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  1. Endow

    Aikido replacement

    So I wasn't really able to find Aikido dojos near me :( and I'm considering a different martial art at least until I can somehow manage to find a place where I can practice Aikido. That's where you guys come in :P What do you think is the closest MA to Aikido both in terms of actual techniques...
  2. Endow


    I had never heard of this before.Is anyone here familiar with the concept of Taido?I heard it's similar to Karate....
  3. Endow

    "Real" Aikido

    Okay so like I said in another thread I'm currnetly investigating which martial art I should start practicing.I'm strongly inclined to pick Aikido specially after reading an interview with Trist瓊o da Cunha (probably the best portuguese aikidoka who trained with Saito Sensei more than once)...
  4. Endow

    Newbie needs advice

    So I'm a 19 year old portuguese guys whose only experience with martial arts was 3 years ago when I practiced Tae Kwon Do for 6 months.The reason why I didn't stay was because I felt I wasn't learning much. Our master would basically tells us to do this or that exercise (usually involving...