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  1. chris_มวยไทย

    How much are you worth dead?

    5125$ could have been better-dam anti psychotic medication!
  2. chris_มวยไทย

    The Last Person.....

    my first post in months! and when i last posted this thread was on 700 posts!
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    head movement

    make sure that when you jab with your left hand, your right hand is protecting the side of your face and dont hold it too far back, tuck your chin in! chris
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    Two Muay Thai Questions

    but you would be knackered at the end of it :) muay thai is a great workout as said above, and although there are not really any defences for certain street situations (like being strangled from behind) there are some brutal techniques (namely thigh kick, elbows and knees in the clinch) which...
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    hi all, i ve been training in muay thai for 2 years and i was looking forward to my first fight. i have put a lot of effort into my training recently and have been training 3 and a half hours twice a week for the last 4 months. 1 nights training was two 1 hour lessons, one 1 hour technical...
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    Do not use that technique!!

    mine would be any kind of spin kick, i just find them too impractical for a street fight. there are harder, faster and easier kicks id rather throw. even if they look totaly awesome :) chris
  7. chris_มวยไทย

    Ring Experience?

    im in the same situation, ive been training for 3 hours twice a week for the last 4 months and and now im staying on for half an hour extra for some more sparring each night. my first interclub is in two weeks. how long have you been in muay thai? p.s. if you have a ring at your gym ask your...
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    Cardio-Kickboxing and Muay Thai

    although i have seen loads of schools which teach half and half ive never seen a gym which is all cardio chris
  9. chris_มวยไทย

    How much does it cost to start training Muay Thai?

    same as my gym! only memebership liscence and insurance is 瞿30 per annum. you can buy our club shorts for 瞿20. most people buy their own equipment from the internet at my gym (apart from shorts). lessons are 瞿4 for kids (kids classes) and 瞿5 for adults. i get the adults beginers, adults...
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    Cardio-Kickboxing and Muay Thai

    not that i know of, but i have seen many "muay thai kickboxing clubs" if thats what you mean
  11. chris_มวยไทย

    lump on shin

    this is the fist time its happened to me, thanks for all the advice guys! ive put ice on it and this morning the lump has gone down a little but it still hurts the same, so at least it hasnt got worse! thanks again everyone
  12. chris_มวยไทย

    lump on shin

    hi, this has probably been posted loads of times but here goes, i blocked a kick while sparring today and it really hurt for some reason and me and my opponent both ended up with a lump on our shins. it feels like a bruise when i touch it but theres definitely a lump, it doesnt look bruised...
  13. chris_มวยไทย

    UFC 70 videos & results

    crocop lost???!!!!!!!!????!!!!!!
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    Muy Thai vs BJJ

    my cat can do a flying side kick, i taught her everything she knows
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    Home Training?

    what i do: burpees for 30 seconds then shadow boxing for 30 seconds and repeat for 2-3 mins then a 30 second rest between each round. (burpess condition the body well, you can add a pressup into each one aswell) run 2 miles at least twice a week bag work (2-3 min rounds with 30 secs in...
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    help on my kicks please!!!!

    ah what i meant is that i have powerful kicks, and kicking is what im best as (as i said before), i just want them to be more powerful, i was always good at kicking and rubbish at everything else, but then i trained everything, so now im fairly good at striking with "all 8 points of contact"...
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    help on my kicks please!!!!

    hi, i have exelent technique in my kicks and kicks and knees are my best attributes, but i need help in making them stronger. at the moment about 10 mins of my daily training is kicking, and i also do about 8 mins of kicking drills a day. i also go to the gym twice a week and do about half an...
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    The Last Person.....

    good morning MT!
  19. chris_มวยไทย

    favoutrite MMA fighter?

    just MMA in general
  20. chris_มวยไทย

    favoutrite MMA fighter?

    rosi sexton and micheal bisping, exelent fighters!
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    Nicknames in Martial Arts

    it was "lucky buddha" because people say im always trying to be "pure" (i never drink alchohol, take drugs, eat unhealthily etc) and i was fat at the time aswell, but ive got rid of the flab and now the name has faded, but my freinds always call me "thai boy" simply becasue im a thai boxer....
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    favoutrite MMA fighter?

    i checked and i dont think this thread has been done, if it has please delete it, if not then WHY!? who is your fave MMA fighter of all time? why? il start, mines crocop, gotta love the left head kicks! UFC 70 is in manchester, uk, i live a couple of hours away, i cant wait! going and...
  23. chris_มวยไทย

    how do you pronounce krav maga?

    its just that i have heard the "a" at the eng of maga in dirent lots of ways, for example krav ma-gay i didnt know how to say the end part lol
  24. chris_มวยไทย

    How much pain can you take?

    hi, first of all wecome to MT! i can take a lot of pain, i just tell myself that i can take the pain and to focus and it just works (for me), i am very strong willed so i dont feel that pain is something i should worry about, i believe this is the way all martial artists should think. and i...
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    MMA vs ???

    MMA vs the daleks MMA vs an angry banana
  26. chris_มวยไทย

    The Last Person.....

    hello0ooooooOOooooooOOOOoooooo everyone!!!!!!!
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    boxing and muay thai

    muay thai fighters dont just take kicks, we block them with our shins (it seems like it would hurt more but with the proper conditioning and technique it wont hurt). at my gym we are taught to slip and we do it quite often on the pads but we are encouraged to block punches and counter more than...