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  1. Yamabushii

    Wing Chun in Northern Virginia?

    Any Wing Chun instructors or even senior/experienced students in the area? I'm interested in learning concepts.
  2. Yamabushii

    Modernization of Ninjutsu

    Hi All, A bit of background to set some context from my position first. I haven't posted here in a very long time. I used to post on martial arts forums quite often when I first began my training in Ninpo in 2012. At that time, as a complete novice to the art (not in martial arts as a whole), I...
  3. Yamabushii

    Ninpo Demo

    Hey, guys. Not sure if this counts but this is a demo my school performed a couple months ago. We had help from two of our sister groups as well. I'm the guy in the center of the stage toward the start of the video.
  4. Yamabushii

    Introducing myself to the community

    Hello, I just registered on this forum and thought I should introduce myself. I run a traditional Japanese martial arts group in the U.S. I have been training in martial arts for around 10 or so years. Mostly just here looking for a good source of information from other school owners'...