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  1. arnisandyz

    IDPA Classifier!

    Hey guys, its been a while since I've been here but I have good news! I FINALLY Classified in IDPA as a Master in SSP! Did it last night in the pouring rain! Really poor visibility with it being dark, raining and my glasses fogged up, but for some reason I was ON. I think its like driving in...
  2. arnisandyz

    M&P fullsize chop!

    Thought I'd share some photos of my new carry. I've been really happy with my M&P fullsize. I've been using for almost a year in IDPA and USPSA Production but the grip was just a little too large for daily CCW. I looked a the subcompacts but didn't like the feel of the condensed grip. What I...
  3. arnisandyz

    Magpul Masada

    Anyone here any news on its release? Looks really good, based off the AR180 system using AR15 barrels, triggers and Mags with some Magpul goodness (furniture, grip, mags, etc) thrown in. MSRP is said to be $1400
  4. arnisandyz

    Crimson Trace LaserGrips and Left Handed Shooters.

    Wondering if any of you leftys have tried the CT lasergrips. CT says they work for both right AND left handers but I remember sometime back I was looking at some at the gunshop mounted to a G17 bluegun. I could easily active the laser with my left hand no problem, but it seemed like the thumb of...
  5. arnisandyz

    Calling Your Shot.

    Brief definition: Calling a shot is mentally identifying the exact location or orientation of the sight picture the moment the gun fired. When I first started competitive shooting many senior shooters gave the advice of dryfire practice. So I did it, a lot of it. It help immediately with my...
  6. arnisandyz

    My New AR build!

    Just finished my latest 9mm AR build! Spikes Tactical lower, CTR stock, RRA 10.5 upper, 10" troy forearm, RRA 9mm hammer and buffer, Hahn Dedicated magblock. Gonna try to take it out to the range this weekend! Still have to put my EOtech on.
  7. arnisandyz

    Living Trust for NFA Weapons!

    Just found an easy way to obtain automatic, short barrel rifles, surpressors, AOWs without having to get fingerprinted and a Chief LEO sign off (provided your state allows civilians to own them and you have the money to buy them)! All you need to do is create a Revocable Living Trust (easily...
  8. arnisandyz

    9mm carbines.

    Does anybody own or has anyone built an pistol caliber AR Carbine or other 9mm carbine? We have a new Carbine division in our Monthly IDPA shoot and I want to give it a try. I was originally going to buy a 9mm upper to swap calibers on the same lower, but I think I'm just going to build a...
  9. arnisandyz

    Shotgun Reloading

    Which method do you use to feed your tube fed shotgun (pump or semiauto) quickly? 1. Turn gun over in weakhand and load with stonghand 2. Turn gun over in stronghand and load with weakhand 3. Stock on top of shoulder load with stronghand 4. Hold gun on target with strong hand load...
  10. arnisandyz

    Shotgun Sights

    Had a question about shotgun sights for a competition shotgun 18" 22" barrel. Considering shooting #6 for knocking down steel plates and poppers, which do you prefer (and why): No sights Just a front bead Vent rib with bead/fiber optic Rifle sights Ghost ring/rifle sights Red dot scope...
  11. arnisandyz

    U-Notch Rear Sight

    Has anybody tried a U-notch rear? Something like a Warren or a 10-8? I'm thinking about trying one on my M&P. The benefit is that the round bottom is less distracting to the eye when lining up the top corners of the front and rear (the ony corners you see are the ones you should be looking at)...
  12. arnisandyz

    Shooting Glasses Preference?

    I've decided on Oakley Half-Jacket Asian Fit (yes I'm asian) with VR28 lenses for general outdoor use and need to pickup some accessory lenses for indoor/low light shooting. Do you guys prefer the HI Yellow or the Clear for indoor range use? Thanks, Andy
  13. arnisandyz

    Cracked Kydex repair?

    I have a nice IWB holster with leather pull the dot straps that I really like. It just developed a small crack right at the top of the site channel. Is there anything I can do to keep it from cracking more or better yet, repair it? I have some leftover kydex from making knife sheaths and mag...
  14. arnisandyz

    Shotgun Shopping

    I'm looking for a new shotgun for 3gun limited class competition. The shotgun MUST be a semiauto, 12 gauge and hold a minimum of 8+1 (or the ability to be modified to do so with a magazine extention), and it must have changable chokes and have a 20" - 24" barrel. I'm also torn between buying a...
  15. arnisandyz

    IDPA vs IPSC?

