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  1. bushi jon

    Parenting Question

    I was raised drinking wine at dinner time and brew after dinner. I there for no longer drink any type of alchol but with that said if my kids ask for a sip of wine I do not chastise them I hand it to them and they say no thanks.
  2. bushi jon

    Name a singer/band that no one has heard of

    1980 Stlouis MO. The Eyes 1980 Punk scene Stink Finger
  3. bushi jon

    How many uniforms do you wear in a week?

    If i do change it its because it smells I have 14 gis all them at least 4 years old or older.I hand wash them with mild soap
  4. bushi jon

    Wanted: Complete honesty

  5. bushi jon

    Anna Nicole Smith

    She is just another example of Darwins theory!!! I have no sympathy for people like that what I do feel sorry for is the child she leave behind
  6. bushi jon

    "Liberal," a bad word?

    only if you dont believe in gun control. The more guns we have the safer we ar
  7. bushi jon

    Boy missing for 4 years found!

    Here is a sad point I grew up with this guy and his brothers we called him devo.When I knew him well he was not strangenormal guy matter of fact we all worked at the pizza place together. I do believe that we could despence with all the money we are about to throw out the window and off him.
  8. bushi jon

    To be buried or cremated?

    Creamated and put in everyones cereal and eaten one last time
  9. bushi jon

    Combat KI

    Listen I have trained with these guys on and off for 8-10 yrs here South Bend most are a good group of guys and I have been able to hit them very very hard. They train with all out punches. I am not a member of Juko Kai the people that I know in it are pretty good martial artist. I have also...
  10. bushi jon

    Shotgun Shopping

    I shoot alot of skeet(trap) with my Bennelli but my favorite gun is my 12 gauge mossberg 500 .25% of the cost of the bennelli
  11. bushi jon

    Deer seen by the road today

    MY elk story I was hunting with my Bro and a huge bull walked right by me I put three arrows in it and still manage to get with in 5 yards of me before I climbed a huge rock and by the way when I dropped my bow a screamed like a little girl the game warden happened by and I was the talk of the...
  12. bushi jon

    Which Wars Work Best?

    First Korea was a Un action thats why there were other countries involved that included Turkey and Greece.Because I am a Man from the U.S.A I believe our system is the best in the world though I could give a rats **** what other people think of it. I must remember the U.S.A has not established...
  13. bushi jon

    You Know You're Getting Older When...

    When your dreams are dry and your farts are wet
  14. bushi jon

    Dear John/Jane letters&active duty

    Hey I go my Dear John letter in person. Yeah it was on my 40th birthday this August. I just simply said thanks for the gift and then went on the best vacation of my life with my boys. Never give a service member a dear John letter during combat it will get them killed!!!!!
  15. bushi jon

    I feel used and dirty

    Don Good Day sir I bet I still have every barney,blue clues and seaseme street tape there is. If you would like them I will gladly send what I have as far as dis and learning stuff. Just give me a P.M and let me know
  16. bushi jon

    Problem, need help. Throwing target

    Okay go to the hardware by one sheet blue foam insulation($7)one sheet cork insulation($14 or less) I cardboard box free local appliance. Put cork over insulation over box perfect target for 4 months cut in half you have 8 months cut in thirds you have 12 months. Problem solved
  17. bushi jon

    Rickson Gracie Street (beach) fight

    Okay I am going to be the sour note. Two wrong do not make a right
  18. bushi jon

    Checked out the local dojo.

    Jef where did you go?
  19. bushi jon

    Juko Ryu Jujitsu?

    I was told at one time but that was years prior. I have seen documentation and a menkyo lic. I can not remember what ryu it was from. I have also seen ranks from the siedokan(shian toma). Once again I have no desire to slam nor promote if someone wants honest information all they have to do is...
  20. bushi jon

    Juko Ryu Jujitsu?

    Juko Ryu has a combines traditional and non-traditional Jujutsu,Kempo and breathing tech. Though there may be some poeple that dout some of the people and the leaders of Juko Kai they are for the most part a talented group of people.I am an x member no longer practicing so I realy have no hidden...
  21. bushi jon

    Looking for the

    If you intake 35% fiber to your diet you will only keep 20% of your calories. High fiber , High protein, Low fat, No ref sugar(that includes bread)
  22. bushi jon

    Word Association

    dancing on ice = men with potato in pants
  23. bushi jon

    Practical Joke Suggestions Wanted

    Mail her the bite taken out of the pop tart.You could do what I did to my very prudish sister inlaws:0 as wrong as it is every year @ xmas an adult toy shows up at there door no return address no nothing except for from your sister they are seven strong and to afraid to ask who is doing it. I AM...
  24. bushi jon

    R.I.P.: The Boy Scouts of America

    First off I said I was playing devil advocate. I have been involved with youth programs most of my adult life with my children or without them. I believe I know what is best for my children as a parent so I get involved. I also am president of a not for profit youth sport(free of charge). I have...
  25. bushi jon

    R.I.P.: The Boy Scouts of America

    Let me be devils advocate. As a parent of a scout should I not have a say weather another human that does not have a child in scouts be apart of my childs life. On the other hand I believe that he should be able to help out if he has a child involved no matter what there sexual preference is.
  26. bushi jon

    Loyalty to the EPAK system?

    As a kenpo/ highbreed guy I welcome change in anything and the way to honor your teacher is to become better than them.
  27. bushi jon

    I want, I need, I have to have...

    I have an armalite ar10ta2 carbine comp in .308 i just got ride of ar15 and a l1a1
  28. bushi jon

    Homosexuality and training

    i do not care if they are gay as long as they arnt hittn on me or my students. second worse *** whooping i have ever taken has been by a gay guy at a match. third nothing should be talked about during my class time but self def or martial arts stuff. does it happen yes do i like it heck i start...
  29. bushi jon

    Is the Bible 100% truth?

    We must remember the bible was GOD inspired and written by man. Mean man is only an animal and GOD is the inlightenment
  30. bushi jon

    On the Alert!

    It seems to me that you = big and black to trouble. That is a personal issue. remember as retarded as it is we have allowed the U.S and its citizn to use language other than Kings english ebonic is just one version.