Kenpo. Student of Ron "Doc" Chapel, claims to have been training in Ed Parker's Kenpo for 20 years. Who is he and did Mr. Chapel promote him to 7th black? Personally I've never heard of the guy. Tennesee Katana Kenpo Alliance:asian:
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    Should the Sets be required for promotion?

    I am under the impression that Mr. Parker only created the Blocking Set #1 (Star Block) and the Finger Set #1. Also, I have heard that the other sets were not created by Mr. Parker, he was only minimally aware of their content. I have been told that when he was asked to teach them here in New...
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    Short Form Four...Worth Learning or just a waste of time?

    This form is merely a variation of the original longer form. Short Form #4 consists of: Protecting Fans - Right Side, Darting Leaves - Left Side, Unfurling Crane - Right Side, Destructive Kneel - Left Side, etc. Thus, the motion of this form might be looked upon by some as being redundant to the...
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    With all the abundant amount of Kenpo associations and organizations out there to choose from, if you had to choose one, which would it be and why? How long does it take to 7th in the WKKA???....:rofl: :asian:
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    Fruitless posts?

    I know that these previous posts are some what sort of simplistic in nature. I do however hope that they can still provide a catalyst for some in depth discussion. Attack Categories Locked Wing Motion Relationships Short Form #2 and Mace of Aggression :asian:
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    Attack categories...

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know which of the remaining 9 original techniques, which one matches the attack category of Mace Of Aggression?:asian:
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    Motion relationships...

    Within the Kenpo Basics and Exercise Forms what motion directly relates to the motion used in Attacking Mace? :asian:
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    Short Form #2 and Mace of Aggression?

    The first move of Mace Of Aggression relates to the first move in Short Form #2. How does the foot maneuver of Mace Of Aggression relate to the one in Short Form #2? How do the hands relate? :asian:
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    Locked Wing...

    What Power Principle (PP) is employed in the delivery of the outward elbow strike. The same question holds true for the Left Uppercut arm break. :asian:
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    Happy 4th of July

    In light of the recent events that have happened here in the United States, I think now more than ever we should be proud to be Americans. This Fouth of July, to me means a more than any other one has ever meant in the past. I was raised in a military family and coming from...