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  1. L4WM4N

    Cho-Dan pre-test

    Good Morning! I'm excited to announce my pending Dan Shim Sa on Saturday 05/09/09. Tomorrow, at 1400 hours, I'll begin my "6 hour class". This class is a pre-test for the Dan Shim Sa. Master Bailey advised me Thursday night that my class would be led by Masters Smith and Falkenberry and that...
  2. L4WM4N

    This cop doesn't use gadgets.

    Hello. My name is Billy. I use L4WM4N because I'm just too simple to use anything else. I chose it for my law enforcement background and I've used it for years in other forums and it's my gamertag on XBL. Yes, I'm old and enjoy a video game at least one night a week. I started my daughter in...