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    Where's Swordlady?

    You can't seriously ban a moderator and not expect people NOT to notice.
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    perhaps I'm simple minded...

    but this little icon made me laugh so hard I cried.
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    What game was that??

    I don't know if this game came standard, but it was on like windows 3.1 or 95... It was really simple: there were two balls bouncing around, and you had to cut the area they were bouncing in by clicking the curser. half of the line would be blue and the other half would be red. If a ball ran...
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    Anyone watch house?

    I just turned it on, and House is running!! HE CAN'T RUN! AND, there was a big bloodspot on the floor which House was staring at. What is going on???
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    Possible new job!!

    I'm so excited that I just had to share - I've had two interviews at target for a manager's position, and they just called me for a third interview. If I get the job I will be making enough that I can work a regular 9-5, live on my own, and attend karate while going to school. I am SO...
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    A disturbing trend

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but I have seen this both in my own school (mostly from females) as well as on the net as well. I'd been sort of thinking about it lately, and something someone said on here really brought it to my attention. The quote was something along the lines...
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    Is it just me?

    Is it just me, or has Shesulsa been promoted to assistant administrator? Pretty sweet mi amiga!! :-partyon:
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    Surgery tomorrow!

    I'm getting oral surgery tomorrow - bone from my chin and ear is going into my jaw, so in three months I can get teeth implants from a congential birth defect and get these damned braces off. I am scared as hell, they are gonna put me out for two hours and have their way with me... And there...
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    it thinks I'm not a supporting member???

    I tried to play in the arcade, and its telling me I have to be a supporting member. But, I am. All I wanted to do was make plops and be merry!
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    "I like the way you roll" ?

    I was in groin sparring class today - (girl/girl groin is in if they both agree, boy/girl girl can hit groin boy can't boy/boy groin is usually in unless otherwise said) and we had a 6th degree black belt from washington who flies down periodically to train with our head instructor. He was...
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    How much should I charge?

    This week, on tuesday through friday, I am babysitting 3 kids (6, 9, and 12) while their mom is at work from 9-3:30. I ususally let the people I am working for decide the rate, but she insisted that I tell her what I charge. I HAVE NO IDEA...?
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    concealed weapons not allowed on premises...?

    What do you do when you run across these signs? They seem to be at many important places - the grocery store, doctor's offices, hospitals, schools, the bank... Do you go put your gun in your glove compartment? Do you carry it anyway?
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    can life just be normal for like, 3 weeks?

    I havent been very active lately on MT, which sucks. My father recently had a heart attack and a stroke (at the same time), and is in a skilled nursing facility. He doesn't have any (apparent) brain damage, but there is something definitely wrong with him. They arent sure if he will lbe able...
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    Am I the only freak in the room?

    I was going through my pages of notes on my techniques today... (I have over 20 typed pages these days! I can't believe how much I've learned the past two years!) Anyway, I started thinking about the nicknames I've given techniques in the past. For instance, there is a right wrist grab...
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    I ate a bacon cheeseburger today.

    And it was good. Thus ends 24 months of my vegetarian lifestyle.
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    Odd request

    So about 6 weeks ago I started cross training in a hapkido/boxing/kickboxing school. I came every single class for the first couple weeks, and I missed two in a row in order to relax the days before and compete at a tournament (point sparring). When I came back, the instructor asked where I had...
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    Who're you?

    Just for fun. I am the sensei grandmaster 23rd degree tye-dye belt of clothes shopping. I can walk into the mall and try on 32 sizes of jeans and they will all look great on me. And the clerks will look at me and be like, omg she's so amazing we just have to give her these clothes for free -...
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    Steve Leventhal

    I never thought I would be writing in here. Steve Leventhal, 27, was pronounced brain dead on Sunday, june 11. He went to sleep on saturday evening and never woke up. His exact cause of death is still unknown. Steve was one of my favorite instructors and was friendly and helpful towards all...
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    Sparring the "Petrified Man"

    We have a blackbelt at my school who is an awesome fighter and the nicest guy you'd ever hope to meet. The man is made of steel. It's an ongoing joke, that he is the "petrified man". We had a member of our NFL football team train at our studio... and he was scared of him. He was the one who...
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    Having trouble with my subscribed threads

    I check out my subscribed threads with new posts, which are bold, and after I read the new replies, I go to my CP, and they are still bold. (yes, I pushed refresh). Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance.
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    First Grade Proverbs

    A first grade teacher collected well known proverbs. She gave each child in her class the first half of a proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb. It's hard to believe these were actually done by first graders. Their insight may surprise you. While reading these keep...
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    I sang to my brother because thats how I roll.

    > Pick the month you were born: > > January--I kicked > February--I loved > March--I smoked > April--I dry humped > May--I choked on > June--I murdered > July--I did the macarena with > August--I had lunch with > September--I danced with > October--I sang to > November--I yelled at > December--I...
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    Okay, I'm retarded... Ipod Question

    I havent updated my music since the week I got it... in October. I've got the CD in, and its playing on itunes... but for the life of me I can't remember how to get it ON the ipod. :hangs head in shame: help!
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    silent escape, retreating from the horizon, diving hawk

    as far as I can tell, these are for the exact same attack. What would cause you to use one of them over the other two? IS there a difference, which I am not aware of? These were the ways I learned the techniques: Retreating from the Horizon: This technique is used when someone has your...
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    cool caporeia vid its got an awesome song playing as the background, too I dont know how practical this is, but man, I wish I could move my body like that
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    Ignoring users?

    I was considering ignoring a specific user after I realized nearly every post they made irritated or infurriated me - but before I do - how much will this affect my regular MT browsing? Will any thread they start or post in become invisible to me? Or will only their posts dissapear? If only...
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    A game not specifically geared towards rich parsons

    I don't know where this idea came from, but here goes; I'm gonna say something random, and the next person is going to pose a question in which my random thing would not be the answer you want to hear. Then they will pick a random thing for the next person. Example: Me: A candy bar Next...
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    Girls blood is scarier than boys?

    Tonight, for the second time in 30 day's time, I've stuck my nose on my opponent's elbow. Although, to my credit, this second time, I didn't stop fighting. I think it came as quite a shock to my male opponent when three clashes later my nose began bleeding profusely. I was actually quite...