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    University of Texas at Austin Hosts Taekwondo Fight-Offs Feb.22

    I would have really loved to visit the Southwest Conference TaeKwonDo Fight-offs but unfortunately something else cropped up. Luckily I managed to visit the National Collegiate Championships hosted by the Brown University in Providence (RI). It was an amazing and exciting tournament. I always...
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    Iron Man

    For me personally music is very important when I am doing my workout. Especially when I am running I love Linkin Park feat. Jay-Z "Numb Encore". The song always motivates me to run a little bit faster. Apart from that the music depends on the mood I am in but I would not be able to do my...
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    Real Self Defense

    A few years ago I joined a self-defense class because I am of the opinion that it is especially for women important that they know how they could possibly defend themselves. I bound to say that I felt safer after finishing the class. Another thing what I consider as important is to recall the...
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    new to judo and to the forum

    Hi, I am new to this forum and besides this also new to judo. Of course my goal is to get the black belt once. I like the forum because it covers a wide range of topics. I am of the opinion that I will get all the answers to my questions in this forum. I am looking forward to post all my...