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  1. heretic888

    Debate - Validity of Christianity and Biblical teachings

    [/FONT] This is just replacing the "preacher/leader" of the 21st century with the "preacher/leader" of the 4th century. They're both fallacious Appeals to Authority, so it ultimately makes no difference. I'm always intrigued by the curious lack of critical analysis directed at the Bible...
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    CDC has announced a new STD!!!

    Just a little something I found on the web: Worse than Bird Flu and SARS combined. The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of Sexually Transmitted Disease. The disease is contracted through dangerous and high-risk behavior. The disease is called...
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    James Fowler's Faith Development Theory

    In today's religiously polarized world, I thought this would be an interesting topic to bring to The Study.... In 1981, psychologist Dr. James Fowler published a book entitled Stages of Faith: The Psychology of Human Development and the Quest for Meaning. While there is still some debate...
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    The Bible, Hell, and Other Topics of Casual Delight

    Continued from here. Happy huntin'. :D
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    Anonymous Reputation

    I actually have a pretty good idea who probably sent me this reputation ding, but I'll refrain from voicing my suspicions publicly... Well, Mr. Coward, I think pointing to the rather narrow ideological assumptions concerning both sides is a pretty "germane" contribution to the discussion...
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    What Is Science??

    This thread is a continuation of some issues brought up during the 'Discussion of Evolutionary Theory' thread. Enjoy.
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    A Discussion of Evolutionary Theory

    Recently, Loki began a thread concerning a discussion of sociobiologist Richard Dawkins' theories presented in the book, The Selfish Gene. This prompted me to do a little bit of research concerning the ideas of Mr. Dawkins, particularly the position he refers to as "Universal Darwinism"...
  8. heretic888

    Stephen Hayes' books and "intepretation"

    This is a subject that has recently come to my attention. In essence, it deals with Mr. Hayes' translation (or "interpretation") of Takamatsu's Ninjutsu Hiketsu-Bun as found in the first chapter of Ninjutsu: History and Tradition. Here is an excerpt: "In tune with the providence of heaven...
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    Michael Moore to shoot Fahrenheit 911 sequel Any thoughts??
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    Psychobabble 'r us

    From the previous thread:
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    Endurance Training in Ninpo

    From the 'Makiwara' thread: Have fun. Laterz. :asian:
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    The Joy of Postmodernism

    Originally posted by rmcrobertson on the "Alternatives to Capitalism" thread: See trees, see forest, quite well. Stop. Avoid logic-chopping at all costs stop. "Animal House," level heretical discovery that we all are like atoms in a giant hand not helpful in regard stop. You not understand...
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    Judeo-Christian wackiness

    From the National Prayer Day thread: This is that thread. Have fun.
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    Some questions

    In Hatsumi-soke's publications and articles, he occassionally mentions concepts such as 'universal justice' or 'natural justice'. What is your personal take on this?? What do you think these ideas represent?? Also, notions such as the 'laws of nature' or 'universal laws' are mentioned as...
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    Ninja hilarity!!

    Check this out. This thing cracked me up.
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    Ninja history??

    Recently, I've been trying to read up a bit on ninja history. Does anyone here have any particular sources (hopefully primary) that you might recommend?? Y'know, books, articles, etc. etc. I would also be interested to hear people's personal take on what the "ninja" were about, who they...
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    Togakure-ryu Ninpo Taijutsu

    Your thoughts??? Laterz.
  18. heretic888

    Koto ryu Koppojutsu and Gyokko-ryu Kosshijutsu

    Hey guys, I'm doin' a bit of research at the moment, and I'd wonder if you'd all help me out. In your own words, how would you characterize and describe Koto-ryu Koppojutsu and Gyokko-ryu Kosshijutsu?? You know, in terms of techniques, principles, ideologies, feelings, flow, etc etc...
  19. heretic888

    Your view on "body hardening" training??

    I have been told that things like toughening the fists through punching sand and then small rocks was once part of Koto-ryu training. I seem to recall, however, that Takamatsu-soke was said to have stated that such training was "useless" in today's society. What is your view on the so-called...
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    Link between Togakure-ryu Ninjutsu and Kukishinden-ryu Happo Hikenjutsu??

    I have heard it speculated from time to time that there is some sort of historical connection between these two ryuha. They both employ their respective 18 areas of training (which seem to vary with the times) and I have heard it said that the Kukishinden-ryu contains Ninjutsu within its...
  21. heretic888

    Ninja history??

    I felt like starting a thread discussing the history of the ninja and Ninpo. What are your thoughts on the subject??
  22. heretic888

    Jing and Ninpo

    Jing (usually translated as 'force' or 'power' in Chinese)... I've been studying up a bit on this unusual internal force (which is apparently related to, but distinct from, Ch'i) as it is expounded in arts like Tai Chi and Hsing I (not to be confused with the 'Jing' concept in Taoist chi...
  23. heretic888

    A question...

    I came across this passage in Hatsumi-soke's 'Essence of Ninjutsu': "These two hundred grandmasters and I have resolved with a death-defying spirit to live according to the three principles of the ninja: Kaseichikusei, Banhenfukei, and Bushinwa. Putting these three as primary principles in...
  24. heretic888

    question concerning ninjutsu ryuha

    When I was browsing through some Bujinkan sites online, I came across occasional mentions of a "Koto-ryu ninjutsu" and "Gyokko-ryu ninjutsu". I would normally dismiss this, except the other non-ninjutsu ryu (such as Gikan-ryu) were not listed as ninjutsu on these sites, and this happened more...
  25. heretic888

    a question for you all

    Here is a question for you all: what is your personal defintion of 'ninpo' and 'ninjutsu' and 'ninja'; and why do you think this way??? Thanks, and may interesting discussion flourish.
  26. heretic888

    some help??

    I am trying to find a Bujinkan dojo around the south Florida area, but haven't had any luck. Can anyone help me out here?? (and no, I DONT want a Genbukan school, Jinenkan school, or a SKH Qest Center)
  27. heretic888


    could someone tell me what exactly 'bushinwa' means?? i have heard this phrase more than once regarding ninpo philosophy......