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    Just curious to thoughts about tournaments?

    Yea me and my friends have done that before. When we were younger we did it pretty often, actually. But in my experience, really, it's still different than a street fight because obviously you're fighting your friend, someone that's not going to want to kill you, and when on the streets, where...
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    Multiple Defenders?

    Honestly, I think the best way to "practice" for it isn't really practice at all. I know me and my friends used to hang out and wrestle or box eachother in the backyard or slap box eachother or basically do what would have been considered freesparring. Roughhousing. Going out and getting some...
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    A MT argument while at work

    Haha true that! Gotta love them Gracies lmao. But the only thing I ask myself is, in these fights they are working to knock someone out, or submit them or incapacitate them, but how often really are they working for the kill, which is where a lot of techniques from martial arts are centered? I'm...
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    weight training and MA's

    What is HITS? It sounds like an interesting method of training. I must agree, however, that it seems more logical to seperate the two periods of exercise. Maybe not even by days. I think that waking up early and doing aerobic exercises in the morning, going home, eating, resting a little, and...
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    Advice for a slow learner

    It's all about persistance. To keep trying to do something, even when it seems like you CAN'T do it. Because the fact is, you CAN. Solong as you keep trying and don't give up. It may seem as though you are doing poorly in the undertaking of a new martial art, when in fact you are soon to...
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    MMA Tournaments or Competitions?

    Alright, so I'm an aspiring MMArtist. Some day I want to compete in MMA tournaments and competitions all across the nation, maybe worldwide. Whatever presents itself, you know. Not gonna claim any goals to be in Pride FC or UFC, It'd be something else, but honestly I just wanna compete at the...
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    My Sifu is in Kungfu Tai Chi Magazine...

    That's awesome about your Sifu being in the magazine! Good article, too. I only wish that the Olympic Committee would have allowed them to go ahead and organize Wushu into an Olympic Sport. That really would have been something. They have obvious reasons for not wanting to do so, but at the same...
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    Enormous Flaw

    Thanks to everybody who has taken the time to respond to this problem of mine. You all have really helped a lot. Mostly, when I look at it, I think me being trapped in the gullotine so frequently has mostly been due to my failure to keep my posture correct when working from the top. I think it's...
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    The Origin of Balintawak Self-defense

    Thanks a lot for all the wonderful info on this thread! It has really enlightened my view towards the entire Balintawak system of self-defense. You all did a truly fantastic job.
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    We Have Some New Mentors!

    Congratulations to those special few whom have been selected as the New Mentors!
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    Questions and Answers on the Dominant Martial Technique

    The idea you present is an interesting's a different way of looking at it, I suppose. If BJJ is the dominant martial art, and provides the fighters with techniques that are superior, then one would have to assume that if two BJJ masters entered the ring to fight one another, they would...
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    UFC 65 Results

    lmao about Matt Serra VS George St. Pierre? haha nothing against Serra because he's a great martial artist and all...really superb jiu-jitsu...but as a MMArtist not sure if he can really compete on the same level as GSP. But then again I'm probably a little biased being a huge GSP fan...
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    Enormous Flaw

    I agree 100%. I'm an avid fan of BJJ...I like grappling very much. Only problem is, of course, I don't have the experience yet lol. But I'm working on it. It's all about work lol. I think a lot of my problem might stem from working for submissions too furiously from the top and being sloppy with...
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    Weirdest place you got caught....

    Can't say that I can beat the bathroom story. Lmao that would have been hilarious. For me, I've often found my mind dwelling on my forms, and ONLY my forms lol. And actually one time I was out on a date with my girlfriend, and she was using the bathroom, and even then I found myself thinking...
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    Shaolin Wushu by EPAK-ers

    Wow...I'm sure that was an amazing experience. I hope that I can do something like that someday. I have infinite respect for the Shaolin.
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    Defending the weak

    This is very intricate question zDom. Ahh, maybe it's too early in the morning (or late at night, depending on your perspective) for me to think correctly...but this one really is a hard one. The line is so thin. All too thin to distinguish sometimes. To be a defender of the weak is obviously an...
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    Enormous Flaw

    Traditionally, I'm a boxer. Born into a boxing family and that's what I've been expected to compete in. I've enjoyed it, but as soon as I discovered UFC and Pride FC...things started to change a little. A while back I really started getting into martial arts, and after seeing a Royce Gracie...
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    Advice for a slow learner

    Very good idea. I myself have been thinking about doing something similar in starting a diary/journal of my martial arts progress/training...the notes could surely help. Would allow you to look at things in a different perspective further a long down the road when you look back, and could also...
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    gotta brag a minute, guys!

    Good job! Congratulations are indeed warranted. May she continue to pursue the art with much success.
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    Pride + Wwe = ???

    That all sounds a bit...odd to me. Why WWE is collaborating with Pride FC is beyond me. Don't get me wrong, the wrestlers from WWE are great athletes being able to endure some of the punishment they do (despite the "fighting" to be staged/fake) but the fighters from Pride FC are just on an...
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    Big congrats to Aesopian !!!!

    Wow, you were competing in that tournament? Congratulations on your success! I live not too far from Tampa, and this tournament was the talk of the masters of my dojo for the past week or so. You must be a real scientist when it comes to grappling to have done so well. Again, congratulations on...
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    Gene Simco?

    Wow, a black belt in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu AND the traditional style? I must say that's pretty impressive.
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    UFC 65 Results

    Haha I went to a UFC party on that Saturday counting down UFC 65 and I was literally like the only person at the party that thought St. Pierre was going to win lol. GSP is my favorite fighter, and I'm veyr glad he could come away with the belt. Hughes didn't seem like himself. His tactics for...
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    Help with improving my balance!

    Yep it's the truth...we didn't even start dancing until almost tthe end of the 1st quarter of the year lol...takes a lot of preperation, work, and deciation. Amazingly enough, it sounds eerily similar to martial arts :P lol
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    Advice for a slow learner

    Just calm down about it. Slow it all down. There is no aspect of your art that should be rushed, so take it slow. Take a seat and look at what is around you. For some people, they are quick learners. But this does not make them GOOD learners. If you REALLY apply yourself as best you can, you...
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    Help with improving my balance!

    Ahh that's a good suggestion about doing it with your eyes closed...actually I never really thought on that idea too much lol. Thanks I think I'll actually try using that some lol you're absolutely right...anything that you can do with your eyes closed is going to be much easier than with your...
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    First thing you wanted to learn

    lmao yep yep I hear that...I myself was just a stupid little ignorant kid "let me in the ring let me in the ring I can take him!!!" lol