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  1. Gnarlie

    Bone Setting

    I have read a few times on my travels that early pioneers of Korean Martial Arts learned bone-setting as part of their art. Is there anyone here who has received training in this as part of their martial art? If so, was it taught for practical reasons or more to preserve the syllabus? [emoji4]
  2. Gnarlie

    The Eye as a Target

    Found this on a German language site, thought it might be worth posting here. Real eye attack and results.
  3. Gnarlie

    Training for older people

    Hi I've recently inherited a Taekwondo class that is mostly populated with people in the age range 60 to 70. Does anyone have any advice to offer? It's certainly a different challenge from my usual training scenario!
  4. Gnarlie

    A Uniform Should Be Just That?

    Is it important that Kup grades and Poom/Dan grades wear a different kind of uniform where you train? What are your views on the wearing of fancy custom doboks? What are your views on belt embroidery and bars at various grades? What are your views on the use of electrical tape to denote...
  5. Gnarlie

    Always ready or ramp up?

    Should a black belt always practice at grading standard or should they cool off and then ramp up? Obviously practicing before a grading intensifies either way, but should there be a 'slack' period in between?
  6. Gnarlie

    What have tou taken from Taekwondo

    What have you taken from Taekwondo, apart from learning physical skills? Gnarlie
  7. Gnarlie


    What form have you personally practiced the most? How many repetitions do you estimate that you have done in your training career? Gnarlie
  8. Gnarlie

    Rehearsing together

    So I recently moved clubs. Black belt grading candidates at my old place would have to travel 100 miles or so to the nearest grading run by the national governing body. They'd take the test mixed with 200 other candidates from other clubs, meaning any partner exercises like step sparring or...
  9. Gnarlie

    Jade's secret weapon

    I thought this was nice kicking, and you should see it: Gnarlie
  10. Gnarlie

    Shocking Secrets behind Martial Arts and Yoga! So I googled 'Martial Secrets' just to see what results came up for my own amusement, when this little gem popped up. Made me spit out my coffee. I'm not Christian, nor religious, but I am interested in cultivating my spirit. This website seems to be...
  11. Gnarlie

    Learning Poomsae Early

    What are your opinions on learning KKW Poomsae earlier than you need to? Poomsae competition encourages this, but does it detract from the experience of progression and learning through the dan grades? Gnarlie
  12. Gnarlie

    Samil Shingo

    Hi Can anybody please direct me to english language texts relating to, or directly translated from the Samil Shingo? Other suggested sources of reading material relating to Taekwondo philosophy, or your own thoughts on that would be greatly appreciated. Gnarlie
  13. Gnarlie

    Direction-specific flexibility weakness...

    Hi all I would appreciate the best advice you can offer on this please: I've started back in TKD about 6 months ago after an 8 month break. I had lost a surprising amount of flex and strength in that time but now it's back. All except in one direction. Side splits with the feet turned out...
  14. Gnarlie

    Taegeuk - line of patterns

    First see video and enjoy special effects. The trigram corresponding to each Taegeuk pattern determines whether we step forward or not with each technique in the pattern (at least the ones that travel along the lines). Along Yang lines, we step forward with more committed techniques. Along...
  15. Gnarlie


    Haiku belong here Syllables in each line are Five, seven and five My knees are hurting I really should get them checked But I can't be arsed Girlfriend is again Bemoaning the loss of her Beloved chap stick We all love fridays Chippy tea and a few pints Then maybe kebabs
  16. Gnarlie

    Poomsae principles?

    What principles exist when performing Poomsae or the motions of Taekwondo? Do you teach general principles, or not? If so, what principles do you teach? Are there some principles that we could call hard and fast rules?
  17. Gnarlie

    Marble Hornets is posting again

    Hi A few years ago, this youtube channel started posting documentary style footage about a student film project, a la Blair Witch. About 6 months ago, this frankly very scary set of videos and the correspondingly terrifying videos from it's sister channel, ToTheArk, seemingly came to an end...
  18. Gnarlie

    The Truth About Killing

    Here's a link to a TV show that was broadcast a few years back in the UK. It generated some complaints at the time and therefore has never been repeated. I certainly think it's interesting, but I'm not sure what to make of it. Please be aware that it contains military footage that some may...
  19. Gnarlie

    Assessing practicality - the nonsense filter

    Hi all In the eclectic world of martial arts it's certainly easy to find guidance on what makes effective self defence. In deciding whether or not a particular piece of guidance is valid, I sometimes find it difficult to maintain objectivity. This is partly because some techniques just suit...
  20. Gnarlie

    One step sparring - to step or not to step

    Given the title of the discipline, this sounds a bit strange, but there's a difference from club to club that I've noticed, and I'm interested in finding out what the majority of people here do: At your club, during Hanbon Kyorugi, one step sparring, does the attacker take a step back and make...
  21. Gnarlie

    One Punch Can Kill - do you think about this?

    This video came to my attention in 2010 but has recently resurfaced on Facebook and set me thinking. The Youtube description alleges it's a campaign from Great Manchester Police in the UK, encouraging young people not to engage in drunken acts of violence if they can possibly avoid it. The...
  22. Gnarlie

    Teaching styles and methods

    Hi folks, I'm thinking about different teaching methodologies. I moved from the UK to Germany last year, and the teaching style here is different to the UK. I've moved from a club where the focus was more on explanation along with the demonstrations, whereas here in Munich it's demonstration...
  23. Gnarlie

    Application of Keumgang Makki, Hakdariseogi, and following motions

    Please help. I've been looking for applications for every TKD poomsae for a very long time, but a couple of motions are quite tricky to even justify, when it comes to practicality and purpose. Does anybody want to make a suggestion as to what the intended purpose of this movement in the KKW...
  24. Gnarlie

    Greetings from Munich

    Hello Folks, I'm Gnarlie, I'm British (a northerner) but I live in Munich. I hold 2nd Dan in WTF Taekwondo, having graded with the BTCB in England under Grandmaster Park Soo Nam. I'm now training a few times a week at a club I found in Munich. My main interest / specialism centres around...