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    Does anyone know about this weapon.

    haha. my sentiments exactly
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    Does anyone know about this weapon. heres a version for sale. probably not good quality.
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    The Jian

    back to the topic of the tassle on the jian. the tassle was not meant to be used in actual combat. the battlefield jian would not have such a tassle. it does however have two functions. one is simply for decoration. the other is a specific function of jian training. the object of training...
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    Chinese Sword Art Book List.

    there is a book called "sword imperatives". its written by wang, ju rong and wu, wen ching. its available at the following site. I havent read it myself but i own copies of "kung fu elements" and "qi gong empowerment" which were also written by wu, wen ching. those 2...
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    hello im new here

    thanks for the welcome everyone
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    hello im new here

    hey everyone. i just joined a couple days ago because i saw the wealth of information contained on this site. i hope to contribute some knowledge as well. my main focus is on chinese martial arts. im currently without a school/sifu since i just moved to indianapolis, indiana. im originally from...