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  1. DergaSmash

    MA and Running----

    Decker- You're right about the kettlebell. Nothing builds fuctional strength and endurance like a kettlebell. Bill- You're right too. Running is probably the single best conditioning exercise for endurance one can do. If you get an opportunity try it with snowshoes in the wilderness sometime...
  2. DergaSmash

    The Karate Kid Movies

    Though not a true MA movie, Unleashed was awesome
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    "We could be in Afghanistan for the next 40 years"

    It's all good. I just think that sometimes the U.S needs to scale down the pride a bit and admit it when we're wrong or when we make mistakes instead of staying deployed even longer to correct them. Besides why is it 'tyranny' when another country uses their military but it is 'defending...
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    Kydex holsters and Laser Sights

    I had no idea you could do that. That's awesome. Boiling Kydex for the win!
  5. DergaSmash

    Parents convicted of murder for using faith-healing on unconscious 11 year old daughter.

    I'm with Omar on this one. I'm all for people's individual liberty, but when it's killing children, then it's time for some intervention.
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    The Karate Kid Movies

    I loved the Karate Kid movies. Still do. They are still making moral MA movies. Anyone see Redbelt?
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    Parents convicted of murder for using faith-healing on unconscious 11 year old daughter.

    Easy 5-0, I'm not trying to be self righteous. It just doesn't make sense to me that we can expect rational actions and thoughts from someone who's very beliefs are irrational. For me it all comes down to this. Sad or not, faith or not, stupid is stupid.
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    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    This is an interesting thread...
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    Parents convicted of murder for using faith-healing on unconscious 11 year old daughter.

    Word. Negligence. It makes sense for that to happen though. If you believe snakes really talk, or people can live to be hundreds of years old, or that a man lived inside a big fish for 3 days, things like this are bound to happen.
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    "We could be in Afghanistan for the next 40 years"

    It just doesn't make any sense to me. I get that after we blow a country up, kill it's people, and destroy property, that we owe them to help rebuild and all that. That part I understand. Yet America wasn't attacked by a country. We were attacked by a super far right religious group, not all...
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    Drunk Drivers/Drug users,dealers...and other bad guys

    Run out of what exactly? Legalization is the key. 60% of all prison inmates are non-violent drug offenders. Legalization=lower cost=more room in prisons for true criminals (murder, rape, manslaughter, fraud, armed robbery, etc)
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    "We could be in Afghanistan for the next 40 years"

    Oil isn't just used for gasoline in our cars. Some fertilizers, plastics, drugs, rubber, etc, are all petroleum based. Americans ARE addicted to oil. Everyone doesn't need their giant SUV. If everyone who didn't need one traded theirs in for a hybrid, it would cut our greenhouse gas emissions by...
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    How much should we spend on social programs?

    The solution is actually pretty easy. 1. Stop trying to police the world. I get a strong military is important but America doesn't need to babysit the world. 2. Legalize drugs and tax the hell out of them. Use some of that money for rehab programs for the more serious addictive drugs like...
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    "We could be in Afghanistan for the next 40 years"

    IMHO... We (and by saying we, I am referring to Americans) are the worst. We always do this. It seems we aren't happy unless we are spending vast amounts of money killing people far away. Thats what Americans do, we throw either money or ordinance/troops at a problem. Sometimes it's both. I...
  15. DergaSmash

    The Fine Line...?

    I don't think the line is that fine. But I also feel that like a lot of things, peoples' lines lie in different areas. A Lot like the strike zone in baseball according to various umpires. What one person considers butt kissing, another won't. Just continue to be respectful but real about it...
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    MMA Anarchist Ordered to Surrender Passport

    There is a difference between adolescent "anarchism," and the actual political view. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau were self-prcolamied Anarchists and are probably two of the most intelligent men in America's history. Henry David Thoreau (Resistance to Civil Government) "I ask...
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    5 style kung fu

    Sounds like a good movie title too... Really though, I think there is no "more effective style." Its all in how you train and how hard you train. Just because somebody practices a style that operates on different principles, doesn't mean they are going to win every time.
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    Obeisity Responsible For High Cost of Health Care

    The biggest problem is the changes in diet in the last 50-100 years. Back at the turn of the century up until just after World War 2 there was no enriched bleached flour or high fructose corn syrup. Even foods deemed health are packed with excess carbohydrates which has been shown to play a more...
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    Legalize it

    There is a good book about the other benefits of legalization. Its called "The Emperor Wears No Clothes." Very eye opening in fact. What about all the other stuff that can be done with it? Hemp can be made into many different things that we use. Paper, plastics, clothing, etc. It is a...
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    body training that meets these needs.

    More reps/lighter weight works differently than heavy weight/low reps. Heavy weight/low reps like 80-90% of your 1 rep max with 2-6 reps is all strength. It is the most effective way to train for strength. So if your goal is to double your bench press max, this is the way to train. Moderate...
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    body training that meets these needs.

    First off, there is a difference between using lighter weight (like 40-50% of your 1 rep max), and using a garbage 2 pound dumbell. Personally, I feel that weight training in itself isn't enough. I believe that weight training combined with exercises using plyometrics, heavy negatives, and...
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    Something I realised

    I think a big reason for not touching on these subjects is liability. We live in a soceity where suing people and organizations is common. Many people I am sure do not want to risk that kind of heat. Nearly half of my classroom training for my concealed carry permit was about how to minimize...
  23. DergaSmash

    body training that meets these needs.

    I agree that light weight and lots of reps is not effective for building muscle. Niah has made it clear that she doesn't want to bulk up which is why I posted that. Besides, light weight and high reps is not bogus, it targets the slow twitch muscle fibers instead of the fast twitch ones. It not...
  24. DergaSmash

    MUST read book- Living the Martial Way!

    I am glad this thread was started. I had been thinking of buying it off Amazon for a while but I didn't know if it was any good or not. I am definitely going to give it a shot now.
  25. DergaSmash

    body training that meets these needs.

    Ken is right. Just make sure that when you weight train, stick with lighter weight and more reps. It will "tone" rather than "grow." Do some research, there are a lot of resources in this area online.
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    Has MMA surpassed traditional MA in its effectiveness

    I don't think so. I'm not knocking MMA in anyway. I've trained in Krav Maga and Army Combatives which is similar to BJJ, but I have also trained in both traditional and contemporary Chinese arts. I'm not saying MMA isn't effective in terms of self defense. But I think that any fight that has...
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    body training that meets these needs.

    It's hard for women to become manly. You have to have a genetic predisposition to muscle development, and you have to train real hard and supplement heavily to look like that. I wouldn't worry.
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    Help me choose an art!

    Why not try Hung Gar? It is very physcially intense at first, meeting your hard martial art requirement. Yet later on you will learn and develop internal aspects. Many weapons are taught in Hung Gar: pole, broadsword, spear, etc... There are both contact and not contact competitive...
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    Video Martial Arts...

    Go to the Kenpo dojo. Take a trial class, ask the instructor a lot of questions. Good luck with your search!
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    Modern Army Combatives Program

    I'm not a fan of the Army Combatives. It was fun to learn and goundfighting is important to know and understand. But the Army likes to get things wrong, a lot. The man credited with creating the Modern Army Combatives has an interesting quote "The guy who's buddy shows up with a weapon first...