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  1. Solidman82

    Weird place for this but...

    If there's a Grappling thread wouldn't it also be prudent to have a striking thread? Any thoughts? Any response from admin?
  2. Solidman82

    Training Tunes

    I'm not sure where the Mods are going to put this thread but it's about your favorite training music and why. Maybe we can pick up some decent tunes from eachother. Nightwish - Ghost Love Score: The perfect training song IMO. It goes on for 9 minutes, has a few changes in tempo so you get a...
  3. Solidman82

    Napolean Dynamite Commended Leanred about this by way of Maddox's site. I Think some of the reasons given for the commendation are a little ridiculous. And also, I didn't really think this movie was worth the hype.
  4. Solidman82

    Chosen 5 Celebrities

    Here you go Navarre. This is a thread to post your top 5 celebrity flings. Try to keep it to ones that are alive and legal I guess. I can't really think of any other rules. 1.Devon Aoki (Miho from Sin City) 2. Uma Thurman 3.Jessica Alba 4.Halle Berry 5.Lucy Liu Guess I like girls...
  5. Solidman82

    Kip-up recovery

    I was wondering if there's a way to do a kip-up and be ready for a technique as soon as you're on your feet. And if so, what training methods can help? I'm able to do a regular kip-up rather easily and can also do a no-handed without breaking a sweat, but it seems like for about 1 or 2...
  6. Solidman82

    New Avatar

    Check me out! I'm pondering the spoon my friend is hold up for me......I think it was actually a request to spoon but she couldn't put it into words or something. Anywho, that's me.
  7. Solidman82

    FF7: Advent Children

    OK! This movie is so good, it deserves it's own thread. Just to discuss how this movie was not made by man, but by alien ninjas. Because man could not ever make a movie as good as this.
  8. Solidman82

    Halloween Costumes

    OK, for those of you dressing up, what are you going to be? I'm going to be a pirate, YARRR!!!!
  9. Solidman82

    First belt up

    whoo!!!, just got my first belt promotion on the forum ^_^ happy day