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  1. BlackCatBonz

    martialtalk mobile

    bob, is there a stripped down way of viewing the site on a mobile device?
  2. BlackCatBonz

    Is PayPal Safe?

    I've never used the PayPal system and wanted to hear others comments before i sign up.
  3. BlackCatBonz

    why a stainless sword is a no-no this clip isnt really graphic, buts its a warning to anyone out there to anyone that wants a cool stainless steel sword.
  4. BlackCatBonz

    live chat

    hi everybody just wanted an opinion. who would be interested in doing a live chat.....say once a month or something? it would give us an opportunity to actually "talk" to each other in real time. not just to verbally spar with each other, but to trade stories, anecdotes, training...