    I've been doing IDPA for a couple years now and its a blast. I am thinking of giving IPSC (USPSA) Production division a try to get more trigger time. I realize that they are both games but I was just wondering if any of you guys did both. From speaking to a couple of buddies that do both, they...
  16. arnisandyz

    RELOADING: Cheap Tumbler at Harbor Freight Tools!

    Just got Harbor Frieght's latest sales flyer in the mail. for all you reloaders, they have this Vibratory Tumbler on sale..I think it was like $35. Take a look at the picture here. It looks alot like the Frankford 220 Tumbler that costs $52.99 (plus shipping) from MidwayUSA! I already have a...
  17. arnisandyz

    Springfield EMP 1911 might have found my next carry gun. Reduced frame 1911 designed around shorter calibers.
  18. arnisandyz

    DPM Recoil system?

    Has anybody tried the DPM Recoil system? Its an upgraded guiderod with 3 different springs (as opposed to the standard 1). Take a look at the 2 videos in the link below. One is without the system and the other with. You can see a definate reduction in recoil and muzzle flip if in fact they are...
  19. arnisandyz

    1911 question.

    Which manufactures make a Commander sized (4") slide with an Officer sized frame? I think I remember holding a Colt CCO in this configuration and thought it would be a great gun for CCW. Would it be possible for a smith to fit a slide from a Commander to a frame from an Officer?
  20. arnisandyz

    Pro Basketball Players involved in shooting To paraphrase, 3 NBA (Pacers) players were involved in an altercation outside a strip club. One fired 5 shots in the air. Not sure if they got special treatment or not, and I don't know the laws in Indiana, but...
  21. arnisandyz

    Sight types and modifications

    I've tried a number of different sights and always come back to the old notch and post. I used to run a fiber optic front but have gone back to a standard black sight with a small dot of dayglo piant. The fiber optic was so bright I wasn't seeing a crisp edge on the front sight. I also prefer my...
  22. arnisandyz

    Guns Kill Cartoon

  23. arnisandyz

    MidwayUSA Gunsmithing show on Outdoor Channel

    For all you do-it-yourselfers...Just got an email about this. Doubt that I'll ever see it unless I get up at 5am on Saturday (unlikely) or I talk the wife into tivo! Outdoor channel has some other really good firearm related shows like Guns & Ammo TV, Shotgun Journal, and Shooting Gallery (my...
  24. arnisandyz

    Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs

  25. arnisandyz

    SW M&P 9mm?

    Has anyone shot one of these? Held one at the local gunshop and it felt really good. Has 3 different palm swells that swap out to your preference. Gunshop dude said its totally new, nothing like the stinkmas (sigma). Seems to have a high grip/beavertail and really low bore-axis, feels pretty...
  26. arnisandyz

    Remington 1100/1187 Youth 20 gauge.

    Considering this for competition and just wondering if anyone has a Youth model or an LT-20. 20 gauge is the minimum required. I'm currently using a 12 guage pump. 20 Gauge semiauto would be: Quick handling with the light weight (6.5 lbs) shortened stock and 21" barrel Light recoil =...
  27. arnisandyz

    IDPA Match Video.

    Did really bad at my last match, gun malfuctions threw me off mentally. We did capture some video though. I'm trying to figure out how to host these...I'm using some free site, can you see these vids? Thanks, Andy
  28. arnisandyz

    Smallest 9mm subcompact?

    Think of trading my XD subcompact for a Kahr PM9. My XD has been great, but its kind of a chunky pistol. width is close to 1.2" and its blocky. I carry it fine with jeans or shorts and a T-shirt, but there are times when wish it were more compact/smaller/flatter like when I wear dress slacks...
  29. arnisandyz

    1911 hammer follow?

    When I dropped my slide on an empty chamber, no mag (I know its bad for the gun) the hammer dropped to half-cock. When I drop the slide on a loaded mag, or when I fire the gun the hammer stays put. I bent in the left sear spring leaf slightly and the problem went away. I haven't done any...