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  1. An Eternal Student

    Are we creating a conflict in our training?

    This is something I've been thinking about recently, and I wanted to run it by a few other people and find out what they think.In general, martial arts training is desgined to fight mutliple opponents.Our forms and katas are constructed with this specific aim.Whne we perform these, we keep...
  2. An Eternal Student

    Doing Different Styles at the Same Time?

    Im currently having a debate with my other martial artist friends about this. They maintain that its better to dedicate yourself totally to one style.I prefer to mix styles and let them blend togethor. Im currently training in four styles.Wado-Ryu Karate.Ninpo.Aikido and Wan Hwa Do (A Korean...
  3. An Eternal Student

    Where you all from?

    Just curious.I live in Ireland.
  4. An Eternal Student


    Ok, Im just wondering what other peoples opinions on this are.When Im fighting, I prefer to attack quickly,knock the opponent to the ground then break off to deal with any other threats.Other fighters I know prefer to move in real close and in-fight or grapple with their opponent.I always...