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  1. SJON

    "But in a real fight we'd do it like this ..."

    I am occasionally criticised for altering techniques to fit my applications. Actually, I don't alter the execution of the movements themselves very much, if at all. I think what bothers people more is that I use them for things other than what they're "supposed" to be used for (e.g. a blocking...
  2. SJON

    MA magazines

    I need a little help regarding the main English language MA magazines around nowadays. I live in Spain, and they aren't available here, so I don't know which ones are most popular, what their focus is, how seriously people take them. I wonder if people could give me their impressions of the...
  3. SJON

    terminology question

    Hello. Can anyone tell me the Korean equivalent for the Japanese term uke, as in "I'd like to introduce my uke for this demonstration, Mr. XYZ"? Cheers, Simon
  4. SJON

    harshness of training

    I mentioned on another thread that in my 20 years in TKD it has been common to train full contact with no protective gear, in unheated premises with hard floors, a lot of very tough, spartan stuff, etc. etc. Do you think there is still a market for this kind of training in your country? Or do...
  5. SJON

    Help with identifying northern forms

    Hello. The following apparently northern Chinese forms are found in a couple of Korean lineages. I wonder if anybody can help me identify the Chinese forms they are based on, bearing in mind that they may have been simplified or "Koreanised" to some extent, or may even be fabrications. Firstly...