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  1. Aikicomp

    New Jersey Car and Bike Show

    I thought I'd post this for the car/bike people on the board. It's that time of the year again. The Knights of Columbus Council 9914 (Of which I am Grand Knight) are having our 3rd Annual Car and Bike show. The proceeds of the event will go to the many charities we contribute to throughout...
  2. Aikicomp

    Iaido elbow! help needed

    Hey everyone, I am currently having a bout of "lateral epicondylitis" commonly known as tennis elbow. I have had two injections of steroids over the past six months and have done PT and stretching exercises as well as wearing a brace. It keeps coming back and I've made an appt. with a sports...
  3. Aikicomp

    My student made Blue belt tonight

    My student passed the last test needed for his Blue belt(shichi kyu) tonight. After almost two years and 6 tests: 1. Steps 2. Kata 2, 3 &4 3. Kata 8 4. Step and kick 5. Ukemi 6. Releases He took his 6th test tonight, which is designed to give the student the basic skills to address most self...
  4. Aikicomp

    Just got my new live blade.

    here it is, sorry for the bad pics I will get better ones and post them. I purchased it as a semi-custom blade from Ronin Swords. It is a Kabuse (laminated) blade, 28 inches long with a Nando blue silk tsuka-ito over a black same (real). It has two mekugi and the menuki are a dragon and a...
  5. Aikicomp

    Defense against weapons tests

    This was originally a reply to a thread in the armoury and it was suggested I make a thread of it. So here goes. Our style of Ju-Jitsu has a test in which the person giving the test (a person who has passed our knife fighting test) attacks the person for all intensive purposes trying to "kill"...
  6. Aikicomp

    New member just joined today

    Hello, My name is Michael and I have been involved in the Martial Arts for 27 years. My first introduction to the martial arts was in 1982 at the NB Ju-Jitsu Club in Belleville,NJ. ran by Nick DiNapoli. Our style of Ju-Jitsu is called Gen Lee (Genri in Japanese) and is an American style...